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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 51

Episode 51:

Ruthless Treatment

Hexter Walt was walking ahead, having lost all his weapons to me.


He was quietly watching us.

It wasn’t because I wanted to run away.

It was because the voices between us grew louder.

“Why should I do that?”

Tyrvaen’s eyes were narrowed.

It was a natural reaction when I told them I was going to destroy the eastern quarters.

I gave the witch a simple answer.

“Because I have to.”

“So tell me why it should be so! “This crazy thing…!”


“You incompetent b*stard!”

…Better quickness than Carls.

There was actually more than one reason why that cabin had to be destroyed, but the most concise explanation was this.

“We need to tie Eve Wyler’s feet.”

But the little witch did not back down easily.

“Just for that reason? “There must be another way to tie up the detachment’s feet, right?”

Since the hut was also the place where he would sleep, my plan seemed very unexpected.

I sighed.

“good. “This is going to be a long story, so listen carefully.”

Once the accommodation is destroyed, Eve and the girls have no place to rest.

In other words, reorganization becomes difficult.

Girls in particular are more vulnerable to homelessness than boys, so this could not be left as is.

“So, Eve will definitely ask for help sharing accommodations with the boys.”

Now what if that happens?

“Now, boys and girls will be staying together in one dorm on the west side, right?”

“I think it might be too cramped and uncomfortable for grown children.”

“Brother Carl, that’s not a problem.”

What is important is how this variable affects ultra waves.

Originally, Ultra Wave was a disaster that only targeted boys in the western dorms.

But now, both men and women were in that dormitory together.

That meant that when the Ultra Wave occurred, everyone could be wiped out.

-Then hasn’t it become more dangerous? If the risk increases, Eve’s separate unit may move faster, right?

“Well, you might think so.”

Barel looked embarrassed at my confident answer.

“But you have to think twice there.”

The girls would not have been hurt if they had stayed in the eastern dormitory.

Even they have entered the danger zone….

What does this mean?

“It means that the situation has become the exact opposite of what the criminal intended.”


The priestess of Kishirith concocted this plan to exterminate only the boys.

But what if the children are suddenly mixed up?

“You won’t be able to explode Ultra Wave right away.”

Girls shouldn’t get caught up and die, right?

That is why.

“The culprit won’t even show up in the orc shaman’s cave.”

As a result, nothing was going to happen tonight.

Shaq nodded.

“Right. “The situation where the beast does not appear means that the special forces are also not moving.”

“Very accurate.”

Eve will also understand the situation and put her head to work, just like me.

So, I won’t lead a separate team out unnecessarily.

‘Unless you have the intelligence of a real buzzard.’

Here the clever boy wizard deduced a new point.

-But still, ultra waves do happen eventually, right?

I grinned.

“That’s right, that’s the important point.”

It might not be tonight, but the Ultra Wave was bound to happen eventually.

Even if you attack the cave first and kill the orc shaman.

What Ultra Wave needed was a monster entity with strong magical power.

It was an incident that could happen at any time, even if it was not just an orc shaman, as long as there were people equivalent to him.

‘It’s just that in a situation where the accommodations are combined, there is no way to single out only the boys.’

That was the criminal’s homework.

However, it took some time, but it was an easy problem to solve.

“…Eve will do that for you? Of course, that wasn’t what the child intended at all.”

Everyone nodded at Tyrvaen’s words.

“What does that mean?”

Carls, who couldn’t understand right away, blinked.

As expected, he is weak against this type of scheme.

“Think about it carefully, brother.”

With a bright smile as ‘N’, Tyrvaen explained directly.

“Eve has all the girls now. “25 people are made up of 5 teams, but they actually work as one body?”


“When Eve led the girls to hunt for their next prey. “All you have to do is create waves except where those kids are.”


It was just as the little witch said.

Since the girls were moving with Eve, all I had to do was avoid that part and get the timing right.

…only the timing was delayed and concentration was somewhat blurred, but Ultra Wave was still targeting the boys.

“So you’re saying you’re going to carry out such ruthless treatment?”

“Why are you being so ruthless? “They say they’re destroying an unoccupied log cabin.”

“Is that also where I can sleep?”

“This is something that can’t be helped.”

I’m sorry, but this was the best way to stop Eve from hitting the player and make the wave happen.

I had to properly put a stop to this madness.

“Well, okay. “Now that I think about it, I can sleep with Karl.”


Carls’ face turned red at the bold and bold statement.

In fact, Tirbaen has a calm expression as if he will be faithful to his role.

I stuck my tongue out inwardly.

‘It’s really scary that he comes and goes sometimes, perhaps because of the memories he received.’

I wish I could choose between a kid who doesn’t know anything about the world and a very skilled lady.

‘Well, whatever.’

I turned around, leaving the two people who were awkwardly playing brother and sister.

In the distance I could see a towering rock formation and two cabins.

“Now then, let’s go split that hill.”

Of course, it was impossible for me to do it on my own.

So preparation work was needed.

But this is a bit confusing…

“Is older sister ‘Rock Drake’s’ preferred prey a young Grol? “Is it old Grol?”

* * *

Drake was one of the subtypes of dragon and was a mid-level monster.

‘A wingless polyp.’

And among them, ‘Rock Drake’ was a bit weak.

