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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 84

Episode 84:

Villain Teacher and God

The new inn ‘Pink Monkey’ was quiet.

Piyong was asleep again, breathing loudly as if he was in a good mood.

‘Boy, isn’t it time to get to level 1?’

Considering time, the time has come for the delicate scales to sprout.

[Your dragon ‘Piyong’ is level 0.]

[You must accumulate 12.5% more experience to reach the next level.]

First level up soon.

Until now, the experience level has increased just by consuming the mineral prey I give, but…

When it reaches level 1, Piyong has dragon scales and claws, which are the symbol of a dragon, and can use hunting functions.

You can gain experience by going out into the field and directly hunting other monsters.

‘Of course, it’s still too fragile to be called proper hunting.’

Then, starting at level 2, you will gain each skill as a dragon.

Here, the order in which skills are acquired also affects the growth of the guardian.

Taking that into consideration, I decided to start by giving the young dragon skills that would allow him to fly quickly and engage in hunting activities.

‘For now… it would be better to get the steel wings first.’

The attack skill ‘Steel Wings’ had excellent destructive power in close combat with monsters of similar size.

It was a skill that helped develop the physique of the black dragon, of which it was unknown what size it would grow to.

‘For that, you’ll need a lot of emerald ore.’

Where do you get the money for that?

I have money to spend right now, but it will cost a lot of money in the future.

It was while I was thinking about such things that I came face to face with Palamir.

“I need to get some emerald minerals to feed Carl’s Pillong.”

The moment I came down to the restaurant on the first floor while gently caressing the hatchling that was sleeping in my hand.

“Are you Shan Aledro?”

I faced that unpleasant face head on.

“…Who are you?”

While asking a meaningless question, I lightly hid the dragon in my hand.

A middle-aged man accompanied by several guards was smiling darkly.

“Nice to meet you. “As for me, I am ‘Palamir Sodin,’ commander of the 1st Corps.”

< Palamir Sodin >

[Character] Also known as ‘Black Sand’. The commander who oversees the 1st Corps, which is like the actual treasury of the revolutionary army. But in fact, he is interested in something slightly different than the cause of revolution. Maybe it will harm you.


The guy with shiny white curly hair hanging over his shoulders was just as I remembered, quite middle-aged.

He was also a seasoned warrior who had reached the end of his 8th star.

But those eyes were full of arrogance and greed.


Would you say it’s as if Marquis Elon Reuth has been stripped of all honor and pride and filled with fatness and greed?

Personally, I tend not to interact with these types of writers.

But now he smiled and held out his hand.

“I have heard a lot from Ms. Legal, Commander.”

I’m planning to brush it off from now on, but there was no need to make me wary by showing unnecessary hostility.

Of course, he already knew that I was not a very easy opponent.

“Huh, you know me? But why did you treat my subordinates so harshly last night?”

I’m talking about beating up those pursuers yesterday.

But I smiled brightly.

“Isn’t it possible to treat them kindly while being followed without knowing the reason? Especially if you are in a position where you have to do ‘important work’.”

Then Palamir’s smile cracked slightly.

As expected of a sly man, he quickly realized what I meant by that.

That’s roughly what I meant.

-Are you following me around and holding your head tightly, thinking that I did a good job? If you’re here to ask for a favor, you should bow your head first, you sheki!

Hmm, I’m not sure if this was conveyed well until the last part.


Palamir was silent for a moment, then grinned and raised his palm.

“Actually, what happened last night was a misunderstanding and both sides made a mistake, so there’s no need to talk about it any more. “If you are in a position to do ‘big things’ like us.”

…Misunderstandings and mistakes?

Looking at him secretly casting a water attack, he seems like a sly snake to his core.

But I kept a smiling face.

“Hmm, that’s good. It’s unlikely that the person who does that ‘big work’ came all the way here because he had extra time. “What brought you here?”

This means get to the point and get out of the way.

Then Palamir Sodin took a look around the lobby of the ‘Pink Monkey’ Inn and shrugged his shoulders.

“This is not a story that can be told here. Shall we have dinner together later? “There is an important mission our 1st Corps would like to entrust to you.”

I frowned.

…Still, a gentleman called the commander came all the way here, invited me to dinner, and then left?

‘What is your intention?’

