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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 9

Episode 9:

The Knight Commander’s Sword

Two days ago, I told the plan to the two people sitting in front of the campfire.

“I will personally defeat the Marquis of Reut. “There is no other way.”

Then the two people’s reaction was as follows.

“Where are you hurting? “But you were still human, right?”

“I thought you came to your senses, but you didn’t. Even crazier! “Can’t you just send me home?”

…Those people really.

Why are you guys so impatient?

“Hey, first of all, let’s hear what measures I’m going to take to fight the Marquis! After that, you either have to go to hell or go home! “It’s too much.”

“Who is doing too much! How can I punish the leader? “What difference does it make if you make a move?”

“So, I wish I had taken an interest in magic earlier.”

I ended up sighing.

What future can there be in a society so full of distrust?

But on the other hand, it was completely understandable.

‘Well, if I were in that position, I would have laughed happily.’

If I were to force an argument, < God Forsaken World > was a game where the stat rewards given for leveling up were not great.

So, just because you were a high level, you couldn’t naturally become a musou.

If you maximize the compatibility and trap psychological effects, you can turn 9 stars into 6 stars.

This game was a game of many possibilities.

But the biggest problem was different.

It’s me.

‘That means I’m not even a 6-star.’

This Giloshan is a ridiculous state of zero stardom!

It was understandable that these two people looked down on me.

“Tell me. What are you going to do and how are you going to do it? “Is there really any way?”

Still, the little witch seemed to have some hope.

Thank you, Jjashik.

I gave a little more detail.

“I will challenge the Marquis to a ‘nobility duel’ and blow away the nobleman’s sword. “It’s simple, right?”

“yes? “It’s impossible!”

“So we have to make it possible.”

< Noble Duel >

[Conditional Match] It is a time-honored 1:1 match based on the laws and aristocratic traditions of the Baltic Empire.

All rules, including victory and defeat, are established by agreement between the parties and the agreement of observers.

This was one of several PvP styles in < New Verse >.

‘The parties can set all the rules.’

This point was the highlight of the noble duel and the most important point in my plan.

I was aiming for this from the beginning.

“Carls, first of all, you are an observer. got it?”

Then his face became very serious.

“What kind of rules are you trying to impose? “If it’s a strange condition, the leader won’t accept it, and I have no choice but to do the same.”

Of course I know.

The role of an observer in a duel is not to judge, but to guarantee the content and outcome of the duel at the risk of one’s own honor.

I also had no intention of being unreasonable.

Rather, I was planning to sell a trap.

“Now listen carefully. “There are three rules I will present to the Marquis.”

First, only pure swordsmanship.

If you miss the second sword, you lose immediately.

Take off all third armor.

“…I will present it like this.”

Then Carls’ expression became even more serious.

“What are those rules?”

“Do you understand my intentions?”

But he shook his head.

“no. I have no idea. “I was going to tell you that those rules don’t help you at all!”

Actually, it was.

Carls’ point was very accurate.

He started attacking my conditions by folding his fingers.

“The first ‘pure swordsmanship condition’ may seem to be advantageous to those without magical power, but in fact, that is not the case! “Captain Roit is already the best in swordsmanship!”

Whether I use mana or not, I am a superhuman who can overpower someone like twisting a child’s arm.

That was the Marquis of Reuth.

“Second, you said, ‘If you miss the sword, you lose immediately,’ right?”


The loyal subject frowned.

“This is absolutely unfavorable to you! Isn’t it common sense that the weaker side has a greater chance of missing the sword? “What is your intention?”

Seriously, who would think that a sword master would miss his sword?

If you missed it, the pig prince would have missed it.

“And ‘take off all your armor’? As an escort driver, this is unacceptable to me! It’s a condition that could threaten your life! “Absolutely not!”

In a situation where you can’t protect yourself with mana, you even take off your armor.

This was an extremely dangerous condition for an untrained person like me.

That’s why Carls was struggling more seriously than ever.

He is worried that not only will I be defeated by the Marquis, but I may also be killed.