It was also called a ‘rock ceratopsian’, but in fact, it was a bit of an undeserved name.

‘It’s correct to think of it as a giant beast similar to a dragon just because of its appearance.’

It was not reasonable to compare something that was only a mid-level monster to a dragon, an intelligent life form with powerful magical powers.

According to the setting of the original work, the dragon race lived longer than humans, so it was correct to view them as creatures of a different class from Drake.


But when I actually met Drake in person, my thoughts changed slightly.

“…It’s no joke.”

Do you think it would be okay to just use a dragon?

Drake, who I always watched on the monitor, met in person….

‘It feels like they mixed a lizard and a turtle, added the soul of a lion, and then fried it 30 times.’

In fact, it felt more like a dragon than the dragons who speak human language with a noble attitude.

“Wow, this is a real monster.”

Drake howled with bloody force at me, who was mumbling in a daze.

Karol rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

But I just had to cover my ears and step away.

“Wow, my ears hurt.”

“So you’re telling me not to get closer?”

There was no danger.

Now, this Rock Drake was completely trapped.

Deep at the bottom of the rocky hill where the children’s accommodations are.

There was a gap small enough for only one person to enter and exit.

Although it was obscured by the grass and couldn’t be seen properly, it was a road built with a clear intention.

We passed through that narrow passage and came to this void.

[The hidden space ‘Monster Prison’ was discovered.]

This was a cage to imprison this guy.

As if the thick iron bars were not enough, Rock Drake’s limbs were tied with strong iron chains.

So Drake just cried out, unable to move.

“…Why does something like this exist?”

It was a question from Hexter, who had been dragged here unexpectedly.

I chuckled.

“That’s to protect you.”

“This protects us?”

“okay. “If he was prepared to harass you, he would have been treated better.”

“What does that mean?”


From the looks of it, no one seems to understand.

I said while scratching the side of my head.

“No, everyone, think about it. “How can there be a lodging in the middle of this hunting ground?”


“Those are just two log cabins. How can they be safe? There isn’t even a separate defensive spell cast. “Isn’t it strange?”

…Why cabins in the middle of hunting grounds can be safe from monsters.

Barel’s eyes shook greatly as he realized enlightenment.

-You are using Drake’s Pier to ensure the safety of your accommodation!

A smart kid after all.

I nodded.

“that’s right. That’s right. Even though it is a subspecies, Drake is classified as a polyspecies, right?”

This was partly due to the similarity in appearance between Drake and Dragon.

There was also a reason why some of the special powers that only dragons could use could be used.

That was Fear.

It was one of the powers of the dragon species that brought ‘fear’ to other living creatures just by its presence.

“Well, it’s nothing compared to a real dragon’s peer.”

So, I couldn’t even beat these kids who were only at a low level…

“This is enough to defeat monsters that are relatively sensitive to fear.”

In other words, by trapping the Rock Drake out of sight, an empty area for monsters was secured in the middle of the hunting ground.

“What a clever tactic.”

“Whose idea was this?”

Even Kals and Tyrbaen were impressed.

Hey kids, even if you don’t know, what if you too are like this here?

“…Anyway, it was explained.”

Now let’s do our thing.

I gestured to Shaq Lovren behind me.

“Now take it out and throw it. “The ones we hunted earlier.”

“I get it.”

Shark opened his inventory and began pulling out something and placing it on the floor.

It was the corpse of a monster that looked like a twisted black bear.

< Groll >

[Monster] A mutant monster that arose between a wild bear and a troll. They are notorious for their ferocity, attacking their mothers at birth.

Tyrbaen and Barel looked uncomfortable at the sight of the corpse.


The rock drake beyond the iron bars began to glow as if its chains were about to be pulled out.

“I’m really excited.”

I smiled.

This Grol that Shark had been hunting was a particularly young individual.

‘Customized prey that targets the tastes of rock drakes that won’t eat just anything.’

If I threw this to him now, it was clear that Drake, who was already very hungry, would eat it in less than a second.


“Let’s season it before that. “Please take care of Sister N.”

As I instructed in advance, Tyrvaen began pouring the prepared magic into Grol’s corpse.

[Attack Magic: Harmony of Poisonous Plants]

[Effectiveness is enhanced by 200% depending on the accessory worn.]

“That’s enough.”

It is said that the original Tirvaen Sui were masters of poison magic for generations.

Since it has been given a powerful poisoning spell containing the essence of those witches….

“It will probably be a bit spicy for you too.”

I dragged the corpse, which had turned into a fatal poison, in front of the iron bars.

And he pushed it with all his might towards the Rock Drake, who was crying out in hunger.

Next moment.

“Now run! Run!”

I pushed Hexter and shouted with all my might.

Behind him, there was the sound of Drake swallowing Grol with a gulp.

It won’t take long.

That was when everyone pushed themselves into the passage between the rocks.

[The ‘Captured Rock Drake’ is given the status abnormality ‘Violent Vomiting’!]

[The unexpected event ‘An eye for an eye, a rock for a rock’ occurs!]

[Escape from danger!]

“It has begun!”


With a tremendous roar, the drake shook and the rocks began to tremble.

I shouted again.

“If you don’t want to be a rat, get out quickly!”

That’s how the collapse began.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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