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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 48

Episode 48


I started an argument with Eve that wasn’t an argument.

‘Are you going to leave? ‘Are you serious?’

-Yes you b*stard! I want you to leave this quest!

‘Did I clearly warn you? Now that route is half-baked!’

-under! You’re talking half-heartedly! What are you talking about?

‘what? Honestly, shouldn’t I admit that I know more about this game than you?’

-It’s not? You’re not going to admit it?

‘Oh really? ‘Who was it that was free riding on the black market?’

-…Don’t be so proud! At least I have this quest firmly in hand!

‘Such stubbornness!’


Then Eve turned around and disappeared.


In the end, I was at a loss for words.

“Shan? “What did you just do?”

“Why are you dancing all of a sudden?”

Kals and Tirvaen were frowning because half of it was reckless body language.

Barel and Shaq also have equally embarrassed faces.


I had no choice but to awkwardly clear my throat as I suddenly started dancing.

Anyway, it was really absurd.

oh my god.

I never thought words would make sense like this!

‘Damn, it would be nice if I had some time to calmly explain.’

Then we can at least talk about the pros and cons of that route and this route.

If I explain it to you in detail, wouldn’t you be able to understand it only if you don’t have the intelligence of a buzzard?


After thinking for a while, I shook my head.

‘No, I don’t think so.’

It wasn’t because I thought Eve had the intelligence of a buzzard.

I had a feeling that she might have some other intention.

Compared to the black market dice technique, which was like a kind of cheat, the method of solving this quest was known to many users.

In other words, the strategy I will use is not such a big secret.

‘Yes, I don’t think you’ll know this even though you’re thinking about using a separate unit strategy.’

So, it was reasonable to assume that Eve also knew of the existence of the route I would take.

However, now she is insisting that she will go ahead with her strategy.


Isn’t it natural for a player to solve quests in the direction that yields a large reward?

That moment when I wondered if my reasoning was wrong due to an incomprehensible conclusion.


A thought suddenly crossed my mind.

I quickly raised my eyes and followed her back.

But Eve Wyler has already disappeared among the girls.

As I looked at the place where she disappeared, a very simple hypothesis came to mind.

‘Is it because that route is dangerous?’

Is it possible that these children will get hurt?

Or because you might die?

So, do you give up the bigger reward and use a relatively less risky special attack strategy?

‘My route is definitely more dangerous than Eve’s route.’

It was natural that the strategy of releasing the deluge was more dangerous than the strategy of blocking the Ultra Wave in advance.

I was in trouble.

‘Is that really the reason?’

Of course, this is something we cannot know.

After all, it was all just my guess.


‘Otherwise, it doesn’t explain why I tried to get the Shield of Balance when I didn’t have any money.’

In this quest, if you have the Shield of Balance, you can almost completely save the children.

I used it to escape the black market, but in reality the shield was definitely a defensive tool.

“As expected…”

I have a feeling that my thoughts may not be entirely wrong.

* * *

“Each team leader must come forward and report the number of people composed.”

The children followed the procedures step by step under the guidance of Erek Kaid.

And then our turn came.

I led my group forward.

Erek Kaid, holding the submitted list, quietly opened his mouth.

“…Shan Aledro? “Is that your name?”

“That’s right.”

Then, the eyes of the archmage standing on the black rock swept over me.

An instantaneous chill.

‘what? ‘Is it magic?’

Sensing a slightly unpleasant sensation, I slightly looked back at Tyrvaen.

But the little witch just shook her head slightly and told me it was no big deal.

And the guardians’ protection didn’t work either.


‘It doesn’t seem to be a dangerous operation.’

It seemed to be a natural flow of magical energy surrounding the archmage.

Erek Kaid looked away from me and nodded quietly as he glanced at the group.

“Right. From Karl Alledro to En Alledro to Barel Hegit Shaq Lovren. “This is how you are.”

“That’s right.”

“good night. Then, please come out one by one and choose your prey.”

Now in front of us was a round glass bead.

‘When you place your hand on that bead, some of the participant’s magic is extracted, his characteristics are entered, and a suitable prey for that person is selected.’

They say…

Actually, I knew that secret.

‘It’s just a random, grandiose choice.’

While playing the original, I saved and loaded several times and repeated this event.

There was absolutely no consistency in the results of this ‘choice’.

No matter who caught the marble, the selection of prey was always random.

A kobold shield holder, a crazy Grol Goblin skirmisher, an inexperienced Lizardman archer, a low-level orc warrior…. The only

low-level monsters that appeared in this hunting ground appeared in rotation.

The same thing happened to other teams that had already put their hands on that crystal ball in front of us.

‘There are special prey that appear with a very low probability, though.’

That was a really low probability so there was no need to worry.

So I watched my team’s draw without any tension.

“Come out of Barel Hegit first.”

Erek Kaid gestured, and the young wizard walked forward, trembling.

“Put your hand on the crystal ball. “There is no need to hold on too tightly.”

The moment when Barel placed his hand on the bead while nodding his head.


