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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 346

Episode 346:

Towards the Far East Sea (2)

Outside the eastern gateway of Poravert.

The conflict between humans and demons was beginning.

The demonic army was rushing in like roaring waves in a storm.

A bizarrely consistent attitude.


As always, the demons and monsters were showing their madness for slaughter in cold silence.

However, the spirit of the human army that greeted them was quite different from yesterday.

The eyes of the empire’s knights and wizards were twinkling like morning stars.

It was thanks to the existence of a young man who had just begun to shed the womb of a boy.

“There are so many of them.”

The emperor riding a dragon.

The heir of the lineage who claimed to be the guardian of the empire and the continent was leading the way.

The moment the enemy forces are close enough.

Gilroshan raised his sword high above his head and shouted loudly.

“For a thousand-year empire!”

There was no need for great rhetoric.

It was just the ‘Blood Star’ symbolizing the emperor that pierced the night sky.

With just that, the momentum of the imperial army exploded at once.

“For a thousand-year empire…!”

Amid the cries of the humans, the black dragon lifted its massive body into the air.

The emperor took his place in the night sky as if to prove that he was above all beings.

And then I looked at the ground.

The vanguard, Kermal Carmodo, looked at the scene and muttered his thoughts.

“You are very different from what I thought.”

At one time, Third Prince Giloshan was a famous b*stard on the continent.

He was a person who was considered a stain that tainted the lineage of the great royal family.

But now, even in the long history of the empire, it has been reborn as an unprecedented entity.

‘A genius magic swordsman skilled in both magic and swordsmanship, master of three dragons, and convenor of an unprecedented continental alliance…’

Even what was known to the public was unbelievable.

But even that seemed to be only a part of the iceberg.

It seemed that the emperor had already risen to the ranks of great wizards.

The proof was the heavy thunderbolt that struck out of nowhere from the dry sky.



A blue flash flashed first, followed by a loud roar one beat later.

A blue-white lightning strike that looked like God’s heavenly strike completely erased part of the ground.

Of course, the presence of those running above it was also the same.

The lightning struck right in the middle of the crowd of demons and volatilized them all together.

To put it in imperial terms, it was an attack so wide that an entire company disappeared at once.

But it wasn’t a one-time thing.

“Prepare for a melee and a chase of the remaining enemies!”

Voice of Corps Commander Fox Buarez.

It implied that the Emperor’s lightning would strike one after another.

The imperial army will attack the fallen demons by stirring up their ranks and eliminate the enemies who are running away.

The emperor’s will was carried out on earth without deviation.

Director Carmodo opened his mouth wide.

“Oh my god….”

Bang! Quack! Kwaaaaang! Quang!

Day and night came and went, as if God was playing with the colors of the sky.

Countless lightning strikes followed, sweeping away the demons on the ground.

Some that appeared to be high-ranking individuals jumped up into the night sky, baring their fangs.

However, the Emperor’s powerful force went right through the enemies, as if any attempt to counterattack was ridiculous.

The monsters that were fortunate enough to reach a similar altitude were melted by the breath fired by the black dragon.

It was as if mayflies were recklessly attacking.


“Was it that bad…?”

His brother was equally embarrassed by the emperor’s inaction.

Lapishan also raised his head and looked dumbfounded.

Although he was once a grand duke who almost ascended to the throne, he was in shock after witnessing his younger brother’s skills firsthand.

However, this was not all of Giloshan’s power.

‘This is just the beginning.’

Everyone in the imperial army, including Kermal Carmodo, knew it well.

Gilroshan, who had been swaying his opponent for a while, returned to the rear.

He came down from the dragon and winked to one side.

“I think I’ll leave it to the two of you now.”

Then, there were two people walking to the front as if they had been waiting.

Everyone swallowed dry saliva.

‘Modrin, the warchief of the five beast tribes.’

‘Jerez Magria, leader of the Republican Revolutionary Army.’

They were said to be the strongest people in the human world, along with the imperial emperor.

Modrin took the reins of his Alcatros.

And then the half-elf climbed on a huge red dragon, and the sight was enough to make it look like the Emperor had lent him his guardian dragon.

“I look forward to performance.”

“of course. “I will come back.”


The three people were joining forces as if to show off.

This sight was bound to have a huge impact on the entire continent.

* * *

-Hael Just pretend to use magic.

-Pretending to write?

-Point your finger somewhere appropriately. Then Irene will take care of it.


Just act roughly.

I gave Hael that instruction.

Because she was not skilled in magic itself, it was difficult for her to stand out in this complex battlefield.

‘If you want to act as Jerez Magria, you need to take other measures.’

So, I told Feralendio to burn Tyrvaen, turn invisible, and float in the sky in advance.

Since I had broken the spirit of the demon army, there was no need to worry about defense.

The little witch will take care of the magic.

‘If Hael makes a gesture, the attack will swing accordingly.’

Terkiod was growing to a large size like a red dragon, and Hael, who was leading him, really looked like Jerez.

Unless something special happened, deceiving the monarchs of 12 countries was no different from flipping the palm of your hand.

Soon, Terkiod began to fly, and when Hael raised his right hand, a spear of red flame came down.

It was the ‘Fire Harpoon’ that Tyrvaen used to great effect in Auracus.


‘But it doesn’t seem like the same magic. I guess it’s because the little witch jumped over the wall and grew to the next level, right?’

