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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 87

Episode 87:

The Villain, the Teacher and the God The

white-haired old woman narrowed her eyes and her lips were quivering.

Her name is ‘Philippa Jane’.

He was the head of the Church of Cysiris and the archbishop of the cathedral, representing the goddess.


Archbishop Philippa was a priest with a high-ranking ‘poker face’ skill who was unwavering in any situation, having spent his entire life serving the goddess of deception.

Even when her subordinates were accused of being behind ‘the incident’ and executed, she did not shed a single tear.

But now, Archbishop Philippa was having trouble speaking.

“…So that child visited our cathedral? “Do you really mean that?”

“That’s right. Archbishop!”

The face of the apprentice priest who came to report was also filled with embarrassment.

“And he also asked me to tell him that he wanted to meet the archbishop.”

“Uh huh.”

Philippa was dumbfounded.

‘Shan Alredro…’

An eccentric boy who joined Auracus as the prince of the empire and suddenly became a special agent under the commander’s control.

He said he is now here at the cathedral.

‘The guy who made our sisters disappear into the dew of execution came to visit me?’

…Are you sane?

The emotions I had tried so hard to suppress began to boil over.

‘High Priestess of Grace, Chief Priest Erbia….’

He thought that there was no way the junior priests he cared for so much could have planned such a heinous plan.

And even now, the earnest hope that there was some kind of conspiracy was still creeping up on me.

‘But everything revealed at the trial was true.’

There was clear, undeniable evidence pointing to their crime.

So Archbishop Philippa had no choice but to give up defending the two priests.

The priests died screaming like that.


The old man, who had barely regained his composure, took a breath and opened his mouth.

“Okay, I know he wants to see me, but what does he want to do?”

However, the answer I received left me speechless again.

“Well… you said you wanted to use the ‘Room of Tricks’.”

“I beg your pardon?”

What is he really doing?

The ‘Room of Deception’ is one of the great blessings that the Kishiris Cathedral boasts.

It was not something that anyone could use without permission.

As it was blessed by the Goddess Kisiris, who presides over deception, it was a place only allowed to those who deeply believed in her.

But how dare you come and ask me to use it.

“…I can’t bear it anymore. “I’ll have to see it myself.”

Archbishop Philippa left the office with his old man in tow.

This was the first time since the priestesses who caused the flood were executed.

* * *

Sitting in the throne room of the Cathedral of Cysiris, I quietly looked at the white-haired old woman in front of me.

An old woman from Marlowe who appears to be about twenty years older than Archbishop Handel of the Aeolem Church.

“Shan Alredro… I am truly surprised that you came here.”

For me, it was even more surprising that a proper voice came out from between those wrinkled lips.

< Philippa Jane >

[Character] Archbishop of Cysiris Cathedral, belonging to the revolutionary camp. Although he could not overcome the 9-star wall, he is a master of sacred magic that he has already mastered the 8-star level a long time ago. He has a mature, strict and strong temperament.

“Well, it’s not a place you can’t come to, right?”

I smiled and crossed my arms, but inside I was a little scared.

‘The priests of Kisiris Cathedral must be resenting me.’

I think that would be the same even if I were in that position.

I was the one who took care of the Ultra Wave that occurred during the Red Wind Ritual in the ‘worst possible way.’

The two priestesses who had plotted this and were discovered by me were executed by the leadership of the revolutionary army, and I even appeared as a witness in the trial.


‘It can only be the worst method for those who are like family to the criminals.’

It was as if the Cathedral of Cysiris was welcoming a visitor it never wanted to receive.

Everyone knew that, so there was a heavy silence in the throne room.

I, Kals Tirvaen, were surrounded by the priestesses of Cysiris as if under siege.


And even a subtle sense of life is felt.

“Yes, this cathedral is not a place you can’t come to.”

Archbishop Philippa smiled surprisingly.

“Because the arms of Goddess Kissiris are open to everyone.”

But I could have guessed what came next.

‘You’re going to tell me to go away right away, right?’

Sure enough, the old woman was glaring straight into my eyes with her mysterious gaze.

“Of course, just because it’s open to everyone doesn’t mean everything is allowed. “You understand that, right?”

“…I know.”

“In that case, I will assume that I did not hear your request to use the ‘Room of Deception.’ “That blessed place is only available to special people among our believers.”


“If you have nothing else to do, I would like you to leave now.”

Archbishop Philippa ignored my request without even responding.

The ‘Room of Tricks’ I requested to use.

It was, quite simply, a ‘training room’.

Once inside, you could experience various monsters and trap devices that used the illusion of the goddess.

Of course, since they were fake monsters, no matter how much you hunt them, your experience level does not increase at all.

However, just continuing to fight, experimenting with skills and learning strategies was of great value.

Repetitive mastery through constant hard work.

Isn’t that how stagnant water is originally created?

But what I’m aiming for here now is something a little bigger.

That is….

‘The room of deception has a time compression effect.’

Once you enter the room of deception, time and space are completely cut off from the outside.

And according to the will of Goddess Kissiris, a new ratio of time between inside and outside is created.

‘If you push yourself to the limit, you can even turn 1 hour into 10 hours.’

As long as the goddess was pleased, extending the remaining five days to a month was nothing.

It was the perfect space for someone who was short on time.

