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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 347

Episode 347:

Towards the Far East Sea (3)

Palamir Sodin, commander of the Revolutionary Army’s 1st Corps, had his eyes tightly closed.

And he muttered quietly, embracing the cool night air with both arms.

“Good, so good…”

At this moment, he felt complete.

A sense of inferiority that I had as a warrior who did not reach 9 stars.

The sense of defeat I felt while leading the 1st Corps, which was only a reserve unit…

The past days of not being able to properly straighten my shoulders even though I was a member of the revolutionary army seemed to pass by like a flash.

A smile escaped between my lips.

‘It’s all in the past.’

When Aurax was taken over by the Demon God and the Demon King of Lies made a proposal that was no different from coercion.

It wasn’t that Palamir didn’t hesitate.

He too accepted it with a trembling feeling.

But once I accepted the power of the Demon King, everything became clear.

I dared to say it.

He said he was not a human from the beginning, but a being suited to being a half-demon.

‘I had to have strength. It felt natural.’

It was so satisfying.

From the moment I became the limb of a high-ranking demon lord called Mirkrtan.

Palamir could feel strength and complete satisfaction within his body.

Even if someone suggested a way to return to being human, he was ready to turn his nose up.

In the process of accepting the power of the Demon King, I even became aware of the world’s ‘return to fate’…

‘This will be a better way for the human world as well.’

Palamir became convinced that Harmun’s control of the world was the right direction.

Therefore, he did not reject the demon king’s control that was filling him at all, but rather sympathized with it.

The sortie order was bound to be a very pleasant notification.

Even the opponent was perfect.

Palamir raised his eyes and repeated the name.


The new emperor of the Magic Empire.

Giloshan could be said to be Commander Palamir’s nemesis.

Because he was the guy who pushed me over the edge in the previous episode.

He clearly remembered what Giloshan had done under the guise of being a special agent of the revolutionary army.

Palamir trembled as he imagined cutting off his opponent’s limbs one by one.

‘Now it’s time for revenge.’

But at that moment.

Palamir’s eyes turned gray.

The facial muscles twisted and convulsed randomly.

The last voice Palamir heard was this:

“I will use your body. I’ll use it well and return it to you, so don’t be too upset. Don’t wait too long.》


Mirkrtan’s low laughter.

In his fading consciousness, Palamir thought that he had nothing to do with demons.

* * *

I asked Tyrvaen for Hael and returned to the battlefield.

This was an obvious choice.

The imperial army is in a life-or-death situation with the demon army.

‘Following my orders, the chase began. If we retreat from here, the tide will turn and there will be many casualties.’

It wasn’t that Hael wasn’t anxious.

But you can look at that later.

I jumped into the battlefield, trying hard to believe that.

Then, he raised his magic power to the limit and began pouring out magic onto the ground.

An attack aircraft that was improved from ‘Song of Iron’ and included in ‘Magna Hasta’.

[Attack Magic: Judgment of Iron]

Boom! bang! Quaaaang!

A stream of bright blue electricity fell mercilessly on the heads of the demons.

I continued the battle so frantically that I couldn’t even properly check the system messages.

[Your level has risen!]

When I reached level 75.

The guy appeared as if he had been waiting for this moment.

The retreating demons all turned around and their bright red eyes flashed.

A fierce shout came out of their mouths.

“You weak humans…!”

“Bow your foolish head and kneel before eternal lies!”

What started was a chain explosion.

As the high-ranking demons pointed their fingers at the imperial army, red flames rose out of nowhere and a bombardment occurred.

Naturally, as the battle line collapsed, confusion was bound to increase.

What was more confusing than anything else was that the same cries were heard among our imperial troops.

“In the face of eternal lies!”

“Bow your head and kneel!”


Some of the knights had rolled-over eyes and were foaming at the corners of their mouths.

I bit my lip tightly.

His body was taken over by demons, infected, and turned into a biological bomb.

Of course, it was the opponent’s target.

‘I was watching the timing while planting the bomb. ‘They were just waiting for us to get in deep.’

If I were moving on the ground, I would definitely have been swept away by that explosion.

Because I was riding Vinocaras, I was able to avoid the attack.

But that also meant that the person leading the army on the ground on my behalf was in danger.

None other than Lapishan and Kermal Karmodo.

‘Where are the two of you? ‘You probably haven’t been caught in the explosion yet, right?’

I paused the chase to regroup and give the order to search for the bio-bomb.

But at that moment, a particularly large explosion sounded from below.

As I scanned the ground, my eyes widened.

“Captain Carmodo!”

His body was bouncing around like a thrown doll falling on the ground.

Although I had some kind of defense, I was wearing a shield…

-Dad! This isn’t a one-time attack! Knights with rolled eyes are flocking in!

It was exactly as Vinokharas had shouted.

The bio-bombs hidden among the imperial troops were all flocking to Kermal.

It moves in pursuit of the clear goal of assassinating the commander.

Unable to watch, I immediately drew my sword and threw it away.

[Attack skill: Advanced non-sword technique]

A heaviode that flies by itself even though it does not use the ‘metonymic sword’.

This time I really had to survive and move.

