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Theatrical Regression Life Chapter 578

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Episode 578

Jeong Eun-woo’s reaction was quite intuitive.

“uh? what? What do you really see?”

Jeong Eun-woo nodded to Seo Jang-hwa’s question.

“I see your number.”


“It’s number 19 right now.”


“Now it’s number three.”

“Say it so I can understand what you’re saying.”

“It is difficult to know by what principle the change is taking place.”


Seo Jang-hwa, who had difficulty understanding Jeong Eun-woo’s words, looked at the map but could not find any significant changes. I couldn’t figure out where the numbers were floating around.

‘Then it looks like there’s something that only people with wetsuit certification can see.’

By then, Jeong Eun-woo must have finished organizing his thoughts and opened his mouth.


“…Do you know that it is a magic eye?”


“Or a color blindness test sheet.”

“…Aren’t these materials not very related?”

“I don’t know if I can explain it this way, but it feels similar to those two things. “In the sense that those who can see are seen.”


“You can see hidden numbers behind the 29 circles within the Sea Treasure Hall section of the map. “It has a light gray color, but the numbers keep changing and it’s not consistent.”

“What now?”

“We’re talking 16 now. “I don’t think the circles are pointing exactly to the location of the treasure chest.”


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Seo Jang-hwa frowned.

“What the fuck are you asking me to do then?”

Isn’t this a situation that can be solved just by showing numbers?

It was correct that there were 29 treasure chests in the Sea Treasure Hall. It was clear that the number Eunwoo Jeong was looking at was the number of the winning box. But there was no other information.

‘I know what the order will be.’

I wouldn’t have known if the treasure chest had a number tag like 1, 2, 3, etc. But that wasn’t the case now. In a situation where you couldn’t even tell where number 1 came from, the treasure chest wasn’t even listed on one side.

‘Treasure chests are on both sides of the Sea Treasure Hall hallway.’

If so, is it a box beyond the left wall or a box beyond the right wall? Are the numbers listed in order from 1 to 29 correct? If so, there is no way to know where number 1 starts and where the last number ends.

“…Any other hints? “It’s a bit difficult to find the treasure chest with just this amount.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t see any further hints than this.”

Han Do-yoon stepped forward.

“Then is there any possibility that there are other hints hidden in the Sea Treasure Hall? Even if you didn’t find anything unusual when you came, there might be a hint beyond the walls of the Sea Treasure Hall.”

“That’s right. “I haven’t checked there yet.”

However, Park Min-jun’s opinion was negative.

‘…I didn’t find any such hints even in the last episode…’

He would keep it quiet since it would be like revealing that he was a possessor and a returnee, but in his view, it was clear that there were no additional hints in this aquarium. If there was such a thing, the anomaly would have been discovered when the treasure chest search was conducted in the previous episode.

Even if there was a hint that Jung Eun-woo or Park Min-jun could not find, it was a problem. This is a hint that the two, who are confident in their observation skills as natural subordinates, were unable to find. In what time period would you find it and save Park Da-hoon?

‘I guess I’ll catch the kid in the meantime.’

Therefore, Park Min-jun saw Kim Ki-jeong.

“Hey, Mr. Kim Ki-jeong.”

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“…yes yes?”

“Can’t you hear anything else?”

“Sound? No, I don’t think there’s a monster coming.”

“Not that one.”

Kim Ki-jeong’s hearing ability was such that his wife recognized it as a cheat.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“I asked because I was curious about whether there was a sound that would make me feel a meaningful change inside the Sea Treasure Museum.”

“How can I hear something like that…”

“I heard you hear well…?”


Kim Ki-jeong was disgusted by Park Min-jun’s bizarre request, but he soon showed an expression of agreement, probably because he was aware of the increasingly bizarre hearing in the other world.

Kim Ki-jeong stood at the entrance of the Sea Treasure Hall, taking a quick look at the survivors who were having a heated discussion.


Kim Ki-jeong gently touched the wall of water that filled the inside of the Sea Treasure Hall.


“Can you hear something?”

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“Just stay still.”

Kim Ki-jeong, who shook off Park Min-jun with a sharp tone, probably because he had become sensitive from concentrating on the sound, stood like a stone for a while and then slowly opened his mouth. His expression was as if he had heard something.

