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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 576

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Episode 576

“…Why did you kill Song In-myeong?”


When those words came out.

“That friend is nice. You helped me a lot…”


In-ho Jeong reflexively called Jae-heon Lee and thought, ‘What is coming has come.’

Jaeheon Lee had a strong tendency to be obsessed with his own usefulness. So, when I asked why they don’t force us to be useful, they only said, ‘They only care about you because you are chicks.’

In the end, you just throw away your own body.

“Aren’t you more useful than me?”

So, in a way, it was natural for Lee Jae-heon to say something like this.

‘It was already decided.’

While the room at the concert hall was being searched and work was being carried out, Jaeheon Lee was very damaged. The same was true not only mentally but also physically, and compared to Lee Jae-heon, Song In-myeong was definitely a ‘useful manpower’ if only that risk was excluded. That’s because he was quite smart and had great physical abilities.


Jeong In-ho had a hunch.



If there is talk of killing Song In-myeong, Lee Jae-heon probably won’t be able to bear it.

‘You’ll wonder why you’re leaving yourself alone when you’re disposing of those useful human resources.’

That would have struck Jaeheon Lee as an obvious contradiction.

“I’m sure he did something before returning, but in the current situation, Song In-myeong is a good person. “Rather, if you think about it that way, I should die first.”


“I am a burden.”

Jaeheon Lee acted as if he couldn’t understand us.

“Isn’t keeping me, a burden, as inefficient as keeping Song In-myeong alive…? “It will continue to harm your team.”

“… Manager and Song In-myeong are completely different cases.”

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“I don’t know what the difference is.”

Yeah, I knew it would be like this.

From the moment Lee Jae-heon, who was crazy, continued to favor Song In-myeong and make derogatory remarks, Jeong In-ho sensed that his future would explode. So I was able to take nonsense like that more calmly than I thought.

“Song In-myeong is a much more useful person than me.”

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t upset.

“Manager, we are not talking about usefulness or efficiency.”

“Why not? Anyway, didn’t you think that Song In-myeong was useless enough to decide that he should be killed? “If I hadn’t thought that way, there wouldn’t have been talk about killing Song In-myeong.”

“Rather, we made that decision because Song In-myeong was putting us in danger. “If he is simply useless, at least there will be no loss, but if he is going to endanger the entire team, it is right to nip him in the bud in advance.”

“But so far, Song In-myeong has been cooperative.”

“Well, the manager is still alive…”

…Holy shit.

I made a mistake.


“Then hasn’t it been proven that Song In-myeong is not a threat and is a useful being as long as I live?”

I knew you would say that.


It was always very difficult for Jeong In-ho to defeat Lee Jae-heon with words.

‘…I always lose when it comes to fighting with my body.’

Isn’t he a really difficult guy to beat even once?

No matter how crazy he was, even if his soul was mixed and his body was broken, Lee Jae-heon still seemed to be Lee Jae-heon. The unique logic that makes no sense, but seems to make sense if you keep listening to it, still clouds people’s judgment.

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“As long as Lee Jae-heon is alive and the proposition that Song In-myeong is a useful being has been proven, there is no reason to kill him. We will regress anyway, and in the same vein, even if I die, I will come back to life. As a result, Lee Jae-heon will never die, so Song In-myeong can continue to be useful.”


“I think that’s very simple logic, without needing to add or subtract more words.”


“Isn’t that so?

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Ha Seong-yoon, seeing Jeong In-ho unable to speak due to his high blood pressure, sighed deeply and opened his mouth.

“No, it’s not simple logic. In the first place, things between people cannot be organized with ‘simple logic’… The proposition that you said, ‘As long as Lee Jae-heon is alive, Song In-myeong is a useful being’ has not been proven.”

“But it seems like you have already seen the situation before returning. Looking at the situation, it seems that Song In-myeong changed his complexion only after Lee Jae-heon died. Is there a way to prove the proposition more clearly than a simulation that confirmed it in person?”

“It happened at most once. “Song In-myeong’s thinking and logic are different from ordinary people, so you never know when or how he might act on a whim.”

“Yes, as the saying goes, ‘it only happened once.’ Even if Song In-myeong suddenly changed his attitude immediately after Lee Jae-heon’s death, it only happened once. “Don’t you think this is insufficient grounds to kill someone?”

“Unfortunately, that is not the case. Song In-myeong also killed people in the first episode. In terms of timing, it was right after the manager died. Therefore, the danger and usefulness of Song In-myeong cannot be placed on the same timeline as ‘just once’. “This is already the second case that is considered dangerous.”

“How much of a difference do you say there is if you do it once or twice?”

“The first was committed without knowing about regression, and the second was committed despite knowing about regression. “This is proof that Song In-myeong is a terrible murderer, regardless of the great opportunity of returning.”

Ha Seong-yoon laughed as if he was sick of it and continued.

“Before that, Song In-myeong had already committed several crimes. That’s a serial killer. In the first place, he was a dangerous squire who should not have stayed with us, ordinary people, and the events of the previous episodes only proved his danger once again. “It’s nothing more, nothing less.”

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“If Song In-myeong has to be killed because he is such a dangerous person, then I have to kill him too.”

The war of words between Ha Seong-yoon and Lee Jae-heon was interrupted by Lee Jae-heon’s logic as before.

“I killed someone too.”

“…I know that you didn’t kill people because you wanted peripheral pleasure.”

“I’m not sure what that means. In the end, if you decide for yourself that it is necessary, you can kill someone on a whim, just like me or Song In-myeong. “The process is not important.”

“No, it’s important. Because we are people, not machines, we lose our attention and emotions to the process and context that led to a certain result. “Jae-heon Lee killing someone and In-myeong Song killing someone can never be the same.”

