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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 91

Episode 91:

Poravert Ruin

The black night has come.

Deep inside the ruined city of Foravert.

A group of people who had built a bonfire among the remains of an abandoned building were basking in the fire and exchanging glances.

Among them, a middle-aged man with the deepest eyes was sighing quietly.

The name of the man with flowing gray hair is ‘Lafer Kit.’

He was one of the high-ranking butlers of the Duke Wyler family and the first leader of the ‘Helmrangdae’, a military group led by Archduke Wyler.

“Deacon, it’s time. It’s time to communicate with your home country.”

One of his subordinates held out a scroll with communication magic written on it.


Lafer cleared his throat once and tore open the magic scroll.

Then the communication magic activated and voices began to be heard from the air.

-…Is it La Ferdli?

Because the voice was coming from very far away, it was difficult to hear due to considerable noise and delay.

However, Deacon Lafer politely bowed to the owner of the voice.

“This is Lafer. I can hear you very well, Sir. “Please order.”

-good. Try looking at the current situation.

The owner of that voice was none other than ‘Therian Rottweiler’, who had been crowned as the new Grand Duke of Wyler.

Lafer began to tell in detail what he had to report to his master and ruler of the Duchy of Weiler.

“Lady Eve entered Poravert this morning together with His Majesty the Third Prince Gilroshan. Afterwards, I unpacked my bags at ‘Green Meadow’, one of the inns located on the outskirts, and spent my time normally, eating nearby. “There are no other unusual issues.”

After finishing the report, Deacon Lafer kept his mouth shut like a machine.

However, on the other side of the communication magic, a strange sound of laughter suddenly erupted.

-La Perner, are you trying to make me laugh? what? Are you saying that you are the 3rd Prince of Gilo Shan?

At those words, Lafer quickly lowered his head.

“I’m sorry, Your Excellency. Please forgive me.”

Even though no one was watching, he bent his back 90 degrees toward the sky.

-Do you know what you did wrong?

“of course. “I must be punished because I treated Gilroshan with honor.”

-Three cheeks.

As soon as Therian Wyler’s order comes…

mate! match! match!

Raper slapped himself roughly on the cheek and lowered his head again.

It hit me so hard that my cheek swelled up in an instant.

-good night. Then report on him next.

“Yes, master.”

Deacon Lafer immediately began reciting the following:

“Gilroshan entered Poravert with the imperial knight Carls Silion and the Spire Witch Tyrvaen Sui and, like Lady Eve, unpacked at the inn ‘Green Pastures’.”


“After that, until around noon, he behaved normally, moving around and eating with Lady Eve, but in the evening, he showed some strange behavior, such as visiting hidden shops in the ruined city.”

And this next point was important.

The next item on the agenda was one that would definitely make Therian Wyler very angry.

“Immediately after that, Giloshan, accompanied by Tirvaen Sui, went outside the ruined city of Foravert and has not yet returned. “It is understood that they are still staying in the forest on the outskirts.”

-You’re in the forest? What is he doing there?

“…I’m sorry, but I lost track of him in the forest. “I have no shame, Your Excellency.”


That was the problem.

Prince Gilroshan suddenly went outside the ruined city.

They didn’t know what he was doing in the forest as he hadn’t returned yet.

‘I completely lost track of my whereabouts.’

That was a huge mistake by Hyeolrangdae and Lafer.

This was a serious mistake that could not be compared to Lafer’s previous use of an unnecessary honorific title to the Third Prince.



Deacon Lafer swallowed dry saliva and waited for his master’s reaction.

‘There will definitely be an outcry.’

Maybe corporal punishment using daggers will drop.

As a butler who knew his master’s temper well, Lafer thought it was possible.

But unexpectedly…

-Well, since it’s a forest, tracking might be a bit difficult.


Surprisingly, Archduke Weiler leniently overlooked the mistake.

But his story was not completely over.

-However, when Eve returns, the first team of Blood Rage will be in charge of escorting her to Certion. Do you understand?

…A mission to escort Eve, who returned to the principality, back to Certion.

Lafer knew very well what that meant.

‘It appears that they have begun a plan to take Lady Eve as the second prince’s wife.’

There has already been talk of marriage from the imperial family of the empire several times.

The story was about giving Eve as the wife of the second prince.

An unwanted marriage of convenience with a powerful country.

It was a marriage with the second prince, who was not even the crown prince.

It was an offer that Eve’s family would have to make any excuse to refuse.

‘But the Wyler family quickly accepted the proposal.’

Although the principality dreams of independence from the empire, it decides to send Eve into enemy territory.

It was a decision that came from the cruel idea of seeing his sister as a tool rather than a family member and using her as a weapon against the outside world.

‘Anyway, neither Master Therian nor Master Charis… have any affection for Lady Eve.’

In fact, it was the opposite.

The two of them were just trying to figure out how to get rid of their clever little sister.

Then, a proposal for a national wedding came.

The plan was to use this to catch the imperial family off guard, then catch them off guard and achieve independence.

‘So the young lady ran away to the revolutionary army camp.’

Eve survived despite being threatened with assassination throughout.

A few days ago, he almost lost his life to the 2nd group of Hyeolrangdae, who had been dispatched after noticing signs of a runaway.

