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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 345

Episode 345:

Toward the Far East Sea (1)

The demon army was tightening its grip on the empire by the minute.

The expedition team had to set off immediately for the ruined city of Foravert without delay.

However, there was a small commotion during this process.

“Commander Cho?”


Erek Kaid was getting into the carriage.

The old man was startled when he found ‘her’ with Tirvaen Sui and came running.

Jerez Magria, the leader of the revolutionary army, was riding a horse with a nonchalant expression.

Carls quickly stopped him.

“Wait a minute, Deputy Commander!”

“Isn’t this a different story! What kind of coaxing did you use to get the commander-in-chief to join the war? “Our leader is not in that state yet…!”

“Listen to me. She is not the head of Magria. “He just looks like someone.”

“what? twin?”

Erek Kaid, who had been frowning for a moment, opened his eyes.

There was no need for a detailed explanation as you would have seen it all when you left the Halhendra Plain and signed the peace agreement.

“Could it be that Armored Clone?”

I nodded.

The half-elf with the little witch was actually Hael, dressed up like Jerez Magria.

Thanks to the fact that the original body of the current body was Jerezian, it was not easy to distinguish it as long as it was decorated appropriately.

If the Vice President had seen him from up close, he would have recognized him, but at first glance from a distance, he seemed like the same person.

“What is this…?”

Erec’s eyes, who had been lost in thought for a moment, sparkled for a moment.

He glared at me and furrowed his brow.

“okay. All right. That’s why this plan was set up. “Once again, I am tongue-in-cheek at Your Majesty’s heart.”

“Thank you for noticing.”

I grinned and the deputy commander gently shook his head and disappeared into the carriage.

‘You’re quick to notice.’

Contrary to the old man’s expectations, Jerez Magria showed no signs of recovery.

He had become an idiot, as if he had been completely abandoned by the ‘controller of events’ who had been relying on his power until now.

So it was completely impossible to use it as a force.

‘But his reputation as the leader of the revolutionary army remains.’

I was thinking of using it.

A task to unite border countries that are not cooperating with the imperial alliance.

The plan was to use the face of Jerez for that purpose.

‘Jerez Magria is a person who had almost no outside activities anyway. ‘No one knows exactly what he looks like or what he talks like.’

So even if Hael is used as a double, no one will recognize him.

The border lords gathered in the ruined city of Foravert were about to be dumbfounded.

You will see the rulers of the Baltic Magic Empire, the Five Tribes of the Beast, and the Republican Revolutionary Army working together in one place.

‘It shows that the great powers that divide the continent are already united as one, and that the Magic Empire is the central axis among them.’

But is it still possible to ignore the imperial alliance and pay attention to it?

It would be difficult for anyone in their right mind to do that.

‘The problem is that Hael needs to act properly…’

The Armored Clone’s lack of language skills can be overcome with a reticent concept.

However, he had to show great power as the leader of the revolutionary army.

It wasn’t easy.

Although Hael was not weak, its combat power was bound to look shabby compared to the original, Jerez.

‘First of all, you have to make sure that the onlookers don’t come near and Tyrvaen decorates it well.’

This was the plan in the ruined city of Foravert.

After organizing my thoughts, I started the formation.

The speed of the march was amazing because the fastest warhorses in Kertion were gathered and there were even wizards to heal the horses and apply buffs.

We were able to see the panoramic view of the ruined city in just half a day.

There were already people from Poravert who had come to meet us.

“Are you here, Your Majesty?”

“Kermal, matriarch of Baron Carmodo, meets with His Majesty the Emperor.”

Lapishan is now called the Grand Duke.

And it was Kermal Carmodo, who was once my knight commander.

* * *

I took the two people with me and sat down in the conference room.

It was an opportunity to receive detailed information about the ruined city of Poravert.

Lapishan sat down next to me and opened his mouth, holding out something that looked like food.

“I didn’t have anything to eat because I was in a hurry, so please eat something.”

“This is shit. “I brought a lot of supplies, so unpack them and replenish them.”

“It’s a blessing in disguise.”

We chatted casually like before.

We didn’t agree to do it this way, but I also felt comfortable doing it.

And Baron Carmodo just quietly listened to our conversation.

“Is there any beer?”

“It ran out yesterday morning.”


Unlike the previous episode, he just calmly stayed in his seat.

As a veteran of battles, it would have been sad to see the young children fighting each other.

However, we seemed to keep our mouths shut as we reminded ourselves that we were the emperor and the archduke.

‘Anyway, it’s nice to see you after a long time.’

In the previous episode, Kermal Carmodo broke through the wall and reached the level of a sword master.

However, in the process of conquering the demon city, he gave up his life for me.

When I turned back the perspective of the world, he also came back to life, but his memories and level of swordsmanship were also rolled back.

It was disappointing in many ways.

“Tell me about the situation.”

“Okay, I don’t know what the situation is in the North right now, but it’s not easy here either. “The rebel leaders are attacking us by throwing themselves in a demonic state.”

Rafishan began the briefing.

He also briefly told me how he met the demon army.