“Since when did process and context matter in the outcome of killing someone?”

Jaeheon Lee tilted his head.

“If you killed someone, that’s all right. Even if an incident occurs in the extraterritorial background of the underworld, the people who make up it must follow the law and adhere to morals and rules. “Only then can we be called human. We have defined ourselves since birth.”


“And based on those laws, morals, and rules, a person named Lee Jae-heon would never be a person who deserves respect. Even if you appeal to emotions rather than the law, nothing will change. On the contrary, if it is based on emotions, I am an even more worthless and harmful being who killed someone.”

Ha Seong-yoon burst into laughter as if he was appalled at the discussion of laws and rules as if he were Hong Kyung-jun.

“Do you want me to humiliate Lee Jae-heon in some way?”

“Rather, I’m trying to refute it because I don’t understand why Song In-myeong had to be killed.”

“Then I will tell you in an easy-to-understand manner.”

He pointed to room 11, where Song In-myeong was trapped, and spoke while still keeping his gaze on Lee Jae-heon.

“I want to kill that thing, but I want to save Lee Jae-heon.”


“It’s simple, right?”

Jaeheon Lee frowned.

The reaction seemed to be one of embarrassment rather than irritation or anger.

“…I thought you wouldn’t say something like that. The doctor clearly said….”

“Well, Mr. Lee Jae-heon. Listen. In the first place, I never treated Song In-myeong as a human being. That’s why you won’t feel any pity even if Song In-myeong suffocates, drowns, burns to death, or grinds to death in a grinder. “I’m sure it’s not just me.”


“Even I, a doctor, have this much hatred towards Song In-myeong. But what does logic and efficiency have to do with it now? If our story based on rationality cannot convince the teacher, I will just be forceful and appeal to emotions. Do you understand?”

Lee Jae-heon muttered after a while.

“…I do not know.”

“Why can’t you understand something so simple?”

“That is not reasonable.”

“I really hate Lee Jae-heon’s words like that.”

“That’s right…”

He blinked slowly before speaking. He seemed to be organizing his thoughts, but right after that, Lee Jae-heon’s face became as expressionless as the first time, as if he had never been crumpled.

“I cannot kill someone who is more useful than me.”

“It’s useless, Song In-myeong is just a dangerous being.”

“Song In-myeong is a friend who has plenty of room to be utilized. “The proof is that so far, you have helped me gather information about venues and obediently followed people’s instructions.”

“But in the end, without the brakes of Lee Jae-heon, it would just become a huge bomb.”

Ha Seong-yoon clicked his tongue. He wasn’t even smiling awkwardly anymore.


Jeong In-ho realized that he was pushed to a considerable mental limit.

‘…If I were in a sane mind, I wouldn’t have left like I did now.’

But I didn’t necessarily point that out. This was because not only would nothing get better by pointing it out, but given Ha Seong-yoon’s personality, it was clear that he would fall into a sense of self-destruction and lower his survival efficiency.

When you return to reality, you will be very embarrassed, but that has nothing to do with Jung In-ho…

“Now, listen.”

Regardless of Jeong In-ho’s thoughts, Ha Seong-yoon’s words continued.

“Don’t think that just because we return, everything will be restored to its original state. We are people too. Even if you could regress and return to the situation before the loss, how would you make mental compensation? Would Song In-myeong give us that kind of compensation? “It’s a no-brainer.”


“Even if Lee Jae-heon controls Song In-myeong well, we will continue to pile up losses. This is not the kind of loss that can be compensated for by regression, so the more we keep Song In-myeong by our side and use it, the more annoyed and angry we will become. “We don’t want to suffer that kind of loss, so we want to kill Song In-myeong.”

“…at least the mental element can be recovered.”

“Is that really true? The body can recover through regression and treatment, but the emotions are difficult to recover. It is not for nothing that they say that emotional wounds last for a long time. “I’m sure Jaeheon Lee knows about that well.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Lee Jae-heon continued speaking in a clear tone.

“Rather than death.”


“…Even if you are so irritated and angry that you want to kill someone… wouldn’t it be better for you to have Song In-myeong with you than for you to die here?”


“They say that if you have Lee Jae-heon, you can handle Song In-myeong.”

So in the end, what Jaeheon Lee wanted to say was clear.

“As efficiency increases, the probability of survival also increases.”

I hope no one dies.

“It will be easier to attack and the time to return to reality will be faster.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


“If you stay alive, you can get your emotions together and get a chance to develop further.”

So, why not just make sure no one dies?

All of my long-winded words up until now were all meant to make such a soft sound. Whether it was efficiency or something else, Lee Jae-heon just didn’t want someone to die.



Ha Seong-yoon couldn’t get angry at that.

I couldn’t refute his words in a sharp tone like before, and I couldn’t ignore Lee Jae-heon, who was begging as hard as he could with an expressionless face.

Jaeheon Lee was ultimately the patient responsible for Seongyoon Ha’s most painful finger. That person said, ‘I hope everyone lives.’


Lee Jae-heon must have been thinking like that since he was very young.

“…That is correct.”

I couldn’t possibly deny that.

Even though he was twisted and broken, Lee Jae-heon would have always survived with that one thought. For efficiency and rationality, he must have persuaded himself and those around him by saying the most logical things he could. He must have struggled to somehow achieve that soft wish.

That’s how Jaeheon Lee was created in front of us.

“…That is correct.”



Ha Seong-yoon was not a person so heartless that he denied everything Jae-heon Lee had built up to this point.


He took off his glasses and stroked his face.

I felt stuffy, like there was ash in my lungs.

* * *

‘I won.’

The man was proud.

(Continued in the next part)

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