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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 60

Episode 60

Rapid Water Ride

On the roof of the western cabin.

The red-haired witch was sitting there with her eyes closed without saying a word.

I wasn’t dozing.


Tyrvaen was doing calculations in his head as he felt the vibrations slowly approaching from the forest.

“Just a little closer, a little closer.”

Let’s release all the things we’ve prepared so far at once.

They had to hold out until Gilroshan out there destroyed the source of the Ultra Wave.

‘I never thought the ultra wave would start so suddenly….’

Just 30 minutes ago.

I was really surprised when Carls came running into the cabin in a huff.

“Everyone wake up!”

He burst through the door of the cramped cabin and suddenly shouted at the sleeping children.

“What is it? what’s the matter?”

“who? what’s the matter?”

Children who suddenly woke up half-asleep and confused sleepers.

But the embarrassment didn’t end there.

“Lord Sui! “It’s started!”

Carls shouted that to himself while taking a deep breath.

…Where on earth did you sell your fake ID?

“Oppa, are you crazy?”

“hmm? “Ahh!”

Seeing the angry expression on his face, it seemed like he was distracted from running all the way here.

“I’m sorry! But Gilroshan! No. His Majesty Shan! huh? “Isn’t this one too?”

…It gets more and more intense.

‘Could it be that I left my language center in the forest?’

I guess I should say I’m glad I brought that outstanding beauty with me.

“What Shan?”

“I think I just said something to the road…”

Fortunately, the children who had just woken up were in a half-asleep state, so they didn’t seem to understand properly.

Tirvaen changed the story before the matter escalated further.

“Just tell me the point, brother.”


As soon as those words were out, Carls shouted:

“Ultra Wave has just begun! “We have to move now!”

* * *

And so the defensive posture began.

Of course, it was difficult to say that the process went smoothly.

To prevent unnecessary confusion.

Except for a few who were accompanying us, the children had no idea that a wave would occur.

Especially on the girls side, not even Elaine, Eve’s closest friend and second-in-command in the group, had heard anything about it.

But the explanation didn’t need to be long.


Because the floor began to shake.

“…Something is coming.”

Everyone who set foot in the cabin could not help but feel it.

The children instinctively sensed danger and began to move without saying a word.

On the roof of the hut, Tyrvaen remembered the words of his insolent disciple.

‘More than anything, it is important to accurately calculate horsepower consumption and distribute it efficiently.’

Up to this point, it was a general idea that anyone could say if they had read any magic theory books.

‘Be prepared for double casting. First, in the main casting, we prepare flame magic to light a fire in the forest, and in sub-casting, we prepare wind magic to control it.’

…How do you know that?

For a 7-star wizard, the ‘double casting’ skill, which allows you to perform magic twice, is an essential condition.

‘But once you get to the middle, you’ll have to change the settings again. From then on, I will focus on wind magic and strengthen the barrier on the sub! ‘You know what I mean?’

The double casting was changed again according to the situation and even presented guidelines for operation.

It was truly the best way to defend the cabin.

‘This is ridiculous. This guy doesn’t even know a single word of magic…’

I even thought about teaching him magic properly once the situation was over.

‘Perhaps the Third Prince had a talent that could only blossom after leaving the imperial palace.’

At that time, I was thinking about such things.

Finally it came into view.



Tyrvaen had to keep his mouth shut in surprise.

The forest was collapsing.

The surface of the vast hunting ground visible under the cloudy moonlight began to crumble, as if being trampled by the charge of invisible giants.

Beyond the edge…

they were swarming.

“Are those all monsters?”

Orc Kobold Grol Goblin Lizardman….

They were originally monsters that lived in different areas and never appeared together.

But it was different now.

All the entities were rushing toward the cabin, pushing and pushing each other as if they were one wave.


The roaring cries of the running monsters.

Even though the sound was still distant enough to be faintly heard.


I got goosebumps.

It was because the fact that a huge number of monsters were running hit me sharply, almost like a scratch.

“Ah ah….”

That moment when Tirbaen froze due to the instinctive fear that was unknowingly filled with fear.

“Lord Sui.”

Before I knew it, Carls had approached me and was putting his hand on my shoulder.

He nodded quietly.

“it’s okay. There is no need to be scared. I could.”

It felt like I could barely calm down from the strong voice.

“…I’ll start now.”

It looked disgraceful.

Tyrvaen came to his senses with shame and immediately began to use his magic power.

Activate the traps installed in the forest according to the prepared plan and use the generated flames to block the wave as much as possible.

[Attack Magic: Fire Harpoon]


Five flames appeared in the air above the head and took the shape of an elongated shape.

Some of the witches who recognized the magic beneath the hut made surprised noises.

“It’s a flame harpoon!”

