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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 54

Episode 54:

Someone’s Savior

The first thing I started with was building a defensive wall.

As I already said.

The eastern hut is destroyed and the girls are gathered in the western hut. In this situation, the Ultra Wave does not occur.


‘What if all the girls start moving north in the early morning?’

The criminal, looking for an opportunity, will immediately launch Ultra Wave.

This was because the beast was only looking for the moment when the girls escaped and the boys gathered together.

I had to prepare for that moment from now on.

‘We’re turning the western cabin into a fortress.’

A fortress strong enough to protect all the children even if waves of huge monsters come crashing down.

I had to prepare for that.

Fortunately, there was enough time and the plan to build the fort was perfect.

Because it was all already in my head.

But a problem arose from the wrong place.

An incident occurred that had never been experienced in the original game.

“…Why should we do that?”

“Why do you have to do that?”

This was the answer I got from the boys when I brought up the idea of turning the western hut into a fortress.

‘Gide Iemer’ and ‘Ercuado Peanut’.

Except for Hexter, they were the heads of small factions who each led one team of boys.

The two guys were looking at me with crooked eyes and asking questions like that.


I suddenly feel extreme fatigue.

‘These novices….’

Even so, I was exhausted from arguing with Eve.

I have to convince these guys too?

We can’t force you to shut up and cooperate because this is a situation where you will soon be torn to pieces.

“A face I’ve never seen before appears and suddenly I’m talking nonsense? “Am I easy?”

“I understand you are trying to ensure safety, but we are not your subordinates, are we?”

…To put it mildly, it doesn’t seem like it would be worth it.

‘More than anything, I don’t want to say anything nice.’

Oh, I just want to squeeze it!

I want to beat you violently!


As I was fighting with the two guys in silence, Carls came out.

“Shall we teach Shan a lesson?”

The guy seemed to be having fun while beating Hexter and started to slowly loosen his wrists.

“Yes, brother. A three times more powerful lesson for them…”

“Wait a minute!”

The person who suddenly intervened was Eve.

He intervened at the moment when I was about to tell them to kill those two guys until I couldn’t recognize their faces.

“Oh hi? Eve?”

“Is everything okay? “Is everyone on your team safe?”

The two men’s faces brighten at the appearance of the flower-like girl.

Is it good? good?

These abominable b*stards.

I shook my head and motioned to Carls.

“Brother, I guess that lesson can be taught indefinitely…”

But Eve did not let Carls step forward.

“hey! “Just wait a moment!”

“Oh what is it?”

I frowned, but she spoke firmly as she separated me and the two guys.

“I’ll take care of convincing the kids. “No violence.”

At those words, I burst out laughing.

“Hey, you were Gandhi Mehta?”

“what? “What is Gandhi?”

You lack general knowledge.

“…Well, anyway.”

I crossed my arms and spoke softly.

“What are you going to do? “You can’t tell me everything, right?”

However, Eve twitched the corner of her mouth and expressed confidence.

“I’ll take care of it. “You can think of it as my apology for giving you water yesterday.”


And just 5 minutes later.

Work began on building a defensive wall around the hut.

Except for a few who had not yet returned from hunting, all the boys began carrying rocks with all their might.

Honestly, this was a bit surprising even to me.

“what? How did you do it? “Did you at least use the beauty class?”

“That is very rude, prince.”

“Isn’t there a strategy I don’t know about?”

“There is no way to solve everything through strategies.”

“…Of course, that’s true.”

I took a hit.

Eve smiled lightly and explained very simply.

“I just told you that the girls were anxious about being defenseless. Then the switch turned on by itself.”


“Boys’ stupid switch. “Everyone has it.”


I finally realized the simple method.

The psychology of the prime of life when one has just gone through puberty and is bursting with interest in the opposite s.e.x.

Eve touched it.

It’s pretty good.

‘I was just so annoyed that I thought about beating them all up.’

His actions, which showed a lot of skill, made me think that this guy might actually be a bit older.

At least he won’t be a child in his late teens like he looks now.

‘How old is he?’

thirty? forty?

…Because they like children, they may be from the generation with children.

I wondered about that for just a moment.

‘What does it have to do with me?’

I soon lost my mind and turned around.


Because this was someone I didn’t need to have such personal curiosity about.

I began to command the scene, recalling the blueprint for the defensive wall in my head.

* * *

By the time the sun had completely set and the moon had risen.

More than 70% of the defensive wall had been built.

And it was around that time that Hexter Walt’s team returned to their dorm.


“Why are you doing this here?”

They looked perplexed at the sight of Hexter pushing the rock while groaning.

But their puzzlement did not end there.

“What are these girls?”

“I know? “Didn’t you say they were using the cabin on the east side?”

Construction work was in full swing, the purpose of which was unknown to them.

In addition, girls are joining in and crowding around, so they are just glaring.

‘Oh my shuttles are here?’

I called all the wizards together and talked about the different types of magic we would soon have to use when I found them.

“hey! Why are you standing there like a jangseung? Come on!”


When I shouted, they instinctively flinched.

“What are you doing? “When the hunt is over, I have to bring a certificate, right?”

I waved my hand and their expressions were cruelly crumpled.

“That b*stard is real.”

“hey! “How long do you think we’ll clean your bottom?”

[The unexpected event ‘Hunting Subcontract’ ends.]

I clicked my tongue inwardly.

‘Wow, the event ends in one go.’

I don’t know what’s going on, but seeing my captain roaming around freely made me feel relaxed.

“Captain, is that okay?”

“That wouldn’t have exploded, right?”