…Nevertheless, I survived in the end.

It was truly ironic that he was suddenly grabbed by the 3rd prince and dragged to the principality.

It wouldn’t have been unfair if he had been captured by the Grand Duchy.

‘Lady Eve…’

Deacon Lafer felt deep sympathy for her.

The dignified and intelligent appearance of the young lady I had seen since I was a chestnut-like child was still vivid in my mind.


“…I understand, Your Excellency. “Our first team will be in charge of the task of bringing Lady Eve to Certion.”

It was something that could not be helped.

The owner holding the leashes of Lafer and the Blood Guard was Therian, not Eve.

Within the principality, Archduke Wyler is like a god.

So I had no choice but to follow even cruel orders.

“Then I will report again tomorrow morning, Your Excellency.”

-okay. There is no need to worry too much about that b*stard who lives on the road.

“Yes, I understand. “I will carry out my mission with the highest priority being to monitor Lady Eve’s movements.”

-I expect a different result from Article 2. Don’t disappoint me Lafer.

The butler bowed deeply again.

“Of course, Your Excellency. We did our best…”

It was then that a sudden unexpected situation occurred.

“Deacon Lafer!”


Lafer’s eyes narrowed at the urgent voice of his subordinate.

It was a rule of the clan to never make another sound while communicating with the archduke.

“This is an emergency!”

…One of the crew members who ran in shouted out loud.

‘What kind of crazy person is this?’

Fortunately, the experienced Lafer had already terminated communication with the Archduke.

Therians may be puzzled by the sudden loss of communication, but that can be resolved later.

It was a much better choice than showing in real time that the ’emergency’ had occurred.

“What are you doing? “I told you never to raise your voice while communicating with His Excellency the Archduke?”

Even more so in an emergency situation?

If it wasn’t a big deal, I was planning on burying that guy who came running screaming.

But Deacon Lafer had no choice but to jump up.

“I was caught stalking you! Now the two members of the group have been completely subdued and are being dragged away!”


All blood ranger trackers were thoroughly trained to the early 6-star level.

But two of them were discovered?


Even Lafer, who had maintained his cool throughout, could not hide his feelings of embarrassment.

‘why? This can’t be happening? ‘Was she really that good?’

I figured it was at the late 5-star level at best…?

“Damn it, where is Lady Eve taking them?”

Could it be that they are trying to escape to a third location again using the magic circle?

It was impossible to say.

If a problem arises again this time, the entire clan will be severely reprimanded.


“Let’s go and take a look and talk.”

Of course, Deacon Lafer tried to move towards the inn ‘Green Meadow’ where Eve was.


However, he had no choice but to stop at the urgent cry of his subordinate.

“No? what?”

“It wasn’t Lady Eve’s team members who were suppressed! “It’s not that way, it’s that way!”

What if it’s over there…?

Lafer’s eyes moved absently, following the direction of the subordinate’s fingers.

“…3rd Prince Gilroshan?”

“Yes that’s right!”

“Stop talking nonsense!”

“But it’s true, Deacon!”


Our clan members assigned to that b*stard prince were discovered?

‘They’re even being subdued and being dragged somewhere?’ I don’t

know how this happened…

I felt like my back was being stiffened because I was so dumbfounded.

But the response was quick.

“What are you all doing? Everyone, chase him!”

Just like that, all the members of the Hyeolrang troop ran out in a hurry.


Lafer extinguished the bonfire by roughly stepping on it.

He took out two new magic scrolls from his chest.

Scrolls containing communication magic and recording magic.


Two scrolls were torn at the same time.

First, after confirming that the communication magic was connected, the experienced butler gritted his molars and opened his mouth.

“Hello, Commander Palamir. “We have something to talk about.”

* * *

“Mister, what is your name?”


“Hmm, I guess I don’t want to answer. Then, ma’am, what about you?”


No answer came back to me.

“Oh, your mouth is quite heavy?”

“That’s right. “They are a fairly well-trained force.”

Tyrvaen and I were walking slowly with a man and a woman with our arms tied behind us.

The two people’s faces turned red and white every time the mercenaries walking around the ruined city looked at them with interest.

These people were assassins from the Hyeolrangdae, a group of private soldiers belonging to the Archduchy of Wyler, so selling their faces like this could not have been a fatal incident.

I chuckled as I watched it with Tyrvaen.

“Thanks to Master, I caught it easily.”

“Nonsense. “Didn’t you take care of everything from beginning to end?”

Well, that was true.

Through Senis’ report, I knew in advance that there were two assassins on my side.

And as soon as Tirvaen realized they were approaching, I was able to take them down with lightning speed.

Using both swordsmanship and magic, they were easily defeated.

Thanks to this, Piyong was not caught hunting raccoons.

[Your dragon has reached level 3.]

[Skill ‘Invisibility’ has been acquired.]

I can’t show this cute appearance to just anyone.

“…Honestly, I was a bit surprised.”

“Steel wings? Or invisibility?”

“No, I mean your guy.”

There was an unfamiliar wonder in the little witch’s eyes as she looked at me.

“I can’t believe you can use sword and magic so neatly at the same time. I’d like to see it in more detail.”

“You’ll probably be able to see it in full later, Master.”

Tonight’s battle had just begun.

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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