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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 79

Episode 79:

Dancing with Dragons

[I obtained the ‘Red Little Dragon Egg’.]

The one I chose was the reddish-colored egg that was placed on the far left of the three.

The reason was simple.

‘The one with the red dragon is the best.’

Because right now I needed a red dragon with a focus on destructive power.

Of course, red dragons do not always come out of red-colored eggs.

‘…Is that how you feel?’

In this “God-forsaken world,” there were a total of five types of dragons.

Red Blue Gold Green Black.

Each race had different characteristics.

Thanks to this, the dragon riders had to keep picking dragons until the individual they wanted appeared.

It was a very cumbersome and frustrating task, also known as ‘picking the dragon’.

‘I always preferred the red dragon.’

Although the Red clan had low overall health and defense, they were dragons with powerful attack power.

Also, looking at the current situation, Green and Blue Dragon were not bad.

Since they each specialized in different magic, it was appropriate for them to join forces with Tyrbaen, who was currently a rearguard agent.

On the other hand, the guy I wanted the most was Gold Dragon.

‘They focus on defense, so in the current situation where Carls and I are side by side, their usability is a bit low.’

This was especially true in the current situation where Carls achieved 7 stars.

‘It’s a dragon that was acquired with great difficulty, so wouldn’t it be better to give it a place where it can perform as well as possible?’

That’s why I hoped it wasn’t just the Gold Dragon.

…Oh black?

It only had a 1% chance of appearing, and although it was rare, it had such a thorny problem that it wasn’t worth mentioning.

“Now let’s go back!”

After putting a red dragon orchid in my inventory, I immediately turned around.

Now, all you have to do is exit this rare and the quest will be completed with a system message…

Then you will be able to get the remaining rewards right away.

Title ‘Master of the Dragon’.

Blessing ‘Supreme Protection’.

Skill ‘Dragon Riding’.


Of course, going back the way we came was much easier.

Now all you have to do is properly feed the hatchlings that will wake up on the way back to Auracus.

“What color will it come out?”

Just when I was about to turn away without any regrets.

“…Hello. Damn disciple.”

Tyrvaen, who was quietly looking at the dragon eggs, suddenly called me out.

Thanks to this, I had to climb back up while trying to go down the rock peak.

“why? “Let’s go down?”

Then the question comes back.

“Do you know what happens to these remaining eggs?”

“…The remaining eggs?”

I frowned.

Because the little witch’s question was a bit strange.

Of course, the remaining dragon eggs will remain here.

If you really want to imagine it.

‘…they will never be able to hatch.’

As I already said, it was because of each other’s presence.

Eggs that sense the presence of competitors will not be able to wake up, so they will be left in this state.

One day, when the dragon comes in with another egg, there will be nothing left but an empty shell.

If you leave the eggs alone, they will rot.


In conclusion, you end up like countless egg shells submerged in the deep darkness below.

‘Poor guys.’

Feeling uncomfortable for no reason, I shouted at Tyrvaen.

“Master, you know everything, so why are you bringing this up?”

But Tyrvaen suddenly made an unexpected proposal.

“Let’s take everything with us.”


I couldn’t help but furrow my brows.

It was she who explained that dragon eggs cannot hatch because they sense each other’s presence.

‘But suddenly you want to take all three with you?’

…Then I can’t hatch dragon eggs?

Even if dragon eggs are placed in the inventory, each individual’s faint discharge of magical power is detected.

To that extent, dragons have been created as great magical creatures since the days of hatchlings.

‘Since there is traditional knowledge, even the little witch would know this information…’

Why are you doing this?

Because I feel sorry for the eggs left behind?


Yes, judging by the way he looks, it seems like that.

I sighed deeply.

“Master, what are you saying? “If you take them all, I won’t be able to hatch my eggs, right?”

The answer that came back was a masterpiece.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to just take it out and hatch each one separately?”

…Let’s hatch these separately?

“Then won’t you have as many as three dragons following you?”

Even Carls quickly joined in with her words.

“I think Sir Sui’s idea is a good idea? “Isn’t it good to have more dragons on our side?”

‘It’s a damn good thing.’

From here on, it was a no-brainer.

I shook my head.

“All three hatched? “Absolutely not.”

“why not!”

“It’s too dangerous.”



I didn’t know that the words ‘dangerous’ would come out of my mouth.

But it was really dangerous.

‘Players who aim to become Dragon Riders don’t go to the trouble of picking dragons for no reason, right?’

As Tyrvaen said, taking all of these eggs away was not specifically prohibited.

It was certainly possible to ‘try’ the method of placing them here and there and hatching them separately.

But if that happens, there will definitely be chaos.

The moment you gather hatchlings with underdeveloped intelligence into one place, the little dragons start fighting to the point of blood…

‘At the same time, an unexpected event that I can’t handle appears?’

It was an event called ‘Shooting the Dragon’ and it was very frustrating.

Once activated, dragons start tracking me.

When two or more hatchlings are together, the dragon race’s pursuers follow the special frequency that occurs.

The dragons, which required at least level 60 to hunt, were no different to me than a meteorite falling on my head.

And this crazy event continues until the dragons kill me and retrieve the hatchlings.

So I have no choice but to not be able to handle it!