“What are you looking at? “Did you see it?”

After regaining their composure, they asked Hexter if he was okay and raised their voices to the children around them.

The momentarily intimidated attitude of being beaten like a dog by Carls has completely disappeared.


“Stop being noisy, you b*stards.”


“What did you say, boss?”

“Shut up and move these rocks!”

All four people froze at Hexter’s words.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Did it hurt that much where you got hit earlier?”

But Hexter muttered something as he hit each of the guys on the head.

Then they looked back at me with an expression of complete disbelief.

I don’t know what he said.

But what was clear was that Hexter Walt was a truly great leader.

“I’m sorry, Nari.”

“We didn’t even know that…”

I’m really curious about the secret behind what he said and how he made the kids laugh so loudly in an instant.

Anyway, the result.

Three types of tokens fell into my hands.

‘Three small lizardmen archers, an inexperienced kobold squad leader, and even a fallen Grol warrior.’

[Team member ‘Karl Alredro’ achieved the goal of the ritual.]

[Team member ‘En Alredro’ achieved the goal of the ritual.]

[Team member ‘Shark Lovren’ achieved the goal of the ritual.]

In this way, the three people excluding me and Barel have met the conditions to complete the ‘Red Wind Ritual’.

Children who achieved their hunting goal were free to leave this hunting ground immediately.

Once you reach the northern castle of Auracus and receive completion procedures from the executives there, it’s over.

That alone was enough to be judged successful.

But among the 60 or so children here now, not a single one looked like that.

Even though they had already achieved their goal on the first day, everyone remained and naturally prepared for the next hunt.

It was for my other team members.

‘It doesn’t seem like any of them were particularly seriously injured.’

Thanks to that, all the faces that had wandered around the campsite yesterday were now gathered in this western cabin.

And they were working together to build a castle wall.

Of course, everyone doesn’t know the details of the Ultra Wave and just thinks it’s about building a defensive wall, so they laugh and build stone walls.

‘thank god. If there had been a defector, we would have had to worry about that.’

As I promised Eve, I will finish this quest without a single casualty.

And I planned to sweep up my share in the process.

‘Stormy level up.’

It’s thrilling just thinking about it.

* * *

The black night has come.

“That’s it.”

I nodded as I looked at the defensive wall that had somehow been completed.

A wall of rocks built to a height of just over 2 meters tightly surrounded the cabin.

‘This is enough to last about 30 minutes.’

Thick logs cut from nearby areas were used as axes.

Double and triple bonding techniques were applied to the huge rocks that were moved using magic.

And when the time comes, Tyrvaen will use his magic again to strengthen this wall.

It is ‘tree root defense technique’.

This time, we had to strike a good balance between cohesion and holding power, so we were told to use magical power efficiently.

“Now and then…”

I quietly raised my head and looked at the forest immersed in darkness.

Maybe it’s time to come back?

As soon as I could finish my thoughts, children appeared from the forest.

“I’m back, team leader.”

-It ended well as you said.

“Why the hell was I drafted by you?”

It was Shark, Barel, and Hexter.

In their hands were empty oil cans.

“Did you apply it thoroughly?”

“Of course.”

Shaq answered confidently.

But Hexter, standing next to him, was looking at me and sighing for no reason.

“Hey, is this really okay?”


“What ‘what’? “Aren’t you asking if it’s okay to burn the whole forest?”

I chuckled at those nervous words.

Earlier, there was a non-violent advocate, but now is it an environmental protectionist?

“Then is there another way? Crazy monsters will pour out of the forest, but what if it’s not fire? Do you want to go out and film Musou?”

I was planning on leaving the kids here and starting a huge fire outside.

The plan was to use that to suppress the waves of monsters pouring in.

“But what kind of tackle is this all of a sudden?”

This little guy who has no alternative?

“No, that’s not what I’m saying!”


Unexpectedly, Hexter made a move.

The guy asked me again with a frustrated look on his face.

“An ultra wave where monsters go crazy? “Is it true that complaining about the forest like this will solve the problem?”


“Monsters will come out of the tunnel anyway! What happens when the flames die down? “I’m asking that!”

Surprisingly, the guy seriously predicted the next situation and asked me a question.

I was a little surprised.

“Hey, are you thinking? It’s a little different from the image…”

Hexter’s face was once again distorted fiercely.

I said with a grin.

“Good point. Of course it doesn’t end there.”

This defensive wall and fireworks were only ‘defensive measures’.

It was merely a means to withstand and withstand the endlessly pouring ultra waves.

Now that this is done.

“We also need to prepare an offensive plan.”

“attack? “Who are we attacking?”

“Are you stupid? Who could it be? Of course it’s him who did this crazy thing!”

When the holding begins here with the start of the ultra wave.

“I will attack the source immediately.”

The so-called starting point strike.

I will personally go to the source of the wave.

Hexter made an expression of not understanding the explanation.


It seemed like a flood of monsters with flames on their backs were coming in, but I didn’t know how they were going to attack.

But I just grinned.

“Just wait and see.”

The ‘Shield of Balance’ that Carls is currently holding was an item saved just for that moment.

At that moment, Eve, who was holding the same shield, left the hut and nodded at me.

“If you two are ready, shall we leave?”

I nodded and walked into the forest.

‘This is the last task.’

When the work of awakening these shields and transforming them into ‘real’ shields of balance is completed and dawn comes…

‘The wave will begin.’

Of course it won’t take that long.

It was the same with my leveling up.

‘Will I really be able to reach level 30?’

…I’m looking forward to it.

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