“…I can hear a gurgling sound.”

“Gurgling sound?”

Do-yoon Han, who was watching Kim Ki-jeong’s actions, approached.

“What exactly do you mean?”

“Should I say it’s the sound of moving water… It’s rumbling and a little crazy.”

“It’s so full of water that you can’t move at all, right?”

“That’s not what it sounds like…?”

Kim Ki-jeong, who hesitated, spoke to Do-yoon Han.

“I’ll come back in a moment.”

“…Kim Ki-jeong?”

“I think you have to go inside to hear it.”

“Kim Ki-jeong?!”

There were times when Kim Ki-jeong became brave in strange places.


Park Min-jun was impressed.

‘What is the point that this guy is talking about?’

In the last episode as well, when Do-yoon Han casted ‘You and I, death’, it was Kim Ki-jeong who headed into the arms of the monster Jeong Eun-woo, saying ‘How dare you?’ And Park Min-jun knew that people who were usually so timid but often turned around like that were more difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, Kim Ki-jeong did not stay in the water for very long.

“I hear sounds in turns.”

“What does that mean? Or rather, what should I do if I declare it right away and go to a dangerous place…!”

“You little one, stay still, I’m talking to you right now!”

“Ugh, that’s too much…!”


Park Min-jun realized this.

‘He’s the type of person who gets his pride hurt when he’s worried about someone younger than him, so he’s doing that.’

Actually, a man in his 30s who was worried about a young man in his 20s would have his pride hurt.

‘I also have a strong desire to make sure that I can help in this way.’

In the behind-the-scenes world, Kim Ki-jung was generally in the weakest position. Maybe that’s why he was usually protected when he was protected by others, but there were only a few situations where he could help, but when he judged that he could be helpful to his teammates, he seemed to have a tendency to just go out of his way.

Whether Han Do-yoon was whining or not, Kim Ki-jeong continued talking.

“So what I’m saying is that I can hear the sound alternating between the left wall and the right wall. “It feels like turning on a faucet going back and forth from both sides.”

Park Min-jun intervened.

“Did you hear exactly which box the sound was coming from?”

“Because it’s underwater, it’s okay… I think you’ll be able to tell the difference better if you hear it through the air.”

In response to Kim Ki-jeong’s answer, Jeong Eun-woo said as if it went well.

“Then Kim Ki-jeong, please go up with us.”

“…Are you going up? “Where?”

“The top of the long, narrow hallway in the Sea Treasure Hall is not a tight ceiling. “As you may have seen, Mr. Kim Ki-jeong, didn’t you confirm that if you swim all the way up the hallway, you can move beyond the glass wall of the hallway?”

“No, yes, that’s right.”

“So, Mr. Kim Ki-jeong, you can go with us.”


Kim Ki-jeong’s face turned white as he imagined himself swimming on the dark surface of the water for a moment.

“I’m going to suffocate.”

“I will help you.”

“How can you help me? They say I don’t have enough lung capacity. Are you going to get me an oxygen tank somewhere?”

“If you need artificial respiration, we will do that.”


Kim Ki-jeong was truly disgusted.

“no, I do not want.”

“You are resolute.”


He said he didn’t like it, but this time, Kim Ki-jeong was worried.

‘Well, I will never receive artificial respiration from Jung Eun-woo, but…’

Kim Ki-jung joined anyway for the sake of the treasure box team.

‘I think it will definitely help, but it’s a bit difficult to pull it back.’

In the end, Kim Ki-jeong sighed and nodded.

“…No, I’m going. “By then, I will be able to hear the sound more clearly.”

“Artificial respiration….”

“I will sue.”

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“What kind of crime is that?”

“fraud. Threat. Defamation.”

“I will be careful.”

Jung Eun-woo seemed really happy when he answered like that. Kim Ki-jeong was even more disgusted by that sight, and Seo Jang-hwa gave him a disapproving look. It was nice to go from a machine to a human, but the lively Jeong Eun-woo had a somewhat unpleasant side.

Seo Janghwa thought to himself.

‘No, it’s funny, it was always like that.’