I was planning on going in here and finishing my Frontier Swordsmanship class.

But the problem was this.

“Please go back.”


The clergy of Cysiris, including the archbishop, seemed to have no intention of giving me the slightest concession.

Philippa Jane spoke with an expressionless expression, as if she were the representative of the goddess of deception.

“I’ll say it again. The Room of Deception is a place reserved only for the most special of our church’s believers. But you…”

A faint hint of anger.

“You can’t do that. “At least they are not believers of our denomination.”

…What is a believer?

It’s probably the opposite.

‘What kind of enemy do you want to beat to death?’

But I smiled to myself.

This attitude of the archbishop was something I had seen several times in the original work.

The Archbishop was not friendly to players who cleared the Sons’ Savior quest anyway.

So I didn’t expect them to let me in easily.

‘But there is a way.’

I scratched my chin casually as I looked at Archbishop Philippa, whose expression had regained its emotionless expression.

Calmly. As if it was no big deal.

“Hmm, really? Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do about it…”

I smiled coldly and looked around at the priestesses.

“Still, I have to check with Kishiris myself. “That would be possible, right?”

“…I beg your pardon? “You want to check?”


“Are you really saying that you are going to directly ask the goddess if you can use the room of tricks?”

“You understand very well.”

Then Archbishop Philippa smiled faintly.

And he started looking at me as if I was very pathetic.

“These are truly absurd words. I guess you have no idea what it means to meet God face to face? Tsk…”

Even in his emotionless voice the whole time, there was blatant ridicule and contempt.

“It is very dangerous for an ordinary person who has not been given priestly orders to have an audience with God. Because divine power is a living force.”


“If you don’t have a friendly relationship with a divine power like you, you might be killed as soon as you encounter them. Although he is a merciful person, his anger is so dangerous. There is an old proverb that explains this duality…”

This is too long of a story.

“Ah, magical power is merciless but fair, and divine power is merciful but unfair?”


After interrupting the old woman, I chuckled.

“I guess that’s what you wanted to say, right? But what should I do? “I know everything, Archbishop.”

After a moment of surprise, Archbishop Philippa’s eyes became colder than ever before.

“That’s a very old proverb, and you know it…”

I chuckled as I belatedly saw the light of caution dawning on me.

“That’s because I’m old too.”


I didn’t feel like arguing any more, so I decided to go a little harder.

“Anyway, I’ll take care of God’s wrath, so please take care of the goddess quickly, right? “You’re probably already watching.”

Then Archbishop Philip sighed and got up.

“I have clearly warned you. They say you could incur the wrath of the goddess. Especially you to the goddess…”

The archbishop swallowed his words and gave me a look of resentment.

But I didn’t reply any further.

Then Archbishop Philippa laughed coldly.

“Don’t regret it.”

Holy magic has begun.


Suddenly, the old woman’s face began to distort.

In fact, not only the archbishop’s face but his entire body was changing.

The old skin, which was wrinkled and full of age spots, turned white and taut.


The voice that had lost its vitality was transformed in an instant.

The grandmother’s slouched posture had long since become straight like that of a young woman.


The power of God swept everywhere like a small storm, shaking the windows.

She quickly got up from her spot and was a head taller than me.

The new being was smiling an even more sinister smile.

“Hehe, it’s been quite a while.”

Then the priests who were filling the surroundings all knelt down and shouted.

“Meet you, Kissiris!”

“Glory beyond truth to the divine Kishiris!”

This is the ‘Descent of God’.

The most powerful skill available only to the highest-ranking clergy at the bishop level.

As a result, Goddess Kissiris has now appeared before me in person.

“Now raise your head and look at me, you arrogant child.”


Following God’s command, I raised my head and looked up at her.

Although it borrows a human body, its essence is a being that goes far beyond that body.

As if to prove it, golden, sparkling eyes were looking at me.

“The human prince meets Lord Cysiris.”


I felt intense pressure just by encountering the golden eyes, the symbol of the divine race.

A ferocious force came from all directions, as if it could strangle me at any moment.

But the next moment.

“Ha, why did you come now?”

Goddess Kissiris hugged me with a face full of joy.

“I really wanted to see you!”



I could feel the emotions of astonishment spreading among the kneeling priests.

They must have been expecting the goddess to come down and tear me to pieces.

But instead, Kishiris welcomed me with a warm voice.

“It’s too late, it’s too late! You said you wanted a room of tricks? “Let’s come inside!”

…Yeah, I guess so.

I smiled to myself.

I had expected from the beginning that the goddess would welcome me like this.

Kishiris watched the entire battle between me and the head priest of Ervia that took place in the orc shaman’s cave.

‘You saw everything, including how I used the trick to get rid of that priestess?’

The best trick among all tricks is to pretend to be deceived and then turn the game over at the end.

So, Kishiris recognized and welcomed me as a great trickster.

So far, everything has been as I expected and everything is good….

“Do you want to eat something? What do you want? Do you like Yabawi? “What about card games?”

As she led me inside the cathedral, she asked me a series of questions.

The goddess was talking as she pleased, whether the embarrassed priests followed her or not.

I was a little embarrassed too.

“I want to know everything about you right now. “Hehehe.”


“Are you planning on becoming my husband?”


Why is the welcome so intense?

Why is this woman like this? Scary?

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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