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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 35

Episode 35

Everlast Ruins

“…Hey, this was really made to kill people.”

I was muttering absentmindedly and applying the potion to my side.

The area where the arrowhead was stuck and pulled out healed quickly, but the shock of having the arrow stuck in my body for the first time was significant.

At that time, I was slowly gaining confidence in deliberately stepping on traps and avoiding them appropriately.

Suddenly, two arrows shot down together.

Of course I knew that this pattern existed, but I didn’t know the timing of its appearance…


“Wow! Argh!”

He succeeded in dodging one arrow, but another stuck in his side.

A pain so intense that it instantly turned black before my eyes gripped my entire body.

[The status abnormality ‘extreme pain’ is given.]

Wow, is this what this is?

This status ailment called ‘extreme pain’ slows down the character’s movements and prevents the activation of skills that require concentration.

However, the ‘excruciating pain’ I felt was more than just a state of so much pain that I couldn’t even breathe properly, let alone use any skills.

Well, since it definitely means you can’t do anything, you could say it was applied very accurately!

The moment when I was struggling in pain.

[The trait of Fate ‘Mercenary Gladiator’ counteracts the status abnormality ‘Extreme Pain’.]

The pain subsided in an instant.

Then, as if someone had told me to, I stood up and held on tightly to the arrow at my side.

Next moment.



I pulled out the arrow with such skill and courage that even I was surprised.



Staring blankly at the arrows lying on the floor, I belatedly realized the situation, opened my inventory, and worked hard to stop the bleeding.

‘Yes, he had gladiator traits.’

In the days of slave gladiators, there was no need to shed blood so intensely, so there was no need to use it, but resistance to such bleeding injuries was a unique characteristic of the gladiator class.

The so-called ‘fast adrenaline’ characteristic.

Its characteristic is to quickly reduce pain by regulating the effectiveness of adrenaline to cope with crisis situations.

The higher the level of the card, the more special abilities it has.

Well, in this C class, there is only one Fast Adrenaline.

“Even though it has characteristics, it still hurts a lot.”

After pulling out the arrow and taking out the recovery potion and applying it gently, I carefully placed the remaining potion in my inventory.

Being able to store remaining medicine like this is different from the original game.

‘It’s good because I can use it sparingly.’

The potions you brought are not infinite, so you cannot waste them.

Now, by the way….

‘So now the arrow patterns are starting to become complicated?’

That meant that the dungeon guardians would soon appear.

In terms of the overall progress rate of the dungeon, it is less than 20%.

‘In the game, it only takes 10 minutes, but it seems like it took two hours.’

It’s something that can’t be helped.

It was a game then, not now.

Of course, we had to move forward while ensuring the safest possible situation.

‘So now I have to try this skill.’

The moment I take a big step forward.


The magic circle drawn on the ceiling above my head responded.

It sensed my movement and began emitting a dangerous red light.

‘Are there two arrows this time?’

As if in response to my thoughts, arrow slits opened on the left and right.


I activated ‘Gale of Lightning’. Another skill was also launched.

It feels like your inventory suddenly becomes lighter!

…Maybe it’s just my mood?

[Evasion Technique: Gale’s Request]

[Defense Technique: Gold Bar’s Request]


I succeeded in dodging an arrow flying at my shoulder, barely grazing it.



The other one targeting the lower body couldn’t do that.

This was because it was cleverly installed at an angle aimed at the shins.

That’s why this skill was needed.

‘Request for gold bars.’


A feeling of something hard rising from my fingertips and toes.

A hard feeling, as if the surface of the skin has hardened and turned into a stone.

In fact, there was a light golden sheen on the back of my hand.

This was the effect of the skill ‘Gold Ingot Request’.

‘The most mercenary-like skill.’

So it was a skill that made my teeth tremble.


The arrow should have landed in the leg, but strangely enough, it went out with a screeching sound.

And only a slight cut remained on my shin.

A hardness so strong that arrows are reflected and bounced away rather than piercing them.

…That was the skill effect given to my skin.

“Your defense is amazing.”

< Gold Bar Request >

[Defense Skill] Mercenary gladiator’s exclusive skill. Damage can be offset by consuming gold coins in your possession. The amount of gold coins consumed is proportional to the amount of damage offset. There are no restrictions on usage time.

In other words, it was a skill that used the gold I had to cast absolute defense.

It’s so intuitive that there’s no need for further explanation.

“Long live capitalism, this is it.”

There isn’t even a cooldown, right?

[Costs will be charged for using the skill.]

[4.75 gold coins will be deducted!]

If you have money like this, you can maintain great defense power that will only leave a scratch even if you are hit by an arrow!

Once activated, the entire skin is strengthened like armor, so there is no need to control it.

‘I don’t even have to feel pain?’

Then there is no stiffness!

Isn’t this a completely unbalanced and unprofitable part?

‘Crazy dog gains are shit!’

I wanted to slap the sweet voice rising inside me.

Look at the explanation more carefully!

[The amount of gold coins consumed is proportional to the amount of damage offset in a ‘proportional proportion.’] It

is neither directly proportional nor squarely proportional.

…It was a ‘equal ratio’ proportion.

What do you mean?

