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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 92

Episode 92:

Poravert Feher

I tied up the assassins in a guest room in the green meadow and began interrogating them.

But they tended to be a bit overconfident about the weight of their snouts.

“We have nothing to reveal!”

“Wouldn’t it be better to kill him quickly?”

But there was also a part of me that believed.

“okay? So let’s see who wins?”

Because I had a new weapon.

It is ‘spirit magic’.

To be honest, this magic could not be said to be very powerful.

Spiritual magic was a special ‘classical magic’ in that it was passed down from ancient times.

Compared to current generation magic that exerts destructive power beyond imagination, it could be said to have very shabby firepower.

‘In other words, if the current generation’s magic is ‘abstract painting’ boasting brilliant colors…’

Young magic is like ‘watercolor painting’ drawn with faint strokes.

It was definitely a disadvantage that the direction and color of the magic were so blurry.


‘It’s also an advantage to be able to fill it with new colors.’

In particular, spiritual magic was a type of magic that could use the purest magical power among non-attribute magic.

Therefore, my Mana Heart was filled with infinite possibilities.

And I started filling it with ‘my colors’.

Just like this.

[Attack Technique: Sword Crying]

[Illusion Magic: Mystic Area]


A cry erupted from the blade I pulled out, and at the same time, a long surge of sword spirit erupted.

A dark blue sword similar to Carl’s took full form and began to burn like a blue flame.

But it didn’t stop.


The force of the sword grew bigger and bigger, and it was smiling with its mouth open, like an archdemon.

And he even let out a roar.


The assassins could not help but feel appalled before the unprecedented sight of the sword turning into an evil spirit.



The two assassins, whose arms and legs were tied, retreated from me, struggling frantically on the floor of the cabin.

But no matter how hard they backed away, they couldn’t avoid me.

“Oh, come here. “You people whose names I don’t know.”

I swung the evil spirit blade without hesitation with an eerie smile.

“Help me!”

“Ahh! stop!”


In an instant, the limbs are torn apart and blood pours out from the side.

The two people, their proud posture completely lost, were overcome with fear and desperately tried to run away from me.

But even if you untie yourself right away and run to the end of this world, you won’t be able to escape me in the end.


‘…Because it’s all an illusion.’

[The status ailment ‘Extreme Fear’ is given to the ‘unidentified assassin’.] [The ‘Unnamed Assassin

‘ is given the status ailment ‘Extreme Fear’.]

This terrifying Sword Spirit and the things of this world Living as if it wasn’t was all a trick.

In order for my sword skills to have this effect…

‘I need to learn not just sword skills, but demon skills.’

This was all just an illusion using spiritual magic.

All I did was pull out a weak sword energy.

However, it was a perfect illusion magic that was so flawless that they could not even notice it.

< Mystic Area >

[Fantasy Magic] A special area where the pure magic of spiritual magic handed down from ancient times is active.

The secret of this space, where fantasy and reality coexist, has not yet been properly understood.

The explanation says I didn’t understand it properly, but…

‘Actually, it’s a very sweet magic.’

Wizards in ancient times assigned five systems to spiritual magic and systemized it in their own way.

‘Heaven, earth, water, fire, light.’

It’s an obvious magic attribute cliche.

However, this was also an orthodox theory of magic established using the essential elements that make up the world as guideposts.

And in the original version of < Shin.Ver.Se >, spiritual magic had the ability to specialize by selecting one of the five branches.

As you build up your technical proficiency, you gradually open the skill tree and learn various detailed magics.

But I knew it wasn’t the best.

‘Rather, you should focus on basic magic without touching on specialized magic.’

Tirvaen also had discussions with me and acknowledged that the direction was right.

-Yes, non-attribute magic essentially requires wielding magic power that has no color, so it would be better to focus on the most fundamental power rather than forcibly adding other attributes.

I decided to focus on the most basic of the branches of spiritual magic.

One of them was ‘Mystic Area’.

‘A powerful fantasy magic that uses the purest magical power to control the wizard’s immediate space and disturb the laws of the world.’

And because it was fantasy magic, not combat magic, it was also a magic that players neglected.

But I delved deep into this magic in the Chamber of Tricks.

He left all other magic untouched and focused only on gaining the power to control illusion and reality.

And the results were amazing.

‘How does this seem to be more powerful than the original game?’

Of course, it wasn’t really easy to control the power that combined fantasy and reality.

It was such a pure yet chaotic force that it was truly difficult to control it, as if it were a child.

Moreover, my first goal was not to learn magic, but to learn frontier swordsmanship…

-Master? I feel like my brain is getting used to calculating magic formulas. Is this normal?

-No, you idiot!

Fortunately, Tirbaen’s advice was very helpful at this time.

-Just refer to past records and think that you are exploring power one by one.

-More than anything else, constantly think and feel about the nature of power.

-Deciding what to do may seem simple, but it is only possible if you first recognize the gap.

So realization came slowly.

[Young magic proficiency has increased.]

[The range of the Mystic Area has expanded.]

[From now on, control over illusions will be further refined.]

[Magic power consumption efficiency is improved. You will be able to use magic for a longer period of time.]

Granularity of control.

‘And improved horsepower efficiency.’

These were messages that were not seen in the original game.

But I knew exactly what it meant.

