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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 46

Episode 46


[‘Barel Hezzit’ has temporarily joined the party.]

[He is considered a member of the party until this event ends.]

“I can’t believe a wizard like this can’t hear…”

When I brought Barel, Tyr Baen’s expression was one of bewilderment itself.

Perhaps none of the witches of all time had such a disability.


Barel looked intimidated as his disconcertingly cold eyes flashed towards him.

But that was a measure of his level as a wizard.

“Are you at the early 4-star level?”


Barel’s hands moved around in confusion.

-How did you know that?

“I know everything.”

-Please let me know too!

“it is a secret.”

Tyrvaen, perhaps because of his ancestral tradition and knowledge of sign language, was able to understand Barel’s meaning easily.

It seemed like he was at a better level than me, who could barely understand it.


The witch stared at him for a long time before shaking her head.

“The conditions are so unfavorable that it’s hard to imagine, but you’ve managed to come through.”

I was kind of curious about that.

“How much of a disadvantage is language impairment?”

Then Tirvaen thought for a moment and stretched out one finger.

White, long index finger.

The moment I tilted my head because I couldn’t figure out what that meant.

“Others live with five fingers, but she lives with one. “You can think of it as that.”


“If you can’t use your voice, it’s difficult to have a question-and-answer session with your teacher. I can’t even touch the phenomenon of phonetic magic. All types of spells that can only be performed verbally are also abandoned…”

She shrugged.

“I couldn’t have done it. never.”

“I see.”

However, Barel later became the best wizard of the revolutionary army…

Once again, this kid looked different.

‘When I met him in the game, I just thought he was really amazing.’

It’s a completely different feeling because it’s right in front of you like this.

‘It was a victory in itself for a b*stard.’

That’s exactly how I feel.

To me, who was playing the original game, if ‘Carls Reut’ was the assault leader, ‘Barel Hegit’ was the rear striker.

‘It’s my main gun that melts enemies by unleashing explosive damage from a long distance.’

So I had no choice but to be more special.

Although I haven’t joined the party yet, I was planning to offer to accompany him even after this quest was over.

As always.

“Let’s try our best.”

-Yes, please take care of me. So ‘Shan’ is the team leader?

“Yes, that’s right.”

-But these are faces I haven’t seen in Auracus. Are they from other regions?


That was something that was not asked of the player character.

It was a subtle change that occurred because I was Gilroshan.

‘We can’t reveal everything about us here.’

You will be able to tell me after the event and quest.

“You will find out soon. “Right now we need to get one more person, so let’s talk about it in detail later.”

After roughly changing the topic, I looked at Carls.

“Have you ever received any contact from there?”

Then Carls quietly shook his head.

“…I see.”

Even after I said that, my voice was a bit too gloomy, so I got irritated.


When I say ‘that side’, I of course mean Eve.

Eve Rottweiler.

A player, like me, trapped in the body of an NPC.

‘But in the end, they didn’t find me.’

Even though he attached his subordinates to watch over us.

Even though I knew that I joined the campsite late.

At least I didn’t find it first.

…the meaning was clear.

“They say they have no intention of cooperating.”

It meant that he had no intention of giving up his quest strategy.

Carls opened his mouth with difficulty at my story.

“There may be something else going on there. Another way is for us to go first.”

I nodded.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Even if I couldn’t cooperate with Eve, I had to check what kind of expression she was making.

‘And we should prepare for the worst.’

But there was one more thing to do before that.

‘Even if things go completely wrong with Eve, I have to fill the remaining spot.’

I needed insurance.

The insurance was nearby.

“Sister N. Hexter: Find out where Walt is.”


Tyrvaen’s expression darkened, as if he was displeased just hearing the name.

“Why that guy all of a sudden?”

It was the same with Carls.

But I grinned.

“Don’t mess with him, but is there a guy named ‘Shark Lovren’ among the kids he has?”

“…Shark? “What does that guy look like?”

“He’s a big guy with thick hair, and he’s probably carrying a longbow.”

“Hmm, I think I saw it among the logging kids.”

“Don’t ask me to join right away. “I wonder if he needs the ‘Orc Warrior Soul Stone’.”

“Orc warrior soul stone? “Isn’t that an item of little use to humans?”

“right. But all you have to do is get lucky.”


“Then there will be a reaction.”


Tyrvaen nodded confidently, perhaps belatedly understanding my intention.

And immediately disappeared among the children.

‘Well, this is the insurance.’

However, Carls’ eyes were seen shaking uneasily as he followed her back.

It was not difficult to guess its meaning.

I opened my mouth to the driver I fell in love with.

“why? Are you worried?”

Then Carls just awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“I was wondering what would happen if I got harmed.”


Cute guy.

But I have one thing to tell you.

I quietly crossed my arms and opened my mouth.

“Isn’t your older brother looking at your older sister too lightly?”

“huh? “What does that mean?”

“Fundamentally, think about the gap with the kids here.”

Although she was demoted as my teacher, Tyrvaen was a seven-star witch recognized by the imperial court of the Magic Empire.

In comparison, the kids here…?

‘Of course they are promising players.’

These were late-term indicators that were like the future of the revolutionary army camp.


“At any rate, they are just a bunch of bloods who have just had a coming-of-age ceremony. “Even if N wants to suffer on purpose, it won’t be easy, right?”


If you think about it, this is really natural.

If the right circumstances were right, Tyrvaen was a witch with enough firepower to annihilate an entire company in an instant.

Even if we simply compare achievements, Kals was also far behind Tyrvaen.

I grinned at Carls.

“So don’t worry too much. “That’s rude too.”

“…my thoughts were short.”

“Rather than saying that thoughts were short, let’s say love was long.”

“Isn’t that something like that… no!”