Hael was as active as Mordrin, shooting magic arrows.

In reality, all she did was wave her hands in a convincing manner.

‘But you’re doing well.’

His expression is also very serious.

I firmly believed that Hael was acting properly and that Tyrvaen was deceiving properly.

But something was strange.

‘But how long is Tyrvaen going to use magic like that?’

The flaming spears continued as if they were going to turn the entire battlefield into ashes.

Excessively high output magic.

In the beginning, I thought the purpose was to suppress the baseline.

But that didn’t change.

If you pour out that much magical energy, it was natural that your strength would run out quickly.

‘What are you trying to do? It’s about time my magic started to decline…?’

However, the fire harpoon continued endlessly.

Even considering that she had prepared in advance, it was not something an 8-star witch could do alone.

‘What on earth?’

Something impossible is happening.

I narrowed my eyes and looked at the battlefield.

It was at that moment that Tyrvaen’s voice poured into the clan communications.

-My student! Hael is using magic himself! It means that they are copying the magic I use!

I was so embarrassed that my old tone of voice came out.

To be honest, I was surprised too.

It was hard not to.

Hael is using magic himself.

‘Is that just like Tyrvaen’s Fire Harpoon?’

Even experienced wizards cannot cast magic they have not mastered.

It was common knowledge that one could use magic only after mastering the formulas and practicing in advance.

However, Hael was freely using magic he had never learned.

As I expanded my magical sense, I could feel it clearly.

‘Half of Fire Harpoon was written by the little witch, and the other half was written by Hael.’

It was hard to believe even when I saw it in person.

At that time, Fox Buarez came up next to me.

“Your Majesty, it is time to go to war. Please allow it.”

This means that the melee mentioned earlier and the pursuit of the remaining enemies will begin.

It was the right time.

First, I nodded.

“As soon as the warchief and commander return, sortie immediately.”


As soon as Modrin received the message to come back to me, he immediately turned Alcatros’ head and came back.

The same goes for Tyrvaen and Ferrarindio.

Lastly, I had to call in Hael and ask him how he was able to perform magic.

I ordered her.

– Come back now.

But strangely, there was no answer.

Because Tyrvaen’s magic stopped, the Fire Harpoon was reduced to half its power.

Nevertheless, Hael was flying with Terkiod and attacking the demon army.

‘There’s definitely something strange.’

Even control is not working properly.

Feeling my mouth dry, I opened the communication channel again.

The good news is that the red dragon I raised is in charge of Hael’s movements.

-Terkiod! Come back now!

-yes? Ah yes! All right!

The spears of flame continued to hit the ground, but the Red Dragon Sect began to circle.

At the same time, the situation was carefully conveyed.

-Father Hael’s condition is a bit strange. Your breathing is heavy and your eyes are…

– Did you taste it?

-…Yes, it’s definitely strange.

Terkiod, who was carrying her, also seemed to sense something.

Fortunately, the Fire Harpoon did not continue any further.

But there was still no answer from Hael.

‘What is going on? Is the effect of being struck by red lightning now showing its effect?’

While I was thinking that, the beast tribe warchief came back first.

Since the timing could not be delayed, I gave the command immediately.

“Marquis Buarez, please sortie immediately and begin the chase.”

“yes! your majesty! Everyone, sortie…!”

The imperial army poured out all at once, like lake water bursting from a burst dam.

They crossed paths with the returning red dragon and ran towards the demon army.

Loud shouts shook the earth from everywhere.

“For the Empire!”

“Drive out the demons from this land!”

And Terkiod’s massive body landed lightly on the ground.

At that moment I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Hael slowly descends from Terkiod’s neck.

The corners of her mouth were elongated, creating a creepy sneer.

The eyes that sparkled with murder contained the same cruelty that I had once seen.

I couldn’t help but think of that existence.

‘Jerez Magria.’

Hael was imitating the original body of his body so perfectly.

It was an action I never ordered.

It was only natural that monarchs from 12 countries flocked to us.

“I will join that alliance!”

“The same goes for our kingdom! “I will join the union right away!”

“A risk! “Having witnessed the battlefield myself, I feel like I can’t pretend not to know.”

When I gestured, Carls quickly came over and led them away.

System messages popped up as if the signature had been signed.

[The new ally ‘Hetar Principality’ has joined the Imperial Alliance.]

[The new ally ‘Kingdom of Erid’ has joined the Imperial Alliance.]


[Quest goal ‘Capture the rulers of 12 countries’ Completed!]

[Complete the quest by achieving the remaining objective ‘Win in the ruined city of Foravert.’]

But I couldn’t pay attention to that.

I approached Hael, who really felt like Jerez, and tried to check his condition in detail.

It was right then.

[The Demon Lord of Lies, ‘Myrkrtan’, descends to the earth.]


again today again. again. On the other side of the battlefield, Saihan magical power poured down like a waterfall, became a whirlwind, and began to sweep the ground.

A presence so vivid that it froze the imperial army, which was frantically exterminating the fleeing demons.

[The owner of the stigma, ‘Palamir Sodin’, is being used by the devil.]

It was a message that the devil of lies had taken a human body and appeared in person.

I looked back at Hael and bit my lip.

‘It’s such an odd timing. It’s probably not a coincidence, right?’

It means you have to make a choice.

Should I jump back into the battle line and confront the devil right away?

Or should I check Hael’s situation first…

I moved immediately.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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