But I grinned.

“There is a part of me that believes in everyone.”

Shall we first talk about ‘taking off the armor’?

“The Marquis will not kill me. “I could never do that.”

As I continued to rant, a question mark appeared in Carls’ eyes.

“Why are you so sure?”


On the surface, it’s simple.

“I am the prince. “He is a marquis.”

The Marquis, a subject, cannot kill me, the imperial grandson.

Carls sighed.

“I do not hold you responsible for what happened during the low noble duel. “Your Majesty the Emperor will do the same.”

Under imperial law, murder during a duel is exempt.

If it was a fair duel, it wouldn’t be a crime if someone else killed me.

So, the Marquis of Reut’s killing me was literally a ‘lawful act’.

But I shook my head.

“Carls, this is not a question of legality and illegality. “It’s a matter of attention and reputation.”

Then Carls blinked.

“What do you mean by that?”

Shall I explain it this way?

“Change your perspective and think about it. So, are you the Marquis of Reuth? “You mean you’re a sword master who has trained swordsmanship for 50 years?”


You’re the type of person who empathizes quickly.

“But one day, a fight suddenly broke out. A b*stard who doesn’t know anything about the subject… No, a very newbie challenged you to a duel. “So how does it feel?”

“Hmm, that would be funny. “It’s laughable.”

Yeah, right?

“So, are you going to kill that fledgling by tearing him into a thousand pieces? Do you think I’m going to tell you not to throw away a limb and make fun of me?”

“Oh, that’s…”

Carls thought for a moment and frowned.

“I don’t think I would do that for my honor. “The knight commander is not a murderer.”

That’s it.

The damn 3rd prince and the sword master marquis.

There is a gap between us as overwhelming as the difference between heaven and earth.

But will the Marquis go all out for me?

Are they going to use a lethal herb that pierces the heart?

‘You can win even if you just hit my sword and throw it away?’

That’s not it.

In this situation, taking off the armor could have had the opposite effect.

I become more comfortable, and the Marquis on the other hand becomes more cautious.

‘I’ll be worried that I might get seriously hurt and my reputation will be tarnished.’

The effect will definitely occur.

“So no matter how much the Marquis wants to kill me! Armor is unnecessary. okay?”

“…Hmm, after hearing it, it makes sense.”

Carls nodded and I smiled.

Actually, I didn’t say anything, but there is a bigger reason.

‘Because the eye that sees is you, Carls.’

My son is clearly watching.

But isn’t it impossible to cut down your son’s master?

Unless you want to have an irreversible relationship with Carls, you absolutely can’t do that.

“So there is no way I will be killed by the Marquis. “Of course, you want to tear me to death.”

“Oh, by the way, my lord.”

Carls suddenly looked at me.

The guy asked a pretty sharp question.

“Why does the leader want to tear me to death? “What do you mean by that?”


This was something that couldn’t be said yet.

You can’t tell Carls, ‘Your biological father wants to kill me for your future!’

It’s something I can’t tell you about right now, so let’s just skip it.

“Hmm, well, there’s something like that! “Is this an old grudge between the Marquis and me?”


I can’t help it even if you make such a brilliant and curious expression, man.

* * *

“The next trustworthy corner.”

I was passing through the forest with Kals and Tyrvaen.

It was because I had something important to do.

I was out of breath trying to explain it, but it was necessary for both of us.

“That means I know the ‘Marquis’ weakness.’”

Then Carls smiled.

“Ah, Captain, I know your weakness! “Comparatively, the match between magic and swordsmanship is a bit disappointing!”

Next to him, Tyrvaen also nodded.

“That’s something I’ve heard before. From what I heard, he said that the efficiency of horsepower output is low?”

Well, that’s not wrong.

“…That is a weakness compared to other sword masters.”

Compared to me now, who has no magic power, that wasn’t a weakness, but an incredibly great point.

The Marquis’s weakness, as far as I know, was a bit more mean and mean.

“The Marquis’ right shoulder is not in good condition right now. “He’s in a pretty serious state of paralysis, isn’t he?”



