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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 562

Episode 562

Ha Seong-yoon felt a sense of déjà vu.

‘I think this is roughly what I felt when I first saw this person.’

Since Ha Seong-yoon is a doctor, he had no choice but to react objectively to Lee Jae-heon’s serious changes. It can be said to be the specialty of a doctor who knows that changes in patients mean evolution of the disease.

However, the problem was that Ha Seong-yoon was not an expert in this field.

“I can’t help but regret that I am not a psychiatrist.”

Jaeheon Lee intervened like a ghost.

“But if Ha Seong-yoon was a psychiatrist, wouldn’t it have been difficult to respond when so many survivors were injured?”

“Are you really saying that we should insist on efficiency even in this situation? “Do you think I’m wagging my tongue and wanting a rebuttal?”

“sorry. “I will correct it.”


Seeing Lee Jae-heon bending obediently, Ha Seong-yoon sighed with a tired expression.

“Why am I not happy even though I have become an obedient patient to the

best of my ability?” While taking care of an indomitable and crazy patient named Lee Jae-heon, I have thought to myself over and over again, ‘Oh, please, I wish you would listen to me better.’

He certainly thought so, but Ha Seong-yoon’s feelings were complicated even though Lee Jae-heon had become a very obedient patient.

‘Well, there’s no way I can be happy with a patient who’s this crazy.’

Ha Seong-yoon clicked his tongue inwardly.

“…If this were real, we would have judged that there was a problem with the brain or hormones and taken appropriate medication, but it is unfortunate that it does not seem to be the only problem.”

In the first place, Lee Jae-heon was hit so hard from all directions that his way of thinking was completely distorted. Lee Jae-heon was so twisted that he thought he was sane, so it would be impossible for even the most realistic drugs to change Lee Jae-heon’s distorted common sense.

‘Our modern medicine hasn’t developed that far yet.’

Modern medicine was too underdeveloped to deal with a remarkable patient named Lee Jae-heon.

Ha Seong-yoon completed an examination of Lee Jae-heon’s condition, hoping that progress in the drug field would be made urgently.

“There’s really no way to do anything about this.”


“You seem to be wondering how to react, but just act like you normally do. “No, even if I say it as usual, they won’t understand, so just react the way you feel.”

“Oh, is that okay?”

“I’m telling you that it’s not a situation where you can just try to manage your image now.”

“Yes, thank you.”

At the same time, he smiled with a blank expression on his face, but Ha Seong-yoon had no choice but to sigh deeply again at Lee Jae-heon’s reaction. For some reason, that face reminded me of a ghost police officer.

‘I thought you said they overlapped.’

To be precise, did you say it was closer to coalescence or fusion?

Thanks to this, Lee Jae-heon’s memories were also mixed up here and there, remembering some things and completely forgetting others. It was a very uncomfortable situation for Ha Seong-yoon. These are all situations that cannot be defined by modern medicine.

In the first place, how many times will the topic of possession appear in modern medicine?


“…I hope you don’t look at me like that just because I took a breather, sir.”


“Please take care of that damn apple too.”


“Ah, you have nothing to say unless it’s an apology, so you’ll keep your mouth shut?”


“Oh my god.”

Ha Seong-yoon was finally able to express one more admiration.

“How can a person be this polite?”

Ha Seong-yoon, who was laughing with liberation, inwardly brushed aside Lee Jae-heon’s old relationships.

‘They are worse than animals.’

To be precise, it is probably the doctors who have been in charge of Lee Jae-heon so far.

‘…Why would a doctor ask for a part like an eyeball in the first place? I thought that was something a mad scientist would do in a movie, but it actually existed… Moreover, the patient, Lee Jae-heon, said that there was a time when he had to do an open abdomen because he didn’t care even though his internal organs were twisted… He even said it was his own fault. Just because I was in a bad mood…’

Ha Seong-yoon was a person who knew well how heavy the authority of a doctor was.

When I was in the hospital, the doctor’s words were absolute. In addition, there was a strong atmosphere of respect and preferential treatment in society outside the hospital to a certain extent. This is because we handle life with human hands.