The story of how a barracks in the north was completely robbed and they barely managed to gather knights and escape was both a saga and a horror story.

Then, when Elon Royt took command of the northern front, Lapishan relocated his position and came to the ruined city of Foravert.

‘You mean they are attacking me from all directions? This is a bit strange. Just because they are demons doesn’t mean they can be created infinitely anywhere.’

As with Montana, it was only possible to control and use people from the revolutionary army by replacing high-ranking demons.

Harmun was waging a strange war of attrition.

‘What are you thinking?’

I closed my eyes and was lost in thought for a moment, but Rafishan opened his mouth again.

“Gilroshan, don’t even think about sending me to the rear. Before I was a member of the royal family, I was a knight. Dying while fighting is my honor and pride.”

Don’t take yourself out of the line?

I chuckled at those words.

“don’t worry. “Because I don’t plan on doing that.”

“If that’s the case, I’m glad.”

Actually, I heard such a story from Empress Mirphisha.

To be precise, she was furious, asking why the emperor had to go on a campaign in person… and

was told that if he really had to go, she should go and send Lapishan back to the imperial palace.

If we all died in battle, it would be the same as severing the blood of the imperial family.

The dethroned Lukashan could not have been considered in the first place.

“Let’s survive in good health.”

“No problem. “That’s how it should be.”

Rafishan and I grinned.

Kermal Carmodo begins to explain in more detail.

“Currently, in the ruined city of Foravert, a skirmish is taking place in the canyon outside the eastern gateway. “At least once a day, there is an exchange of attack and defense, and casualties are constantly occurring.”

The old man spoke in a dry tone, but the content was devastating.

In just one week, thousands of imperial soldiers were turned into cold corpses and transported to the rear.

“What about the enemy side?”

“The enemy suffered greater damage. But still, they keep coming. “If our troops are not reinforced, the current base is expected to collapse within a week.”


As expected, Harmun was continuing its war of attrition to a strange degree.

I nodded.

Now it was time to ask what I was most curious about.

Who will be my opponent when I start counterattacking?

“Commander Carmodo, who is leading the enemy forces? “Do you have any information about the commander?”

“Oh, that’s…”

As Kermal Carmodo hesitated to answer, Lapishan cleared his throat.

“There is no definite information yet. “The only thing I saw was a passing glance from some of the knights who went deep into enemy territory during the melee.”

“okay? But why is that?”

“All the knights who came back alive are out of their minds. “Everyone watched nonsense and couldn’t sleep at all.”

You are suffering from a status abnormality.

Maybe it’s ‘mental delirium’.

I looked back at Baron Carmodo.

Then he touched his forehead and answered briefly.

“Palamir Sodin. There is a story that the man known as the commander of the rebels’ 1st Corps was a commander on the enemy side. As I said, I’m not sure.”



“No, no.”

I chuckled.

It probably wasn’t a coincidence that I encountered him again in this ruined city.

* * *

The southern powers that I had to recruit did not arrive until late in the evening.

They appeared on the Alcatros with Modrin, and their disapproval was evident.

“I don’t know why we have to get involved in someone else’s war.”

“That’s what I said!”

“Kuhm! First, let’s meet the young emperor.”

Each of the 12 monarchs had a very high profile.

As if the fate of the empire under attack by the demon army was in their hands.

Or as if they were planning to swallow up the weakened empire right away.

He was walking and shaking a lot.

Of course, I had no idea what was going to happen in the future.

Of course, I had completed all preparations.

“Let’s begin.”

“Yes father.”

Ferrarindio, carrying Tyrvaen, flew up as if disappearing first.

Meanwhile, the 12 delegates arrived in front of me and nodded.

“Emperor Giloshan?”

“You’re taller than I heard.”

“Kuhm! Anyway, nice to meet you. As for us, we are from the South…”

A middle-aged man walked out and tried to introduce himself.

But I lightly raised my hand to stop it.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll get straight to the point. “It’s a bit busy here because it’s a war zone.”

There was no time to be polite to monarchs who were not allies.

Honestly, I didn’t even want to do that.

Then the crumpled faces started protesting against me.

“This is extremely rude.”

“Isn’t there something the Empire is misunderstanding? Even if I act politely and ask for reinforcements, will I sell my hat?”

“That’s right. Okay! “I should just go back!”

Some even turned their backs on the spot.

However, I was so startled that I had no choice but to lower my posture.

This was because shouts came from all directions along with an ear-piercing roar.

“Red raid alert! “Red raid alert!”

“Assemble the knights immediately and respond!”

The siege and defense of the ruined city of Poravert has begun.

I opened my mouth as I climbed onto Vinocaras, which returned to the main body.

“Everyone, see for yourself. “What’s going on?”

They all stood as if nails had been driven into their feet.

Perhaps it was because Hael appeared behind me with Terkiod.

Hael just climbed on the red dragon with his mouth shut, but his eyes widened.

They mistakenly think she is Jerez.

I said emphatically.

“I won’t catch anyone who turns away. But please know that you have to take care of everything yourself.”

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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