“What do you mean no? “What’s wrong with loving your younger brother?”

I giggled and made fun of the red-faced Carls.

But there was something I didn’t tell him.

‘When we leave this campsite and enter the forest, things change a little.’

In fact, from then on, Haekoji may no longer be Haekoji.

Like I said, you can’t be held responsible for anything that happens in the hunting grounds.

Even the Sword Master was helpless against the dagger stabbing secretly from behind.

That’s why I needed someone I could trust.

‘Barel Hazit Shaq Lovren.’

The two will become trustworthy colleagues.

“Now then, shall we go meet this guy I can’t trust?”

I asked Carls.

“Brother Karl, do you know where Eve is?”

“Yes, of course.”

“let’s go. “Let’s go to Barel together.”

It was finally time to meet the mystery girl.

* * *

Hexter Walt was quietly closing his eyes in his tent.

The kids outside the tent were talking loudly, but it didn’t really matter right now.

The words of the guy he met earlier were circling in Hexter’s head.

‘That b*stard knows what I did last summer?’

…How on earth?

That was something I couldn’t understand at all.

Using the excuse of a training trip to his father, he escaped from Auracus and contacted the necromancers, which was truly done in utmost secrecy.

But how does he know that?

Did you skip it?

‘No, that can’t be possible. ‘You know for sure, seeing as I said exactly that I drank ‘black water’.’

So I had no choice but to worry.

“Shan Alredro….”

I had to think about what to do with that guy.

The simplest way was to enter the hunting ground and blow off the heads of both mice and birds without them noticing.

It was a cruel thing, but it wasn’t something that never happened.

It was a frequent occurrence for children from families that were enemies to engage in slaughter during ceremonies.

‘Or I’ll have to take advantage of my weaknesses.’

Actually, Hexter liked the latter more than the former.

He wanted to inflict maximum pain on that arrogant b*stard who dared to threaten him.

I wanted to use that weak point as a leash, swing it back and forth, and give it a taste of pain worse than death.

…Yeah, I guess I should.

‘Is there anything that could be used as its weakness?’

From what I heard, they aren’t even from this area, so I don’t think there’s anything to pursue.

It was at that time that Hexter was lost in thought.

“Captain, I need to come out for a moment!”

Hexter frowned at the shout coming from outside the tent.

“Hey you b*stard. If you tell me to come out, does that mean I have to? Where did you get spoiled? Do you want to search?”

“I’m sorry. “But Captain En Alredro is trying to take away one of our team members…”

“En Alredro?”

Hexter jumped up at the name.

In an instant, cruel thoughts filled my mind and a bitter smile appeared on my lips.

“Kkekekeke, what kind of rice cake is this?”

If I could get my hands on that girl, I could turn the tide in an instant.

Even after losing my sister, would I dare to talk about last summer again?

And thankfully, I walked all the way here on my own feet…

“I must eat it very deliciously! “Kkkkkk!”

Laughing happily, Hexter rolled up the tent and went outside.

And then he went forward, pushing away the screaming children.

The girl was standing there.

‘En Alledro.’

I saw her a few times in passing, but she was very beautiful.

Hair falling like a red waterfall over white cheeks.

And the mysterious facial features revealed between them were something that anyone would look at at least once.

But that huge guy standing next to her…

“Shark Lovren?”

Hexter frowned as he recognized his subordinate.

“Are you planning to betray me?”

Then Shark scratched his shaved head.

“I just heard an interesting proposal, Captain. “I haven’t decided yet.”

“This crazy guy… I raised him and fed him, but what? Interesting offer? Have you decided yet? The ungrateful b*stard is out of his mind. “I am.”

Shaq Lovren was a 4-star archer who was raised and supported by the Walt family from a young age.

So, of course, the ownership belonged to Hexter.

When I was trying to claim it.

“Hey, even if your snout is crooked, you still have to speak properly.”

The red-haired witch stepped forward, tilting her head crookedly.


“Rather than raising and feeding him at your house, he was probably raised on a leash like a dog. is not it?”

Hexter was a little embarrassed.

A strange, unidentifiable force was pouring from the witch’s small body.

‘What is this?’

But Hexter soon burst into laughter.

It was because the level of a 5-star assassin that he had reached did not allow him to be this scared and retreat.

“Hey, my lady, let’s have some fun later. Because it’s housework now? huh?”

But Tyrvaen did not wait.

Anyway, his thoughts were obvious.

“The conclusion is decided.”

[Binding Magic: Nightmare Stage]


Gray mist poured out from the red witch’s eyes.

And it seeped into the children’s minds in the blink of an eye.

The children, who were completely unprepared for the magic, froze while standing.

The same was true for Hexter, who believed in his abilities.

“Oh, oh, oh oh…”

He was shaking like a frozen log and was unable to say anything.

“Surely not everyone will die?”

“Oh no way.”

Tyrvaen smiled at Shark, who looked surprised.

“not a big deal. “I’m just having a nightmare.”

“I’m glad if that’s the case, but everyone’s expressions are so scary.”

“It’s a bit of a scary nightmare.”

Well anyway.

The Red Witch gave advice with a serious face.

“Think about it carefully, Quarter Oak.”


“As you know, what can cure your mania is not the tranquilizers he throws out every now and then. “It’s the soul stone of an orc warrior.”

After saying that, Tyrvaen turned around and left.


Shaq Lovren, who was left behind, also disappeared somewhere after a moment of thought.

And after a while.


“What is it?

‘What happened?”

Hexter, who was belatedly released from the spell, could not help but look vain.

“En Alledro! Shaq Lovren! “Where did they go?”

“Uh, can’t you see?”

“Holy shit! These damn things!”

The anger of the alley leader, who could not obtain or protect anything, soared through the sky.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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