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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 50

Episode 50:

Ruthless Action

Eve Wyler was leading five teams through the forest.

What they are aiming for is a colony of lizardmen.

It was a rough terrain inhabited by approximately 12 individuals and crude but well-armed lizardmen wandering in and out.

Eve’s eyes flashed coldly as she hid among the grass, aiming for the right moment to attack.

“Now just a little more.”

As soon as the small fist raised slightly outside the grass gives the signal, it will attack all at once.

‘If you target the timing of the Lizardman scouts’ shifts, you can finish without damage.’

Those she commands are all girls.

Therefore, he was at a significant physical disadvantage and seemed vulnerable in a fight.

“Strike team attack!”


[Attack Magic: Small Fireball]

[Attack Magic: Fast Shock]

[Attack Magic: Fearless Wave]


Following the pouring out of 10 large and small attack spells at once.

“Shield team sortie!”



Ten tall children ran out holding shields and fiercely attacked the Lizardmen.

The lizards, who had been dazed by the magic that poured out earlier, got tangled up among themselves and fell asleep.

And the next moment.

Eve stood up directly.

“let’s go!”

The last five people rushed towards the fallen Lizardmen without hesitation.

In their hands were sharply forged swords and spears.

“Tear it all apart!”

So the battle ended in an instant.

Surprisingly, they easily devoured an entire Lizardman colony without a single person being harmed.

This was thanks to the superiority in numbers of 25 people and the appropriate use of systematic surprise attacks.

‘thank god. ‘I succeeded this time too.’

Eve sat down on the tree stump and sighed.

My pounding heartbeat was slowly subsiding.

Following the kobold occupation site and goblin camp, the lizardman colony is the third site of the day.

All children who had Lizardmen as their prey achieved their goal.

“Thank you for your hard work, sister!”

“Thanks to you, I did it again this time.”

The young witches from the strike team approached her and chattered.

“It’s thanks to you guys being so kind to me.”

The female warriors of the Shield Team were removing tokens in the form of necklaces from dead Lizardmen.

“Now this is yours.”

Elaine Holt, a 19-year-old swordsman with long, tightly tied hair.

She was holding out the Lizardman’s badge to Eve.

He remembered that the prey given to Eve was a ‘little lizardman sentry’ and took care of it.

“Thank you, Elaine.”

“I am grateful to you, Eve. I never thought I’d destroy half of it like this. “I heard everyone is thankful to you?”


Eve laughed awkwardly at her public comment.

But it was true.

As Elaine said, Eve was now leading 25 girls and carrying out the ceremony at an incredible speed.

Following kobolds and goblins, the children were given lizardmen as their prey and completed their goal in just one day.

This number was equivalent to half of all girls.

‘I’ll just have to hunt down the remaining orcs and Grol.’

So even if we went as safely as possible, we could have harvested all the girls’ prey in two days.

But Eve had other plans.

‘Now it’s time to go attack the Orcs.’

The sun was setting and the children were slowly getting tired, but…

[Quest ‘Savior of Sons’ is in progress.]

‘I have to go. ‘It’s tonight.’

She was a player in this world and knew what they did not know.

The conspiracy of the Church of Cysiris.

‘Ultra waves will occur in the middle of the night when the sun sets and the moon rises.’

Then all the boys will be exterminated.

“I have to stop it.”

Eve drank a potion to replenish her lost stamina and started moving again.

“Once you have collected all your certificates, let’s move on!”

“Move the strike team!”

“Let’s move the shield team too!”

First, I planned to go into the women’s dorm and rearrange the children.

‘First, I need to attack and capture an Orc barracks and awaken the Shield of Balance.’

Then, you will enter the ‘Orc Shaman’s Cave’ where the Ultra Wave begins.

There, defeat the priestess of the Church of Kissiris and block the Ultra Wave.


It might not be easy, but this was Eve’s plan.

Elaine shouted at the girls beside her as she walked in silence.

“Everyone, we’re going to go to the dorms and unpack, so get ready!”

“and! “Guys, let’s go and lie down!”

“After running around holding a shield all day, my back hurts and I’m dying!”

“Isn’t it because you haven’t seen that handsome boyfriend?”

“hey! “What are you talking about?”

As befits their age, the children giggled even when a leaf rolled over.

But Eve, who was in the lead, was not like that.


When I thought of the Shield of Balance and the Orc Shaman’s Cave in my inventory, that face naturally came to mind.

That hard expression came to mind again.

“…Should I have at least listened to the story?”

Since he outright refused to talk at the campsite last night, he will definitely be trying to interfere with his detachment strategy.

However, Eve was anxious because she did not know what the method would be.

And the expression on the guy’s face as he turned around.

‘He had the face of an abandoned puppy.’

That bothered me and my mind was very confused.

‘Yes, I was like that too when I first fell into this world. I needed a place to put my mind.’

But that wasn’t the case now.

So it was inevitable.

Her top priority was the safety of the children here.

Quest completion rates were not Eve’s concern at all.

To get these girls out of the hunting ground safely without shedding a single drop of blood.

That was her only goal.

‘But why do I keep…’

Strangely, does that face come to mind?