Therefore, the doctor’s authority becomes very strong when there is a sick person.

‘So it was probably the same in the other world as well.’

Ha Seong-yoon, whose thoughts were so crazy, saw Jae-heon Lee acting particularly polite in front of him.


“…Should I kneel as well?”

“Do you mind if I ask how many times I have to say that there is no need for you to understand?”

“Then I will shut up.”

“That’s good.”

Either before or after he went crazy, Lee Jae-heon had a knack for turning people inside out every time he opened his mouth, so Ha Seong-yoon nodded calmly. I would be grateful if you would voluntarily seal that ugly tongue.


Ha Seong-yoon thought for a moment and asked Lee Jae-heon.

“Have you ever… seen a doctor in this situation before?”


“Ah, so I was wondering if there was a doctor among the survivors I went with in the past.”


“Don’t you remember this too?”

“…No, that’s….”

Lee Jae-heon, with a bare face, quickly answered, as if recalling the past.

“I remember that. “There was a doctor and he was also a top priority.”

“What kind of person was he?”

“I don’t quite understand what you are asking.”

“Tell me anything that comes to mind about that person. I’m just asking out of curiosity, so there’s no need to feel pressured. “Jaeheon Lee usually doesn’t tell me much about his past, so I had a lot of questions.”


Lee Jae-heon continued as if he understood.

“It was just… a doctor. “My skills were good.”

“Your skills were good. “From what you say, it seems like you were a surgeon. Do you remember exactly what field you were in?”

“…I’m not sure about that. All wounds in general were looked at by those doctors…”

“Wasn’t there just one doctor you met like that?”

“…It seems like there was quite a bit…”

Talking about the number of doctors, Jaeheon Lee suddenly thought, ‘Is this right?’ I stammered with a confused look on my face. In fact, it was because he was thinking, ‘How much can I say?’, but Ha Seong-yoon said, guessing that it was probably because his memory was confused.

“You can just give me a rough answer. What were their personalities like? “Do you remember your name?”

“…I don’t remember the name. I don’t know about my personality, but I don’t know the details because those people didn’t like me very much. “I don’t know what he was like because I always see his angry face…”

“I heard he didn’t like the teacher very much.”


Ha Seong-yoon realized that ‘Isn’t that right?’ is an abbreviation for ‘Of course it is, right?’

Ha Seong-yoon’s smile grew even deeper.

“Why is that? “Did they do something wrong?”

“…It seems that it was difficult for doctors to like the body of a patient who always came back from injuries and whose regenerative power was so good that it was difficult to repair it.”


“Patients whose blood vessels are regenerating by combining with abnormal parts or where bones are attached incorrectly will be in trouble. “Even during the surgery, the body was regenerating, so surgical treatment was difficult in many ways… I remember it being very inconvenient for me.”

The doctors in his past life, whom Jaeheon Lee is talking about now, also had a lot of things they wanted to say.

The viper was a person who rarely knew how to save his own body. No matter how the world operates, poisonous snakes are definitely a troublesome patient. It was not simply a matter of conduct.

Just being a patient who gets hurt again no matter how much I fix it makes me feel drained, but the poisonous snake doesn’t come to the hospital just because it gets hurt. It’s been a long time since its regeneration was twisted in a strange direction, and it came when it was almost rotting.

-Damn it. If this continues, it would be quicker to just die and be revived again.

―I usually do that, but I’m a bit busy these days… Please treat me roughly.

―Oh, I see…

This was a patient who really needed attention in many ways.

Moreover, because it was not a culture that particularly valued medical skills, the fatigue felt by doctors was even greater. It was a world where medical care was treated more poorly than on Earth.




Of course, it was just a strange sound to the survivors on Earth who had no idea what it was like in a past life.

“…Is there anything else I need to tell you?”

Ha Seong-yoon opened his mouth in response to Lee Jae-heon’s question.

“Rather, there is one thing I would like to ask.”

“What is that?”

“You can’t possibly be thinking of me as being on the same level as a doctor who doesn’t even look like that kind of doctor, right?”


“Say no right away, this is an insult.”

Seo Jang-hwa, who was watching the two, intervened.