‘Are you holding a sudden event to get three hatchlings instead of three Jackie Chan?’

It is a risk that there is no reason to embrace.

I have summarized these circumstances in a very simple and exaggerated manner.

“The Dragon Lord is chasing you. “If we try to save a few quail eggs, we’ll all die.”


“So, let’s go back now.”

My cold and clear conclusion.


Tyrbaen’s expression as he looked at the eggs suddenly darkened.

The eggs that will be left behind look so pitiful.

But I ignored it and started going down the rocky peak.

“Lowering! Lowering!”

This time Carls called me over.

I’m starting to get a little irritated now.

“Oh, why again!”

“How could there be no way? Sir Sui is so….”

“Yumma! What kind of Dorameon am I? If you do it right away, you will find a way? If you hatch them all, the Dragon Lord will come after you? Then are you going to take care of everything? I think I need to go up two levels to do that! uh?”

When I scolded Carls, his face also became very glum.

Again, my heart feels cold for no reason.

“…Only they are good and I am the only one who is bad. very.”

But this guy was a little more persistent than Tyrvaen.


“Oh, you said no?”

“Can’t we just take the eggs from here?”

I snorted.

“What are you talking about? What if you just take the eggs and don’t even hatch them? “Why are you leaving with that?”

They’re just eggs rotting together, right?

“You can’t even fry a fried egg with this! What’s the point if it all rots away…”

That very moment.

“…uh? Fried egg?”

An idea passed through my head like lightning.

‘Now that I think about it, is there a way to do that? I’ve never tried it though.’

In any case, the ‘Search for the Dragon’ event will not be activated unless two or more eggs are hatched.

However, there is a problem where eggs that do not hatch for a long time all rot together…

‘This is easy to solve.’

We have excellent wizards and convenient magic, right?

And it was a pretty good idea to have extra eggs as long as they didn’t interfere with hatching.

Maybe it’s really possible to have a lot of dragons.

“Is it the same as Carl’s?”


Of course, he doesn’t seem to know what role he plays.

‘Yes, you must be young.’

I laughed and shouted at Tyrvaen, who was still unable to take his eyes off the eggs.



“Those eggs! “Use the freezing spell and come down with it!”


In other words, a freezing spell is applied to two of the three to stop their biological reactions and hatch them one by one.

And raising them until they are out of the hatchling stage.

‘It’s arranged so that it doesn’t resonate with the next hatchling.’

It’s simple, right?

[‘Blue and small dragon eggs (frozen)’ were acquired.]

[‘Black and small dragon eggs (frozen)’ were acquired.]

* * *

It didn’t take long to get out of the rare.

Around the time I passed the stone golem I knocked down, the quest message was displayed again.

[The chain quest ‘Evil Dragon’s Nest’ is completed.]

[Quest completion reward is given.]

‘That’s it!’

At the same time, even more welcome messages poured in.

These were messages about compensation payments that I would never get tired of seeing.

[The new title ‘Master of the Dragon’ has been acquired!]

[The new skill ‘Dragon Riding’ has been acquired!]

[A new blessing, ‘Supreme Protection’ has been granted!]

First of all, the title ‘Master of the Dragon’ is the title given by the dragon. It had the effect of increasing resistance to ‘Dragon Fear’.

Now that I was in the position of directly commanding the dragon as a servant…

‘As the owner, I must be able to resist its intimidation.’

This title will be able to fully prove its value even in future battles with other dragon entities.

‘And dragon riding!’

Of course, as the name suggests, it was a skill that allowed you to board a dragon and fly through the sky.

This was truly the highlight reward of this quest.

‘…Ironically, I won’t be able to benefit from it right now.’

I burst out laughing.

It’s natural.

The hatchlings haven’t even hatched from the dragon eggs yet, so there’s nothing to climb on right now.

Next is the new blessing, ‘Supreme Protection’.

‘This is shit.’

I was thinking this was a real reward.

< Supreme Protection >

[Blessing] The fear of dragons, which has come down from ancient times, is still clearly imprinted in all living things. Now that fear has become your right as the dragon’s master.

Special: Prevents preemptive attacks from most enemies.

It was an effect called ‘taking the lead’.

‘It’s similar to Dragon Fear, but it’s a more defensive concept.’

If Fear is the effect of the dragon suppressing the monster’s actions by intimidating it…

This ‘Supreme Protection’ blessing was like a kind of aura that prevented the enemy from making a preemptive attack against me.

This blessing was going to give me a huge advantage in future hunts and confrontations.

‘Now, it’s almost impossible for me to get hit first.’

I was relieved that things were going smoothly for the first time in a while.

“They are all here. Phew, that was tough.”

Kals, who escaped the cave, took a deep breath of fresh air and laughed.

“Let’s see where we tied up the horse earlier…”

The guy who was muttering like that was strangely cut off.

The moment I wondered what was going on, Carls pulled out his sword like lightning.

“Who are you!” “Come out!”

Then, there were guys who appeared from beyond the bushes, holding the reins of our horses.

Of course, these were familiar faces.

“…Hexter? Elaine?”

“Shan Alredro.”

“You really are in the evil dragon’s nest…”

Why are these guys coming all the way here and looking dumbfounded?

Of course, I had a point to point out.

“You came because of Eve, right?”


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