“That’s 5-star magic!”

Tyrvaen immediately swung his hand and shot it away.

Easy profit!

I saw harpoons of flame flying through the night air and falling into the forest all at once.

There was a brief flash of light.

And the next moment.

The sound of bombing erupted a little late.


There was a slight time lag between what was seen and what was heard, but it was an explosion powerful enough to shake the earth.

The explosion succeeded as intended.

‘Then was the wall built as he said?’

The witch’s eyes were slightly squinted as she looked into the distance, and a red line was drawn from left to right.

A wall of red flames crossing a forest engulfed in darkness.

“Oh, you succeeded?”

It was like the ‘wall of flames’ that Gilroshan had envisioned had been created.


The monsters that had been rushing in like waves were now trapped in the wall, burning and running wild.

‘It’s really going according to plan.’

Previously, Giloshan poured a lot of flammable substances, including oil and gunpowder, on the path where the wave was coming.

Rosin powder was placed here and there so that a series of explosions would occur the moment the flame touched it.

…That was the result.


The line of monsters that had been pouring in like a rising tide collapsed into a black, charred mess.

Immediately, it was trampled and reduced to ashes by the monsters at the rear that rushed in from behind.

Tyrvaen’s eyes sparkled.

‘With this, the first attack is complete.’

There were a total of five attack points prepared now.

If you explode them one by one and use the wind to control the flames.

‘I’ll probably be able to last about 450 minutes.’

That was by no means a short time.

It was long enough to burn the entire forest.

It was also the Maginot Line of the bloodless operation that had been planned from the beginning.

‘If the wave continues beyond that time, we will have no choice but to enter a siege.’

In other words, the children with weapons had to use the hut’s defense wall as a castle wall to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the monsters.

Of course, there is a high-ranking knight named Carls Silion, so it will not fall easily.

‘But it will be inevitable that there will be casualties.’

The longer the siege lasts, the more blood the children will shed.

There may be children who die.

‘…Guilloshan must catch the culprit in the cathedral before then.’

Thinking like that, Tyrvaen started the next spell.

[Attack Magic: Fire Harpoon]


The flying flame harpoons exploded and created a storm of flames.

Second, third…

‘Now then, it’s time to adjust the wind.’

Just when Tyrvaen was calculating the direction of the wind and moving his magical power.

-Ah, can you hear me well? Master?


A voice suddenly reached my ears.

Startled, Tirvaen almost fell from the roof of the hut, but managed to maintain his balance.

And when I realized the situation too late, I fell into shock.

“…Sha Shan? “Are you casting a communication spell on me?”

Then a cheerful laugh was heard.

-Yes, yes. I close right away. Master!

How can this happen?

Tyrvaen could not help but be embarrassed.

At least within the imperial magic system, all long-distance communication magic was a magic that could only be used if one had attained at least a 3-star level.

As the 3rd Prince Gilroshan she knew, it was obviously something that could not be used.

Of course, there was a lot of noise mixed in, so the listener had to assist with magical power.

‘Is this being relayed by another wizard? But I don’t feel any alien magic?’

At that time I was confused.

-Are you curious? But I have to save my magic power! More details later! For now, I’ll just get to the point!


The sound of a sharp wind could be heard behind Giloshan’s voice saying those words.

And there was also a small female voice.

-Please slow down!

‘…Eve Wyler?’

Why is he here?

-Are you listening? Master!

“huh? Oh yeah! “Say it first!”


Giloshan announced the very embarrassing news in a strong voice.

-I just caught the culprit of the Church of Kissiris! If any revolutionary army officers appear before I return, Master, please explain carefully!

…huh? what?

‘You caught the criminal?’

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since the wave started?

‘Is this how it ends?’

But Gilroshan said something even more absurd.

-But you say that because you need me! The wave will continue for another hour!


-Can’t you hear clearly? Ultra Wave! For 1 hour! It continues!

“What on earth does that mean! “They said they just caught the criminal!”

Tirvaen shouted, but Gilroshan continued to say what he had to say, as if he could not hear him.

-So please respond and explode the flames quickly! Please use plenty of attack magic! It’ll be over soon! Tell Carls to just block the entrance! You know, right?

“Hey man! Giloshaaaaaan!”

-Oh right! Wind magic is completely withdrawn! Don’t use it! I felt uncomfortable!

And there the communication magic was cut off.

Tyrvaen was at a loss for words.


Have you already caught the culprit of the Church of Kissiris?

But the monster wave will continue for another hour?

‘Are you telling me to stop it?’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t understand it.

But something clear.

It felt like I was caught up in something suspicious.

“This b*stard…”

Tirvaen shouted, whether the children heard or not.

“What on earth are you doing! You crazy prince!”

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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