“Oh, doctor, loosen your fists. Loosen your fists. “If anyone sees it, it looks like they’re trying to hit Jaeheon Lee right now.”

“Just touch the collar for a moment…”

“You can’t even touch the collar, of course you can’t. Let’s have an educated talk. Calm down. “It’s not because Lee Jae-heon did something wrong that he’s so angry, right?”

“That is correct. Thank you for your wise advice.”

Fortunately, Ha Seong-yoon’s boiling stomach quickly calmed down.

Although he lost his cool for a moment due to the over-the-top insult, it was not only Lee Jae-heon’s fault in all of this, but also Ha Seong-yoon was not in a situation where he would be angry.

Yes, now they are gathered here to break this crazy situation.

“Enough of the story about Jaeheon Lee.”


“I was so excited that I spoke for a long time.”

“you’re welcome.”

“He looks pretty happy for nothing, but I’ll move on.”

Lee Jae-heon, who was pressured by the doctor’s authority, nodded obediently, probably glad that he was free from interrogation rather than Ha Seong-yoon’s interrogation.

The survivors felt uncomfortable seeing that, but as Ha Seong-yoon said, there was no time to say anything to Lee Jae-heon right now.


That was a fact that could be seen just by looking at Park Da-young, who could not react even when Ha Seong-yoon and Yoon Ga-ram came.


Ha Seong-yoon sighed and gently rubbed his forehead, not knowing how many times this might be the situation in a situation where nothing was really wrong. Then he opened his mouth again.

“…First of all, the good news is that we are in a situation where we can communicate better than Jaeheon Lee thought.”


“And I guess the only thing that’s not fortunate is everything else.”


Lee Jae-heon started to notice Ha Seong-yoon’s feelings again, and because it seemed like it would take another year to figure it out, Ha Seong-yoon pretended not to notice Lee Jae-heon. He smiled slightly and continued.

“My understanding of the situation was vague. I think it might be difficult to conquer the aquarium and then return to reality. “Do you all agree?”

The final boss was sleeping and Ha Seong-yoon was thinking about getting out of this f*cking puddle.

Seo Jang-hwa hurriedly agreed to Ha Seong-yoon’s words.

“I’m good. If we face the final boss in our current situation, won’t we be wiped out? No matter who sees it. “I don’t think it’s really true that we’re still mumbling around here.”

“Student Janghwa’s opinion is as follows. “What about the others?”

Jeong In-ho looked towards Lee Jae-heon and quickly answered.

“…Well, this attack is definitely a failure. “I agree.”

Park Da-young did not respond because she had her head between her knees, and Yoon Gar-ram looked uncertain, but did not oppose Ha Seong-yoon’s opinion. As the survivors murmured, Do-yoon Han, who came down from the audience, smiled vaguely.

“…Can’t I stay here?”


“I know it sounds strange, but I’m just… tired.”

Lee Jae-heon spoke naturally.

“Then you can move after I die. “If Dahun and I switch places, how about we leave then?”

The survivors did not give a positive answer, but silently agreed with his words.

The opinions of the survivors, who had thought the show would be sluggish, were settled quite quickly.

“Then, let’s think of a way to leave Han Do-yoon, Lee Jae-heon, and Song In-myeong, and let the rest leave the aquarium. We can leave here, reorganize, and then come back.”

“You didn’t even ask for my opinion, but this is really shameful.”

“Then the question is how to get out of here…”

“Are you ignoring me now?”

Ha Seong-yoon, who completely ignored Song In-myeong who had suddenly intervened, looked back at Lee Jae-heon.



“…Are you going to take Dahoon out?”

Would you really die in Park Da-hoon’s place?

Lee Jae-heon smiled and answered Ha Seong-yoon’s obvious question.


It was a firm answer.

(Continued in the next part)

Theatrical Regression Life

Theatrical Regression Life

Theatrical Return, 연극성 회귀 생활
Score 8.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Theatrical regression life of an old-fashioned villain (kkondae) who recalled his past life. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a better life.” Survival in the ‘Otherworld’; a place where only the insane can set foot in.


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