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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough Chapter 94

Episode 94:

Poravert Ruin

The surviving members of the Blood Guard pointed their swords at us.

Those guys who were injured when the building collapsed looked like such a mess that I wondered if they could fight.



I wiped the blood flowing from my forehead and straightened my posture.

It had a dignified yet fierce look, befitting the loyal hunting dogs of the Duchy of Wyler.

‘Yes, these guys are more persistent than the imperial knights.’

The knights of the empire value honor more than life.

However, the assassins of this principality were in a situation where their families, who were more precious than honor, were being held hostage by the principality.

Therefore, if the Archduke ordered them to do so, they had no choice but to become crazy dogs who would jump into the fire pit even if they were carrying firewood.

Perhaps they were self-inflicted servants who could not even hope for something like surrender.


‘That hostage is also the limit of these guys.’

I knew how to attack that point.

“Now it’s time to review what we’ve learned over the past month.”

“Let’s go, my lord.”

On our side, it was me and Carls who stepped forward.

Tyrvaen took over, but following my instructions, he decided to save his attack magic.

…Eve Wyler?

He was left behind with Senis in the shadows.

“Hey, I can fight too!”

He didn’t seem to like it because he was unintentionally placed in a protected position.

But I shook my head resolutely.

“I’m sorry, but you stay still. “I’ll take care of them.”

“why? Can I just protect myself? “Will you try being my prince today?”

“What kind of kimchi soup did you drink from a drum? “Just don’t touch my experience, man.”


It was a shame that I would not be able to share the experience, and if he intervened now, it would go against my plan.

‘That guy has to come out last.’

As the plan changed so quickly, we couldn’t talk about it properly, but Eve had a different role.


Carls and I slowly stepped forward, raising our swords.

“I will take charge of two people, including your Majesty Lafer Kit.”

“Okay then I guess I can take care of the other two.”

“Yes, first of all, please repeat what I said one by one. Do you remember? “That’s it.”

Carls was more nervous than me and was talking back and forth.

‘Pushing ahead and breaking the center.’

It was said that this was the most important aspect of Frontier, the art of defeating swords.

To be honest, I…

‘What the hell do you mean?’

I didn’t understand at all.

Even though I was well trained in frontier swordsmanship, I was just beginning to gain proficiency.

There was bound to be a significant difference from the genius knight who only practiced frontier swordsmanship and reached the level of 7 stars at the age of 20.

Compared to NPCs, my current level was at the end of 4 stars.

Carls’ judgment was that no matter how carefully you looked at it, it was only in the early 5 stars.

‘If I had understood the structure, I would have already been 6 stars.’

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as much of a swordsman genius as that guy.

Therefore, even though it was not normal, it was too dangerous to deal with two 6-star blood rangers at the same time.

‘…But that’s only when using only frontier sword techniques.’

I had plenty of other weapons besides swordsmanship.

Magic Destiny Card, various blessings and protection effects….

But the most special thing among them was the experience I had.

‘Experience as a player who has lived in this world dozens of times.’

That was the most powerful weapon I had.

“I’m coming, my Majesty.”

“Okay, let’s not get hurt.”

The moment the battle began.

The first thing that opened fire was the blessing that Piyong gave me.

[‘Supreme Protection’ is working!]

[‘Black Blood Rangers’ are given ‘Inability to Preempt Status Abnormalities’!] [‘

Red Blood Rangers’ are given ‘Inability to Preempt Status Abnormalities’!]

It’s the dragon’s protective power.

It was only for a moment, but the movements of the two people who were running towards me stopped and froze.

The quick sword technique ‘Red Storm’, which was the symbol of the Blood Range, froze…

I grinned.

‘Okay, what if it starts like this?’

Let’s solve it like this!

What was activated at the same time was ‘Gale Request’, the movement skill of a C-class mercenary gladiator.


As a result, the distance narrowed in an instant, and the black assassins got so close that they almost touched the tip of my sword.


The guys who seemed to have given up on attacking first naturally pulled their swords and tried to take a defensive stance.

That was very natural and a reaction I had already expected.

‘So like this!’

I rushed at them as if I was going to stab them with the tip of my sword, and at the last moment, I kicked the air with all my might and soared upward.


As my image disappeared from before my eyes, my eyes fluttered in confusion.


Then, belatedly, I found myself floating above my head and my pupils were as big as a flower lantern.

It was an evasive maneuver using the ‘Ghost Leap’ skill provided by the costume set I was wearing.

As if I was flying into the air, I moved my blade in the air.

In the room of deception, a move of the frontier swordsmanship taught by Carls was performed.

[Attack Technique: Double Cut]


The moment I landed on the ground, red blood spurted out as if a gun had been set off.



Since they were tightly defending the vital area, it was impossible to decapitate them all at once.

In any case, Frontier swordsmanship was not a quick swordsmanship, so the sword could not be moved with that movement.

But cutting two shoulders side by side like that.

…That was something that could be done.