After becoming a human being, isn’t it a case of showing off a more upgraded sense of sass?

‘…I can roughly guess from whom Jeong In-ho learned his strange hatred.’

Oh my gosh, the blood between uncle and nephew is this deep. Because of the way they did things and the way they looked, anyone who saw them would think they were father and son.

“Then I guess we need someone to help Mr. Kim Ki-jeong.”


“I do not remember? Kim Ki-jeong, even when passing through the underwater world, he was dragged by us because he had limited lung capacity. “Now why don’t you come and be surprised again?”


“It’s okay. People may be a bit weak.”

Kim Ki-jeong was moved.

“It’s not that I’m weak, it’s that you are extremely healthy… I’m the average modern person.”

“Then let’s say that.”

“I’m not saying that’s the case….”

“We are recruiting party members to help Mr. Kim Ki-jeong.”

Han Do-yoon raised his hand before Park Min-jun could feel a sense of déjà vu.

“I can’t miss a party like this. A beautiful firefighter in his 20s is participating.”

“Are you crazy? Does this sound like a feast? Why is this a feast?”

“Okay, if Jeong Han Do-yoon is the one, then a fresh and lively art student in his 20s will also participate.”

“No, are you all crazy??”

Kim Ki-jeong was completely ignored.



Looking at them, Garam Yoon quietly picked up Fitz, who was lying on the floor.

“I’m glad everyone is in good spirits.”


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Fitz had a lot to say, but he seemed to be holding back.

Garam Yoon and Minjun Park decided to wait outside the Sea Treasure Hall in preparation for any unexpected situation.

“Because we need reserve power to respond if something happens inside.”

“I think we’ll need at least two spare forces… so I’ll stay too.”

Just like that, Kim Ki-jeong was caught by Seo Jang-hwa and Do-yoon Han and dragged to the surface.

“Save the person….”

“You saved the person’s life. “Why is this so sad?”

“I’m so sad. “Doyun is going to cry.”

“You devils…”

Jeong Eun-woo, who came to the surface first and was leaning against the thick glass wall, grinned.

“But wouldn’t you hate it if I did artificial respiration?”

“You’d rather kill me.”

“This time I’ll be accused of murder.”

“Bad bastards….”

It seems that the Sea Treasure Hall was too much of a challenge for Kim Ki-jeong, who had limited lung capacity. Han Do-yoon felt sorry for the flower pot that had become shabby after drinking seawater.

“Should I make him exercise too?”

“help me.”

The result of that pity may never be the kind that Kim Ki-jeong hopes for.

Seo Jang-hwa and Han Do-yoon laid Kim Ki-jeong, who no longer had the strength to swim, face down on the glass wall. Then, each of them took up either side of Kim Ki-jeong, and for a moment, Jeong Eun-woo thought of the criminal in the news who was caught by the police and dragged away by car.

Anyway, it was Seo Jang-hwa who opened his mouth first.

“So what can you hear now?”

“Give me some time to breathe and ask…”

“Then are you breathing with carbon dioxide?”

“This is why I can’t communicate with people who exercise….”

“So, you, try your hand at ironing. The world will change.”

“The behind-the-scenes changes are enough to change the world. More than that…”

Kim Ki-jeong, who was taking a deep breath, frowned a moment later and said.

“…It seems like the sound… changes every five seconds.”

Jeong Eun-woo, who was looking at the map, opened his mouth.

“What a coincidence. “The numbers are changing at exactly 5-second intervals.”

“Then we can assume that this is the sound of the winning box changing… right?”

“I guess so.”

Eunwoo Jeong saw Kim Kijeong.

“So where does number 1 start? I think you need to know the order first so you can open the corresponding box when the number appears.”


“Conductor Kim Ki-jeong?”


Kim Ki-jeong continued, speechless.

“It’s over there now.”

2nd position from the left on the left wall of box 8.

“It’s over there now.”

8th position from the left on the right wall of box 11.

“And now over there…”

Position 4 on the left side of the wall on the right side of box 27.



“…Oh shit.”

Seo Jang-hwa clicked his tongue.

“It’s a game of wit.”

So, I had to remember the locations and numbers of a total of 29 boxes.

(Continued in the next part)

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