I deployed the second skill at the right time.

[Special Skill: Giant Appearance]

A silent roar erupted.

Heviod, who flew as close as Karmodo, suddenly grew in size and began to mutate.

A whirlwind of metal swirled as if a silver waterfall was forming in the air.

A giant has appeared.

-Erase it.

Heviod followed my command and swung his massive fist sideways…


The biological bombs flew away all at once.

A powerful force that seems to completely ignore the laws of physics.

Everyone around him had their mouths wide open at the sheer majesty.

-It’s been a long time since you showed your true face.

Heviod, who was laughing, returned to his sword form again.

Although he was in tatters, Director Carmodo was able to save his life.

After slightly bowing his head and receiving his greeting, I issued an order to the entire imperial army.

“Everyone, stand back and regroup! “Wizards must detect demon energy and track enemy attacks!”

Only after setting up a defense to prevent the demons from using the biological bomb was it possible to look at the situation on the other side.

It seems like there was a similar attack on Lapishan’s side as well…

‘Fortunately, Feralendio blocked it well.’

It would be disappointing for the others to hear this, but in this situation, there was no dragon species as trustworthy as the Golden Dragon Bell.

Anyway, I instructed the dragons on their next move.

-Everyone stand by. He’s coming.

There was no need for a long explanation.

The enemy the system message warned you about.

‘The devil who stole the body of the 1st Corps commander.’

Palamir Sodin’s face suddenly popped out of thin air.

The guy who popped out not far from me twitched the corners of his mouth.

《Nice to meet you. There’s no need to introduce each other, right? Even though it’s my first time in this life.》

I didn’t like the slow tone of speech, either in the original or in reality.

I muttered quietly.

“Myrkrtan, the Demon Lord of Lies.”

I felt a presence writhing on the ground along with the guy gesturing.

Looking down, I couldn’t help but frown.

A huge, black and grotesque creature was writhing in a coil.


“As expected, I know.”

The Demon King of Lies nodded with a triumphant expression.

In response to his hand pointing toward the night sky, a huge earth dragon soared into the air.


《It is a spirit creature from the demon world that even preys on dragons. This is a gift I prepared especially for you, so please do not hesitate and accept it. Hahahaha!》

The guy laughed as if he had won over the topic that had just appeared.

The dragons responded immediately.

-Dad, what is that?

-I definitely feel bad about what it looks like.

-How dare you use polyps as food!

I chuckled at their cries.

Well, it wasn’t wrong.

< Cargo Worm >

[Monster] A giant chimera that lives in the demon world. It has a habit of devouring powerful opponents.

Special: Greatly affected by the surrounding magical environment.

It was a setting that appeared in the original game.

Let me explain here by adding what I know…

-Cargon Worm is a monster that does not have eyes, but uses other sense organs to detect targets. However, it has the property of becoming stronger in proportion to the total amount of magical power expressed by the prey.

Dragons are the largest magical creatures in the human world.

Since the polyp was a magical organ starting from the heart, it was natural that it seemed to be more delicious food than anything else for the Cargo Worm.

Of course, the dragons did not acknowledge it.

-I feel really bad.

-under! I need to tell you which one is the real predator!

-I will chew off his heart. father.

-Okay, okay.

The strategy was established.

But I was left with one question unresolved.

How did Myrkrtan bring monsters from the demon world to the human world?

‘Besides, it seems like he only knows one thing and doesn’t know

the other…’ In my opinion, his arrangement wasn’t enough.

The Cargo Worm was clearly a powerful monster, but it also had a huge weakness.

So it couldn’t always be the dragon’s natural enemy.

‘What if the dragon fights with hand-to-hand combat without using magic power, and the player also chooses to fight by minimizing the use of magic power?’

Cargo Worm, which becomes stronger in proportion to the opponent’s use of magical power, was unable to demonstrate its skills properly.

This was a very simple strategy.

And there was one more condition that was beneficial to me.

A condition created by none other than Mirkrtan himself.

“Explosions are the spirits’ favorite event. water fire wind earth. “It’s an incident that touches every attribute.”

When I muttered that, the Demon King of Lies slightly tilted his head.

Actually, the demons knew very little about spirits.

“To put it simply, right after the explosion, elemental magic is buffed.”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand.

Now all you have to do is show it with action.

[Instant summon: Supreme wind spirit]

[Spirit ‘Silamaria’ appears.]

[Instant summon: Supreme fire spirit]

[Spirit ‘Hronesas’ appears.]


Suddenly, a strong wind struck and a pillar of fire burst out.

On the surface, not a single bit of magical power was used, but the dragons and I were riding the path of the wind and being shot at the Demon King and Cargo Worm.

It was thanks to the environmental buff.

[Special environmental condition ‘Spirit Vibration’ is applied.]

[The effect of elemental magic is greatly strengthened temporarily!]

‘While the dragons are blocking the Cargo Worm with bullets, I hit Myrkrtan.’

It’s time to use Magna Hasta.

With that plan in mind, I pulled out the Blood Star.

But the very next moment.


The Demon King of Lies was seen smirking and curling up the corners of his mouth.

The meaning of the ominous smile was revealed immediately afterwards.

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