The moment I had doubts, I read something in Palamir’s eyes.

The way he was looking at Kals and Tyrvaen was unusual.


Come to think of it, Palamir Sodin had a hobby of collecting beautiful and talented people from all over.

The beauty and skills of Kals and Tyrvaen, who were widely known through the Ritual of the Red Wind, were more than enough for him to desire them.

‘So you’re going to rush over and make a mark like this?’

He really cannot be anything other than a furnace of desire boiling over with greed.

It felt pretty bad to be receiving those stares, so I gave him a stab.

“If it’s such an important story, I’ll have to talk to you alone, Commander. “I will go alone later.”

Then Palamir’s face hardened slightly.

“hmm? “Well, there’s no need for that.”

“No, we have to pay attention to security, so we should. “If it’s such an important story.”

Yeah, it’s not even a guess, right?

“Don’t be like that, you guys…”

I decided to quickly change the subject to shut up that persistent desire.

“Ah, by any chance, does the ‘mission’ you mentioned have anything to do with Miss Legal?”

But Palamir unexpectedly shook his head.

“Well, it’s not unrelated, but it’s a much more serious matter than just Miss Regal.”

It is a matter more important than people….

“Just as you said to Mr. Hexter and Ms. Elaine, she returned safely and now we have to think about what happens next.”

…Okay, I think I get the idea.

I nodded slowly and grinned.

“Okay, I understand. “Then I’ll see you later in the evening.”

“Everyone come together.”

“No, everyone is busy. “I will go alone.”


Where are you looking? Just like that.

* * *

“He was an unpleasant guy.”

“The way they looked at me gave me goosebumps. “The grease-covered face is also creepy!”

As soon as they came up to the inn room, Kals and Tyrvaen expressed their own feelings.

To both of them, Palamir Sodin was considered an unusual person.

That’s right, no matter how handsome you are, you can’t stand being insidious.

“Surely he will entrust me with matters concerning Eve and the Wyler Principality.”

I was lying on the bed and gently scratching Piyong’s neck.

“Is there something you can point out?”


I put Piyong on the boat and considered several possibilities.

First of all, the story closest to my current situation was ‘The Iron Diplomat’ among the faction scenarios.

If a player who rose to an important position in another faction joins the revolutionary army camp, the revolutionary army leadership will try to take full advantage of that point.

‘When friction arises with other countries like now, they are pushing me to resolve it.’

To put it in a good way, you are given a quest to resolve the situation peacefully…

but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad of a quest.

Acting as a mediator or solver between two forces provides quite a lot of rewards.

But this time, I didn’t like the person issuing the quest.

‘Are you saying that Balammir is a guy who has a knack for stealing players?’

It is an implicit rule for players to trust and skip the 1st Corps Commander’s quest.

There may be some trap hidden this time too.

Therefore, I had no intention of doing as Faramir Sodin wanted.

‘1st Legion Balammir Weiler Principality.”

…and Eve.

I was lost in thought, rolling these keywords around in my head.

How can I make the most of this situation?

Where should we put that corps commander who attacks without knowing what to do?

Suddenly, my eyes fell on the long sword Carls was wearing.

A well-maintained but very worn-out longsword.

To be honest, it was an incredibly old iron sword that could have belonged to an imperial knight.

When I looked back, I saw that Tyrvaen was the same.

She was also holding that shabby witch’s cloak and the ‘five-colored staff’, which was just a basic item for the spire.


I had acquired various necessary things in the meantime, but these people had not yet obtained any decent equipment.

…Yes, that’s right.

‘I need to use the 1st Corps warehouse again.’

But this time, instead of robbing that flimsy warehouse of supplies, I planned to rob Palamir’s ‘personal warehouse’.

In fact, Palamir Sodin, commander of the 1st Corps, was closer to a ‘supply officer’ who managed the military supplies of the entire revolutionary army rather than a battlefield commander.

Thanks to this, he was able to manage various supplies and steal various rare items separately.

Insignificant things were stuffed into the warehouse.

So, it could be said that all the valuable items were in his personal warehouse.

‘I’m just brushing it off.’

It was a perfect goal since there were a lot of places to put money.

‘If I rob that guy of about 5,000 gold…’

I could buy not only emeralds, but also the emerald mine.


This is the end of future feeding costs.