“Why do you keep sighing like that? Things are going well, but what’s going on?”

Eve smiled bitterly at Elaine’s words.

“Oh, it’s no big deal. By the way, you went to see Ercuado oppa last night, right? How are you? “How’s your brother doing?”

“Don’t even talk. He became the Vice President’s attendant and his nose is pointing into the sky. You almost hit me? “By the way, I wanted to say hello to you.”

“Oh really?”

“I guess he still likes you. Well, there must be one or two people like that.”

Eve chuckled.

After that, Elaine continued to tell Eve various stories.

Family, friends, swordsmanship, dating, hobbies….

The two were so close that they could share everything from trivial things to deep stories.

In fact, their relationship had been formed long before they participated in this ceremony.

‘I’ve been living in Aurax for three years already.’

Immediately after falling into this “God-forsaken world,” she escaped from the Duchy of Wyler and stayed here ever since.

And I came to feel that the residents here were not NPCs, but perfectly living people.

‘Rather more precious than that…’

Should we call it family?

“Sisters! Look at this! “Aren’t the flowers pretty?”

“uh? “Are there bugs there?”


“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Everyone who follows Eve now is a child she has known for a long time.

The same was true for boys, although intimacy was relatively low.

So, even though she was a player, it was natural for Eve to focus on their well-being rather than being obsessed with the quest’s reward.

‘They are all my friends and my younger siblings. ‘I can’t hurt you.’

Dying is something that cannot be tolerated.

That’s why Eve had no choice but to choose the separate team route.

This was also a situation Gilroshan could not have predicted at all.

‘Would it have been better to talk about it?’


After thinking about it, Eve shook her head.

‘The confusion will only increase. In any case, Giloshan cannot mix with the revolutionary camp.’

It must be driven out soon.

Although there were many conflicts during this time, Eve’s conclusion was that Gilroshan had to be defeated at some point.

‘That guy is dangerous.’

As can be seen from the fact that the separate unit route is a ‘half-baked strategy’, he was a dangerous being.

‘So I tried to push him away by applying pressure little by little while he was in the cold sun.’

I tried to get the group to leave on their own by spreading information to the city guard little by little…

but the result was a complete failure.

Gilroshan’s group eluded all of those pursuers and came this far.

‘Honestly, it’s surprising.’

Not only does he know this world better than anyone else, but he also boldly uses that knowledge.

Watching him overcome a seemingly impossible path made me wonder what path he would take in the future.


‘You can’t coexist with me anyway.’

In the end, we end up competing.

There is no choice but to fight and bleed.

That was the fate of the players who fell into this world.

‘Because that person was like that too.’

It wasn’t much different now.

Gilroshan and Eve were in a situation where they were sticking to their own methods for one quest.

As long as two people stay in the same area, situations like this will continue to arise.

Then, in the end, we will face the same ending as three years ago.

“…So it can’t be helped. “It’s my choice.”

Eve muttered that and trudged down the forest path.

A crimson sunset was slowly setting over the field.

And in the distance, I saw a huge rock hill that raised itself with all its might.

There were two solidly built huts on either side of the hill.

It was still a long distance that seemed to be about the size of a finger.

“Oh, that’s our cozy accommodation!”

“Our girls’ dorm is on the east side? “Is it west?”

“East! “Oh, I want to take a shower!”

“Can’t we run, sisters?”

The reactions of the girls, who had been wandering around the hunting grounds all day, were very enthusiastic.

“Don’t make too much of a fuss.”

“Hey, who is that kid running? Hey, Shield Team Leader! “Hey guys.”

Eve and Elaine, who were in the lead, smiled and comforted them.

Of course, it wasn’t that I didn’t understand the desire to rest quickly, so I didn’t stop the excited children from making a fuss.

At that exact time, 25 girls were walking along the forest path toward their dorm.


A dull, unidentifiable roar struck the ground.

“huh? what?”

It was such a vivid shock that the children who were walking stopped all at once.

And the next moment, Eve could not believe her eyes.


The largest rock rising from the top of that rocky hill was slowly tilting.

A majestic and unrealistic collapse, like a giant falling.

However, from the moment the tilt ended, the rock suddenly rushed into reality.

“Uh huh?”

“Oh sister!”

“Wow! Wow! Waaagh!”

The children were so shocked that they screamed.

The giant rock began to move and rushed down the hill, dragging countless piles of dirt with it.

“Oh, no!”

It was by no means an avalanche that would roll all the way to where they were now, but a scream came out of Eve’s mouth as well.

The problem was the direction of the falling rock seen from afar.

The landslide hit the accommodation immediately to the east.

It was the girls’ cabin.


The log cabin was instantly destroyed by the attack of a huge rock.



Everyone couldn’t help but gape at the sight of dust rising up.

From that sight, Eve realized that there was a strange memory that came to mind.

‘Ah, in the black market…’

That was the time when we turned the gangsters into big balls and rolled them around.


It was definitely true.

It was something that couldn’t be explained by anything else.

Now he is the only one who knows the secret of that rocky mountain!

Eve shouted in anger.

“hey! Gilroshan! You crazy b*stard!”

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