A faint glow leaked from the crystal ball, and a flame shape rose above the bonfire behind him.

That was the nature of the prey that Barel had to hunt.

‘A low-level Orc scout has appeared.’

First, you can see a head with two long protruding fangs.

The camouflaged figure, whose back was densely decorated with flowers and tree branches, clearly had the appearance of a ‘low-level Orc scout.’

And it was the most avoided prey in this ritual.

In other words, it was a goal that boasted the highest level of difficulty.

“Wow, Barel picked an orc scout? That’s awesome. “Hehehe.”

“Really, how can he be so unlucky?”

“Tsk tsk. As soon as I see it, I’m eliminated. “It’s pitiful, it’s pitiful.”

There were giggling sounds from the children surrounding the campfire.

I nodded quietly.

‘As expected, Barel is evaluated as the weakest.’

For now, it was worth it.

Everyone was busy forming teams, but this guy was just digging in the ground in front of the bonfire.

Barel’s situation and reputation could be fully guessed from that appearance.

Actually, I could also agree.

‘It’s not just because the kids are cruel. ‘It’s quite possible.’

Once you enter the hunting ground, every moment becomes a series of challenges and responses that risk your life.

But what if you are a mute wizard?

‘Honestly, it’s hard to trust.’

For that reason, it seems that Barel had no hope for himself.

…That’s exactly how it was until I showed up.

-I’m sorry.

The poor guy returned with a quick glance at me.

Since what he had chosen was essentially our team’s task, his face naturally turned guilty.

-I’m really sorry…

Barel lowered his head and begged me, saying he would handle it even if he was placed in 5th place, and asking me to just let him gain experience.

But I grinned.

“Hey, you don’t have to be so sorry. “It’s not your fault, so what?”

Then, genuine embarrassment appeared in Barel’s eyes.

-But! I picked an orc scout, right?

“I know? “He’s such an asshole.”

-What is a ttongson…?

“There is something like that. Anyway, it’s a bit annoying, but don’t worry too much. “We will help you.”

-You’re helping me?

“then. You trusted me and joined our team, right? So, we need to help.”

-But he’s an Orc scout…

“That’s just bad luck and it’s not your fault. And if you challenge a strong enemy, there is a lot you can gain.”

I spoke while looking straight into Barel’s eyes.

“So don’t be weak. Don’t even be sorry. okay?”

Then Barel kept his mouth shut.

The guy’s eyes were fluctuating, as if he couldn’t believe my rant.


There was no way for the guy who met us less than 30 minutes ago to know.

…Even if only Cals is released, the low-level orcs in this area can be wiped out.

So I didn’t have to worry about whether I was an Orc scout or a military chaplain.

‘Anyway, that’s it.’

What will be your next prey?

I watched the scene with interest.

“Put your hand on the Shaq Lovren crystal ball. There is no need to go against the flow of magical power.”

“I understand, Vice President.”

And what appeared above the bonfire were three ‘small lizardman archers’.

I nodded.

‘It’s simple.’

In the ensuing lottery, Kals received the ‘Inexperienced Kobold Squad Leader’ and Tyrvaen received the ‘Corrupted Grol Warrior’.

Now it was finally my turn.


The moment I put my hand on the crystal ball.


For a moment, a tingling sensation was felt in the crystal ball.

It felt like I was grabbing some kind of handmade electric wire.

“Oh, this is okay, right?”

I looked at Erek Kaid in confusion, but the archmage smiled kindly.

“It looks like there was static electricity. Things like that happen, too.”


No, I think it was a million volts too much for static electricity?

I placed my hand on the crystal ball again, feeling a little afraid.

Fortunately, nothing happened this time.

But it’s somehow eerie.

“Now, leave your magic to the flow. “If you don’t have a lot of magical power, you may feel a little dizzy.”

The beads began to sparkle along with Erek Kaid’s voice.

The magic that flowed from my palm was swirling inside the crystal ball.

And the next moment.

[The prey has been designated!]

[A special prey has been selected!]

An ominous system message appeared.

‘Special prey?’

When I turned around and saw the bonfire, I crumpled my face.

The surprised children were already muttering.

“How did something like that pop up?”

“This is my first time seeing it…”

“Are we sure we can hunt?”

The portrait of the monster that appeared over the campfire was not ordinary.

Although it was an orc with impressive long fangs like Barel’s, it was the same.

‘Even the long beard and the cane holding the hood.’

It was an ‘orc shaman’.

“…I guess I wasn’t in a position to call Barel an asshole.”

A special prey that appears with very rare probability.

This guy was it.

And coincidentally…

this was also the source of the Ultra Wave.

In other words, the goal of Eve Wyler’s strategy of attacking a separate force was suddenly thrown at me.

I feel a stinging gaze from somewhere.


I looked at my prey and thought for a moment.

If it goes like this…

“I can’t let it get taken away from me.”

It became very clear.

‘Eve and I cannot coexist, at least in this hunting ground.’

That was my conclusion.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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