Fresh blood poured out like a waterfall from the torn shoulder, and the guys hurriedly suppressed it and retreated.

‘As expected, the sword fighting skills are strong.’

The slash I unleashed was so deep and fatal that they almost dropped the hilt of the sword they were holding.



The two assassins, who had lost their left and right shoulders respectively, looked embarrassed.

I got up with a small smile on my mind.

I suddenly felt like I had definitely become stronger.

‘…Yes, it moved like this in the evil dragon’s nest.’

I used a similar attack as now when I was fighting an ogre and awakening Calth.

However, at the time, the quick sword technique, Manewoo Sword Technique, could only cut once.

However, now it is possible to cut him twice with a relatively heavy sword technique.

It even moved faster than the Red Storm sword they used.

‘I feel strange.’

The skill of a sharp sword is superior to that of a sharp sword.


Now that I think about it, something came to mind.

The nine points that Carls emphasized several times during training and that I mentioned earlier!

‘I told you to press it earlier and break the center, right?’

Of course, I still have no idea what that means, but somehow the words just popped into my head.

no way.

‘Could it have something to do with this type of preemptive attack?’

I felt like I had taken a step into knowledge I had never understood.

‘Well anyway…’

I readjusted my sword again and prepared for the next step.

‘Now separate them one by one.’

It was time to cook them one by one.

So to speak, each faction was divided.

Two people who are friendly and close to each other to hide each other’s weaknesses.

But the way to tear them apart was very simple.

[Defensive magic: Forced execution]


As the magic is executed, I can feel the magic draining quickly.

But it was well worth it.

What I have unleashed now is the third skill of the ‘High Magic Judge’ card, and it is a magic that is like a highlight.

Accordingly, an invisible wall was built around it, trapping one of the assassins.

“…What’s this?”

The space is separated, as if trapped in a transparent box.

“Well now it’s fair.”

The fight that was 2-on-1 turned into 1-on-1.

“Oh no!”

For those who thought I was going to swing a sword or something, it would have been a completely unexpected development.

“Damn magic! It’s magic! “He used magic!”

The person involved, blocked by the physical force that came out of nowhere, was struggling as if in a pantomime.

“Hey what are you doing?”

The other guy, who hadn’t figured out the situation yet, was looking at me and his colleague with a dumb expression.

‘So, isn’t this what Magic Judges do?’

I started attacking that expression mercilessly.

The battle line that the two men had formed collapsed in vain.

It was difficult for a sharp sword technique with a deep wound to be a match for a healthy sword technique.

‘Even if there is a difference of more than one grade.’

As a result, the results of my first Frontier Swordsmanship practice were truly desirable.

[‘The Black Assassin of the Blood Range’ has been subdued!]

[‘The ‘Red Assassin of the Blood Range’ has been subdued!]

[Your level has risen!]

* * *


Raper, who was holding the sword, was breathing heavily. I was breathing hard.

My legs were crushed by the inn collapsing, and I couldn’t feel anything from the knees down.

In this situation, it was almost impossible to deal with the imperial knight Carls Silion.

The young knight’s swordsmanship, holding his sword with an expressionless face, was so violent that it felt like a storm.

‘Shit! ‘This seems to be twice as strong as I knew!’

What Lafer had a brief hope of was that he had a numerical superiority.

For some reason, Lady Eve did not fight, and only Prince Guilroshan and his guard knights recklessly drew their swords.

So, it was thought that there was a chance if they could quickly subdue the prince.

But that was just a hope.


To his dismay, both members of the Blood Guard who had confronted the prince fell to their knees.

To make matters worse, the guy who was fighting with him also had his wrist blown off along with his blade breaking.

However, Carls Silion did not show any signs of agitation.


He was just swinging his sword with eyes as calm as a lake, gradually destroying himself.

Then, Lafer finally realized something.

‘You’re playing with me…’

I was already completely defeated in the battle of swordsmanship and lost all strength to fight.

‘You’re waiting for me to fall.’

I don’t know why.

But what is clear is that the mission failed.

And that too perfectly.

In this case, there was only one option left for Lafer.

‘…at least one of them must be dragged to hell.’

Otherwise, Archduke Wyler won’t forgive him.

And that target, of course, was one person.

“I’m sorry Miss Eve.”

Lafer pulled himself away from Carls with the last of his strength and rushed towards Eve.


All he had to do was grab her by the neck like this and stab her once with the poisonous dagger in his arms.

In that way, Lafer’s family in that principality will live safely.

But the very next moment.


Lafer Kit crashed into an invisible wall and fell apart.

“Oh, no!”

Even though his forehead was torn and bleeding, he hurriedly got up.

That moment when I had to get on my trembling knees to somehow run again.


When Lafer raised his head, an unbelievable scenery unfolded before his eyes.

It was an illusion that I couldn’t even believe.

“…Why is His Excellency the Grand Duke here?”

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The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

The World-Class Extra’s Walkthrough

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