“Pi Yong, will your dad earn money to buy you a lot of delicious food?”


“…When will you grow up and understand me?”


Well, then, we can raise the necessary money by stabbing the commander in chief.

‘Now I have to do what I originally wanted to do.’

I stood up and opened my mouth to Carls.

“I have important work to do, so please do it.”

Then the guy smiled brightly.

“What important thing are you talking about? Is this an information activity? Or assassination?”

…You have big aspirations.

Sorry, but it wasn’t that big of a deal this time either.

I smiled and opened the door to the guest room.

“Go to the blacksmith shop now and order an iron sword.”

Carls frowned.

“also! “Are you a blacksmith again?”

“Yeah, you’re screwing again, man.”

“Ha, it looks like the blacksmith will want to make you his son.”

“hmm? That won’t work. “Even if I buy you something delicious, can’t I just follow along?”


But this time, there were some special orders.

“This time, I ask you to make just two iron swords. But don’t raise your blade. Even the ends are blunt.”

“…Don’t sharpen your blade?”

“huh. Oh, and I also ask you to make the sword as heavy as possible.”

Then Carls realized my intention and blinked.

“Well, isn’t that preparation usually used during swordsmanship training?”

It was like that.

Two heavy iron swords without a sharp edge.

It was an essential preparation for those learning swordsmanship in a knightly or mercenary corps.

“Are you going to find a swordsman teacher?”

I smiled at that question.

That’s exactly what I originally wanted to do.

“Now is the time to learn, right?”

“…Who is that teacher?”

On rare occasions, Carls is grumpy at me.

I chuckled.

“Are you sad? “Are you sad?”

So I smiled.

“That’s you.”


Now that he has reached 7 stars, Kals can now become my swordsmanship mentor.

Of course, he couldn’t teach me the quick sword technique ‘Manatee Sword Technique’.

I was planning to learn Carl’s ‘Frontier Swordsmanship’ from the beginning.

‘I haven’t given up on manatee swordsmanship.’

In some ways, it’s a simple story, but all you had to do was learn two sword techniques.

Anyway, swordsmanship in this world is divided into sharp swords and soft swords…

In the long run, it was best to learn all three.

And since I had a system in place, I expected that the training process wouldn’t be that difficult.

< Frontier Swordsmanship >

[Comprehensive Skills] [Class A] This is an arcane swordsmanship used by the elite knights of the Baltic Empire. Pursuing the precision of the sword by using the linear movement of the one-handed sword.

Special: 10% increase effect when equipped with the Imperial Knight’s Sword.

‘It’s a real man’s swordsmanship.’

Thinking about learning that sharp and powerful sword technique already makes me feel reassured.

“By the way, disciple.”


As I was about to open the door and go out, Tyrvaen opened his mouth in a hint.

“Aren’t you going to learn magic from me? “You damn disciple?”

A spark seems to fly from Tirvaen’s eyes.

I slowly backed away.

“Well, magic later…?”

“Oh, later?”


Let’s run away quickly.

If you are caught, you will be beaten not with a sword but with a cane.

The little witch roared behind me as I quickly closed the door and ran away.

“Can’t you just stand there right now? “You damn disciple!”

“I will learn! I will learn!”

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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[God Dog]: I’m looking for someone to attempt life for a second time. At the joke-like chatting, I ended up responding with a joke. [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Second time, let’s go go go go. [God Dog]: Are you confident? It’s not going to be easy, you know? [JjamBbong Taste Clementine]: Don’t I just have to do the same thing over again in this shitty game? Hehehehe. But the result of this… “The third prince of the Magic Kingdom, Guillaume!” “……Who?” I became the third prince inside of that game. An eerily shining cold steel blade touched my neck. This, though unbelievable, had become my reality. “Now, third prince. Any last words?” “……What is this b*tchy situation?” “Haha, b*tchy? Those definitely sound like the words of a wastrel. Goodbye. Third Prince.” The miserable end of an extra NPC. Just as the blade was about to fall on my neck…! [Gameplay has started.] [Player ‘Kim Kyung Sam’ will lay as the ‘Wastrel Third Prince’!] The game I grinded my life into had become my reality. But… ‘I will not die.’ ‘And I will not be defeated.’ Because I know this game from the beginning to the end.


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