This meant that the greater the damage prevented by this skill, the more gold I had to pay ‘exponentially’.

Right now it’s 4.75, but later it’ll be hundreds of thousands.

Maybe or you might have to give up hundreds of millions of gold coins.

‘I’m only spending money to prevent one-time damage!’

As the game scenario progresses, the level of the opponents you have to face also increases, so the calculation goes like this.

We can never afford these costs.

Even if you get over level 20, you’ll go bankrupt in one hit, right?

If there are not enough gold coins to deduct, damage equal to the difference is incurred.

A skill that is just like a skill.

‘It’s a skill that can only be used briefly in the beginning.’

And for me, who is now passing the beginning, it was a skill that could be used as a last resort.

Soon the section consisting of traps will end and the guardians will appear.

It can be used in critical crisis situations.

So, I had to learn how to use it here first.

[You will be charged for using the skill.]

[8.75 gold coins will be deducted!]

…Should I just seal it right now?

Doesn’t this mean you go bankrupt while conquering a dungeon?

* * *

The first section consisting only of traps in the dungeon ‘Closed Passage of Tomb Ruins’ has ended.

In the meantime, I had almost mastered dodging arrows.

Thanks to this, I have a very clear idea of ‘Gale’s Request’.

And the ‘request for gold bars’….

‘178.85 pieces.’

This was the exact number of gold coins I consumed while overcoming the first section.


Money like my blood!

It flowed like water, trying not to shed any blood!

I had to vent my anger as I saw the noticeably reduced bundle of gold coins.

I earned like a dog and spent it like a dog.

‘But I can’t help it.’

Now I had to use all the skills I had and grow as quickly as possible.

And I had to prepare for the actual battle.

‘Now the guardians will come out.’

I took a deep breath and slowly stepped forward.


An ‘ordinary steel sword’ was pulled out from his waist.

If you had only focused on dodging and blocking against inanimate traps up until now…

‘From here on, I have to attack the things that attack me in the same way.’

The appearance of a full-fledged enemy.

‘If I can’t kill you, I will die.’

The feeling of a heavy piece of metal filling my hand told me that.

The moment I crossed the invisible line while holding the torch and sword in my hands.


A fierce metallic sound erupted from the darkness.

The owner of crying slowly emerged from the darkness.

A humanoid monster made of half steel and half earthenware.

That monster with flashing blue eyes was the ‘Doll Warrior’, the guardian of this dungeon.

I swallowed dry saliva.

‘The momentum is fierce.’

But there is no need to press.

Because the puppet warriors in this closed section are operating with weakened guardian magic.

This means that it is a deteriorated plate.

As proof, even though the check skill ‘Howling’ was poured out, no abnormal status occurred to me.

There is no reason to be discouraged.

‘Anyway, in terms of level, he’s between 12 and 13.’

The difference in power remains even after sufficiently turning over.

“…Okay, let’s do it.”

I activated the skill and kicked the ground and rushed forward.

What is used this time is the first herbivory of the ‘Manatee Sword Technique’.

This was the sword technique he used when confronting the Marquis of Royt.

[Attack technique: 1st sword attack]


The two blades clashed together, emitting a sharp metallic sound.

And I moved naturally.

Avoiding a confrontation of strength, rather using the opponent’s physical strength in reverse.

This was the trick of ‘equivalent grafting’ that he had achieved in his confrontation with the Marquis of Reut.

The additional effect combined with swordsmanship was exerted quite naturally.


After deflecting the warrior’s sword, I immediately fell into his arms.

And the next moment, a heavy fist landed in the middle of the guy’s torso.

[Attack Technique: Regime Fasting]


I didn’t use a single mana, but the impact was quite strong.

The guy who was closest to me was pushed away from me.


But I quietly clicked my tongue as I released my wrist.

This is because I felt something while taking each hit point indicated by swordsmanship.

“Failure is failure.”

The momentum was great, but as a result, my attack just didn’t make a proper impact.


The proof was the puppet warrior who stood up without any problem.

In other words, the trick of grafting was not used properly.

When I had a duel with the Marquis in the Imperial Territory, I used that power against me and my counterattack was 100.

‘Now it’s 7? Or maybe 8?’

Efficiency was literally crawling on the floor.

There was more than one reason.

‘When dealing with monsters, there is absolutely no benefit of swordsmanship compatibility.’

‘You have to deal with random patterns, so hit points are a mess.’

And above all.

‘…Because this is not a duel that ends with the sword being thrown away.’

This was a battle, not a duel.

It is a life-or-death battle with a monster that is rushing to kill me.

So my goal of exploiting the other person’s power also had to change.

‘This time, instead of throwing away the sword, I break it and cut off his head.’

The moment we clashed our swords, I was clearly aiming for his neck.

But there was no path in sight.

I had no choice but to give up because I couldn’t see the timing or the movement path to hit the puppet warrior’s head in one go.

‘This means that this is the current limit.’

That’s what it meant to not be able to inflict a fatal blow.

…Growth was needed.

Of course, there is no need to say anything about my growth.

‘The growth of manatee swordsmanship.’

It was a moment when I desperately realized that I needed to add experience to my S-level sword skills.

A guide to top-level extras

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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