Kals and Tyrvaen opened their eyes wide at the same time.

This was a fact that was not yet known to the imperial palace.

In the original work, the Marquis of Reuth appears with his right shoulder paralyzed for some reason.

This was the reason why even if the player gained his favor and got close to him, he did not show his sword skills properly right away.

“Really? “Is this the first time I’ve heard this?”

“Yes, really.”

“Where did you hear that?”

“…Oh, that is.”

Let’s just say this in moderation.

“I overheard a conversation between His Majesty the Emperor and the Commander of the Imperial Knights the other day.”

“Hmm, really?”

Fortunately, Tyrvaen seemed to roughly agree.

“If what you say is true!”

Carls, who was thinking hard, slapped his knee.

“Captain, you won’t be able to use the main skill ‘Vanguard Swordsmanship’? “It’s a two-handed swordsmanship that requires the use of both hands!”

“that’s right. That’s right.”

It’s been a while since I hit the right spot.

< Vanguard Swordsmanship >

[Comprehensive Skills] [S Class] This is the secret swordsmanship of the Royt family, one of the famous swordsmen of the Baltic Empire. Based on the principles of Jeong Jeong-dong, we pursue the practice of wielding a two-handed sword.

Special: 20% increase effect when equipped with the famous sword of the Royt family.

‘Vanguard is a tier 1 sword technique of the defeated sword type.’

It was this Vanguard swordsmanship that elevated Elon Royt to the rank of 9-star.

This was also a skill that boasted perfect compatibility with his ‘Roar Sword’.

But I didn’t have to be afraid of this sword technique.

‘Currently the Marquis cannot use Vanguard swordsmanship.’

At this point, the Marquis of Royt’s right shoulder was paralyzed to the point that he could not move it properly for some reason.

So, Vanguard swordsmanship is also sealed.

It is natural that two-handed swordsmanship requires the use of both shoulders.

“Oh, he can’t use his skills! “Then maybe there is some way?”

A blush appeared on Tyrvaen’s face.

However, on the contrary, Carls quickly regained his composure.

“Still, a Sword Master is a Sword Master.”

As a knight who wields a sword, I think calmly.

Even though he can’t use his right shoulder, the Marquis has a left shoulder.

“You can use one-handed swordsmanship at a 7-star level. “Even if you only have one hand, you can’t compare to me!”

“…This b*stard?”

You know it all without saying it so strongly, right?

Which side is this b*stard a loyalist to?

Aren’t you just a loyalist?

But anyway, it wasn’t wrong.

“okay. That’s right, honestly, that’s true.”

I admit what I have to admit.

Anyway, the Marquis was much stronger than me.

Even if it wasn’t Vanguard swordsmanship, there were plenty of other one-handed swordsmanships.

Riarpeto swordsmanship, Fishtic swordsmanship, Penam swordsmanship….

He was a sword master who possessed swordsmanship powerful enough to defeat all six-star swords.

But despite this, I was still able to speak of hope.

“I also know what sword technique the Marquis will choose.”


What kind of swordsmanship will the Marquis, whose Vanguard swordsmanship has been sealed, use instead?

Where do you start and how do you position yourself to attack me?

It was all in my head.

“You really know that?”

Carls’ expression finally changed.

If you know what swordsmanship can replace Vanguard swordsmanship, the story is completely different.

There is a strong compatibility between the sword techniques of this world.

Although some sword techniques may seem insignificant, they are dozens of times more powerful against natural enemies.

Just once is enough for me.

‘If you lose your sword, you lose immediately.’

So, I was planning to make sure to set that condition.

Because it really only needs to be done once.

If I hit the Marquis’ sword on the floor, the duel will end with my victory.

“Then I might have a little hope. As long as you don’t get hurt! I’ll allow it!”

…If I want to fight, do I have to get permission from the escort driver?

Well anyway.

‘I can’t talk to Kals and Tyrvaen, though.’

There was one more plan going through my head.

That was the ‘final puzzle’ that completed my plan.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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