After the sword training was over, this was the part that Tyrvaen and I discussed together.

Thanks to this, I was able to think of new possibilities as I left the room of tricks.

‘So does this mean that it is possible to use magic that was not implemented in the original game?’

Honestly, I don’t know yet.

But if that happens….

‘It means that there is a possibility of being active outside the framework of the game system.’

I didn’t know why, but it was something I welcomed because there was more I could do.

Of course, for now it’s just a possibility.

“…Okay then!”

I smiled as I slowly withdrew my sword and magic.

It was my turn to intimidate them by playing the villain as much as possible.

“Hey guys, come to your senses. What? Why are assassins so clueless? “It’s just the beginning, so I shouldn’t pass out already, right?”

Then the two people got into a fight and looked at me with a look of horror.

“What happened? “Was everyone welcome?”

“He is a top-class illusionist!”

…That’s not it.

Well anyway.

The assassins who had their limbs cut off and showed off their organs in the Mystic Area were still in a state of ecstasy.

It was just as I intended.

I smiled brightly at them.

“Now, would you like to tell me your names first?”

This is not a question, it is a threat.

“If you hide it, it won’t be good for either of you. “You will be in more pain than before and I will be bothered.”

“What on earth do you want?”

“I told you, right? You want me to tell you each person’s name first? “Let’s not go too far ahead and go slowly.”


“Oh right. We already know that you are members of the Blood Guard sent by Archduke Wyler, so this information is of little value. Please take note.”


[Negotiations with hostile NPCs begin.]

[The currently applied status abnormality ‘Extreme Fear’ affects negotiations.]

Before the Archduke’s hounds pour in here, there were a few things I wanted to know in advance.

That’s why I confided in them like this.

Eventually they relented in their resistance and answered me.

“I am ‘Rodon Vince.’”

“…’Magritte’. “There is no castle.”

“good. “Rodon Magritte.”

I put my palms together and started asking questions to the assassins.

“Tell me in detail what happened to the duchy after Eve Wyler left your archduchy.”


They must have thought I was trying to find out some critical information.

That wasn’t my focus.

I had to find out what changes had occurred since Eve crossed over to the revolutionary camp.

“say it. From Therian Wyler’s ascension to the throne to the family’s puppy giving birth to six puppies. All.”

What I wanted to check was the ‘difference’.

The differences created between this continent and the original scenario as Eve and I survive.

‘This was more important than I thought.’

The reason I felt the need for this work was because of what Eve told me earlier.

* * *

After lunch, just for a moment, when we were alone.


She called me quietly and told me a somewhat embarrassing story.

“I said I had something to tell you, right?”

The story I tried to bring up just before leaving for Poravert.

“So what is that?”

Eve, who was silent for a moment, sighed and answered.

“…I’m sorry, but I can’t kill the people of the Duchy of Wyler.”

What is this again?

“hey! Did I tell you to beat up Gandhi Mehta? “Didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what Gandhi is, but this is not my intention. “Because the penalty for killing is being applied.”

…kill penalty?

What does this mean again?

“This is a cursed state called ‘karma of death.’ It’s literally a punishment for murder. Fortunately, it only applies to people belonging to the principality.”

I couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

‘Karma of death? Was there such a ridiculous status ailment in this game?

It was an effect I had never heard of.

“What nonsense? Where can I find something like that?

I used my knowledge to refute it, but Eve shook her head with a sad smile.

“I’m sorry, but this world is not exactly the same as the game in your world. “It’s the same in my case.”

The story appeared again.

A story about our situation where games and reality are mixed.

She brought out parts of her past with great difficulty.

“Have you ever asked me where my attendant went before?”

…Marie Herboa.

Eve Rottweiler in the original had a maid who was as loyal as Carls.

The other day, I asked vaguely about Marie, but Eve didn’t give me a specific answer at that time.

But only now has her existence emerged from the surface.

That was also very shocking.

“Marie Herboa died during my escape.”

“…what? “That can’t be possible?”

“That’s right, because he died right before my eyes. “That child’s entire body was torn to pieces by mercenary wizards hired by Therian.”


Marie Herboa was a character who was truly an icon of survival, surviving until the end no matter what choice the player character made.

‘Unbelievable. Among the players, she was a woman who was also called Phoenix Marinix…’

The death of such an NPC inevitably came as quite a shock to me.

“After that incident, I became extremely afraid of the death of anyone around me. And even if the principality’s assassin came after me, there was nothing I could do but run away.”

In this world where you have to survive by constantly killing enemies, you are even given a curse that makes no sense.

A completely different development from the original changed Eve like this.

Therefore, I thought I should check the differences between the original and the present.

It was a variable that could possibly lead to a result that is completely different from the original in future developments.

* * *

“…Our principality is in such a situation right now.”

“…Now that I say it, it’s not really that great information.”

I burst out laughing at the words of assassin Rodan and Magritte.

Although I said it wasn’t a big deal, it was a somewhat useful conversation for me.

‘Okay, maybe we can try a more interesting development than expected?’

The moment when I gathered information in my head.

“Disciple, they are coming.”

[Alarm magic: Enemy attack warning]

[Hostiles are entering the area monitored by ‘Tirvaen Sui’! Be careful!] It

was then that the fight began.

Carls and I immediately got up and started moving.

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